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Ford Explorer Engine and Diagnostics Problems



  • rusierusie Posts: 3
    4.0 OHV engine has trouble codes showing engine is running lean.O2 sensors indicate 0 voltage.. Engine runs fairly well but shakes some. ive been told its a vacuum leak and nothing is wrong with H2o sensors.I cant hear or find a leak with spray. Can anyone please help me?
  • gm4358gm4358 Posts: 1
    I've owned 4 Explorers since 1990. My latest, and last, died the other day while my wife was driving with my son in the car. With no warning while making a turn it just shut down.
    The mechanic said a seal in the engine block failed, allowing coolant to flood the engine which caused major engine damage.
    The dealer gave me a quote of $4800 to replace the engine. Ford has refused to take any responsibility for this issue and has basically told me it's not their problem.
    I am extremely frustrated and angry with this company. This truck has very low mileage and this should never happen. I've changed the oil every 3000 miles since buying it new in Nov 2001.
    A $34000 truck is now basically worthless and Ford doesn't care.
    I would advise everyone to avoid Ford for two reasons: their product stinks and the company does not care about you or their customer service reputation!
  • sdmlsdml Posts: 3
    i have an 1995 elxplorer XLT. it has 93,3350 miles on it. Some times it just doesnt want to start. i had it in a shop for a full week and they could not find the problem. they replaced a relay and for a few months it ran just fine. but since about two weeks ago it started to act up again. i can drive it somewhere and when i get back to my wont start. After I wait for about 10-15min it will start back up no problem. and yes when this happens my car has PLENTY of gas in it. it will turn over but it really sounds like it is out of gas. i have spent ALOT of money trying to find the damn problem and have yet to solve this stupid mystery. can ANYONE at all help. please!!!
  • 99 ford explorer heats up if i turn on a/c runs normal with a/c off install new fan clutch and new thermastat still heats up if a/c turned on can anybody help
  • sdml, I don't have the fix for you, but I am experiencing the EXACT same symptoms with my 1996 Explorer XLT, 146k miles. This has been going on (but getting increasingly frequent) for the past 3 years, until last week. Now it cranks but refuses to start.

    I will be tearing into the electrical system over the weekend, I highly suspect it is electrical because (1) I've had an odd intermittent thing going on with the 4WD and windows not working; and (2) I heard a buzzing/shorting-out sound coming from under the dash, next to the steering wheel, last week. It is likely the windows and the starting issue are 2 different things.

    But I appreciate your mentioning that your dealer replaced a relay and your Explorer was good for a few months. That confirms my suspicion that this is very likely electrical and not mechanical. If I can figure out which relay(s) it is, I will post detailed information including replacement part numbers once I have it fixed. :) Thank you!!

  • velma2000velma2000 Posts: 1
    I am having a similar problem w/my Explorer. The overheating when running the A/C is the latest version of the issue. Have taken it in 3x. I haven't taken it to the dealer service yet.

    Have you received any answers to this issue? Overall, my SUV has run very well since I purchased it in 2000. But fixing this problem has been very tricky.

  • hey all.. i have 2001 Explorer Sport.. it has a check engine lite.. now everywheres (xept dealer) i go they tell me that there is no power at the obd II port... i did some search and it says that pin 16 should have power... but it dont.. does any one know of this issue and if so what to do.. i have checked all the fuses and such,,, but not sure as to the relays... the brakers all seem fine..

    thank you for any help you can give
  • Had a similar problem with my 1999 Sable. Problem was that the radiator mesh was finer than the A/C condensor mesh. So, radiator got plugged (prevented air from passing through and cooling it) and whole system ran hot, especially when A/C on. Note this is NOT a plugged coolant line, but rather a radiator not having air pass through it. Replaced radiator in the Sable, but could have just cleaned it.
  • My Explorer now has ~171,000 miles on it, and so far has been a good car, I think. Anyway, it has a problem with the engine, a sound that is a sort of tapping from the area of cylinder 1 (maybe 2 or 3). When I first start it, it is noticeable at idle, then once the motor is warm it is only present when accelerating (apply any gas and the tapping comes back). At highway speed, or any other, tapping is only when on the gas. Sound is definately engine related, as it is there when in Park and is proportional to engine RPM not vehicle speed. I don't feel any issue with acceleration, but harder I accelerate the higher volume the tapping. I don't drive it much since a couple of years ago, maybe 10,000 miles per year mostly during winter, but I do usually take it on some errands every couple of weeks.
  • I just bought a new battery thinking maybe that was the problem-but no it was not the issue. When I am usually at a stop light or idle the Explorer seems to have a click noise just before the speed in the motor changes to a lower idle-then stalls. Please has anyone experienced this problem-would you be so kind as to help me out with my problem
  • Hey there! Well after doing a lot of reading and just by knowing how much I drive my truck, I decided to clean out the intake. I just came back from good old Canadian Tire with a can of Throttle Body Cleanner. I did notice some gunk in the intake before-but never really thought anything about it at the time. Wish me luck-I will let yous know the results. ;)
  • Well I brought it to Midas and it needs new plugs and wires and a Thottle Intake Cleaning. The appointment for the truck is Friday-I will post how the Truck runs once the work is finished-Keeping my fingers crossed. :)
  • I'll bet youre trouble is either a cracked exhaust manifold or a manifold gasket. either problem is an easy fix if you're a do it yourselfer.... although the manifold will not be cheap. You'd be better to buy some shorty headers.. you'll gain performance and save money. That problem is common to Windsor motors (289, 302, 351) all throughout their life cycle.

    it's not a major problem... shouldn't damage anything.
  • heat55heat55 Posts: 1
    truck idles high(2k+)on start up then idles low and rough.just like vacume leak. replaced upper and lower intake gaskets,egr,pcv,tps,maf,iac,cleaned grounds.etc.i have no results with my motis($14000)or otc($7000)scan tools.acts like internal vacume leak but external gauge reads steady @ 19". any ideas would be great. thanks..
  • I'm now having the same problem with my '01 Sport Trac.
    OBD II has no power to it (pin 16)
    Did anyone find out what was wrong and how to repair it?

  • :sick: I recently bought a used 2001 Ford explorer sport. For the first month or so its been doing great, and only had a few minor problems that were fixed. About a week or so ago ive been having some problems with my transmission. For example.

    I would start it up fine, take it down the road and after about a min or so of driving it wouldnt go anymore. You could press the gas and rev it up all you wanted, but it wouldnt go anywhere. My dad and i really wouldnt like to buy a new/used transmission, and would love to know if anyone has any ideas about our problem.

    fyi, we checked the transmission fluid and it was actually above what was needed.
  • I'm finally getting around to fixing this just now. Question; I can easily get at all the manifold to engine head bolts by removing the wheel and plastic wind deflector, but I cannot get to the inside exhaust pipe bolt. The one of two that hold the exhaust pipe to the manifold. My question is, if I remove the bolt I can get at, will the bracket that holds the exhaust pipe to the manifold allow the exhaust pipe to drop enough that I can get at the second bolt?
  • i have a 94 explorer that went from a hard to start to a no start i hear the fuel pump when i turn the key on so i changed the EEC relay and pump relay also coilpack still wont start. i am on ssi so don't have a lot of money to spend on parts it is my only trans. and need it to get to Dr.appts. can anyone please tell me what to check next.
    Ed :sick:
  • cliffy94cliffy94 Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 Ford Explorer limited, V8 5.4 or 4.6 but its the big one? Only 65K miles and on last trip a moderate ticking noise from engine. Ford shop checked lifters and stated they were okay? Any ideas?
  • rmncoknmermncoknme Posts: 18
    I had a similar ticking noise on my 5.0L V8, 1999 Eddie Bauer (I also thought it was lifters, to the point of dis-assembling the oil cover and checking). Turned out to be an exhaust manifold leak. Had me going for a while, as it sounded really, really mechanical, not like the pfft pfft pfft I had expected of an exhaust leak. The gasket between the head and exhaust manifold had failed.
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