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Nissan Pathfinder Electrical Problems



  • moto915moto915 Posts: 5
    I was driving home from school as i applied the gas all gauges except fuel went dead and car was stuck in 2nd or 3rd gear. Pulled over because I had no torque. This has happened before after doing donuts due to fail safe in tranny after excessive wheel spin and usually I turn the car off and the tranny resets. So i tried this and went to turn the car back on and had nothing no clicking or anything. Checked fuses and the meter fuse was popped after i replaced the fuse and got a jump car started up and I barely got it home before it shorted again. Took altenator out wasn't the problem. I tried replacing the fuse multiple times and every time the key is turned to the on position the fuse blows. The fuse is called meter and after calling the local dealer we determined that fuse controls the gauges. My neighbor an electrician and I took apart the whole dash looking for the problem after my neighbor tested we determined it is the white wire with black stripe coming out of the meter fuse that controls gauges and warning lights that was shorted out. Any Ideas on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated to get me back on the road.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    This has happened before after doing donuts due to fail safe in tyranny after excessive wheel spin and ALL this puts a lot of strain on the rear end . they sell this stuff in a small bottle that you add to the rear end fluid and it friction proofs it plus more for the positraction plates inside ,you could try the stuff from auto zone.
  • i have the same problem with the interior lighting, only with my 2002 pathfinder it is with the middle dome light instead of the rear light. can anyone help?
  • my power doorlocks are not working either. when i have the key in the ignition and on the "on" position and try to lock it, it locks and unlock by itself. no idea whats wrong.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    If you read the manual that comes with your pathfinder there is a section about leaving the key in the ignition and then forgetting about it and getting out of the car the doors will lock then reopen , so maybe the system is seeing a door open ,check for loose or broken wires at the doors.
  • the problem exists even when the engine is turned on and while driving. when i leave it on the "on" position with the door closed to listen to the radio, it beeps similar to when u leave the key in the ignition and leaving the door open and the dome light is on. i tried checking the fuses but all the fuse are fine
  • hi my intereor lights not working as well as my stareo not working just keeps blowing fuse when replace the fuse all workd and ten blows a gane any ides would be apreeated

    thanks mitch
  • Hi there fellows, something really bogus came up this morning as I turned the ignition on, it started alright, but when I try turning on the air conditioner neither the blower motor nor the air compressor went on, then I tried turning the lights on with the same result, zilch, then I tried lowering the windows and nothing happened, so as it is nothing electrical seems to be working, but the engine is running. I inmediately opened the hood and checked the fuse that is attached to the battery and it seemed alright, then I proceeded to check the "check relay" and it also turned alright........where do I go to from here???? thanks!!!!!
  • I forgot to add that none of the lights on the dashboard seemed to work!!! no electricity whatsoever, nevertheless the truck is running!!!
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    my pathy 03 with aftermarket remote start would not work when I changed the battery, I tried every combination to get it going until I was playing with the inside dome light switch and I shut it off and forgot about it , then the next day would you believe my remote starter worked again like new, Ill never turn on that dome light again. it may be because its set on a delay switch thats tied in with the remote wiring,don't know for sure.
  • I started my truck and the oil pressure warning light refused to go off, I drove for about 5 minutes until I found a propper place to park the truck. After opening the hood and observing the bellowing blue smoke from withing the engine I waited until the truck had cooled off and checked again and to my surprise I found the oil filter was loose, then I checked the dipstick and notice I had no oil whatsover in the engine´s reservoir, I proceeded to remove the oil filter and checked the rubber gasket for any damages, I didn´t find any, so I put it back on tightened it then proceeded to fill the engine with oil, it took the whole 5 quarts, then I turned the engine on and let it run for three minutes and to my surprise and anger the oil had leaked and spilled all over the ground. My question is: where is the oil leaking from???? What could cause such an abrupt oil spill?
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    his could be it if you didn't find any gasket.

    I proceeded to remove the oil filter and checked the rubber gasket for any damages, I didn´t find any, so I put it back on , no,joking if the gasket is there , and ts the wrong filter the circumference could be to large letting the oil out ,check the part no and the brand of filter. also check the oil plug gasket
  • All of a sudden it started the other day, my pathfinder locks all the doors while I am driving. Over and over again. It sounds like an army marching in the car with constant clunk, clunk of the door locks being locked. After the first time it does it, the doors stay locked but the car keeps locking the doors again and again anyway.
    Help! It's driving me crazy!
  • stinkstink Posts: 3
    I have a 1997 Nissan Pathfinder SE. I recently had the alternator and battery replaced hoping it would solve my problems but these few remain...

    When i first start driving [within 10 minutes] If I hit the window buttons, it some how interrupts the ignition circuit and momentarily kills the car. Like the spark plugs just aren't getting spark for a second, then the car resumes driving normal when you let off. If I hit the brakes or turn the fan on [A/C , or heater] it makes the headlights dim and cuts out the radio.

    Something is seriously shorting out. I have checked the fuses and even the tail light connectors, alternator connector etc. Nothing looks abnormal.

    Please help. This is really annoying...
  • Tom< check to see if one of your door handles is stuck part way open, Just lubricate the handles and it should go away
  • Took it to the Nissan dealer who charged me $120 just to look at it. Told me that it was the body modulator and gave me a $700 estimate. I said no way (thinking I would have the work done at a non dealer auto shop). Picked up the car from Nissan and have not had the problem since. Whatever they did when they looked at it fixed it -and I didnt get a new body modulator!
  • Got a new (minor) problem with my 2005 Nissan Pathfinder. it seems that when I open the hatchback, it wont stay all the way up. I am tired of banging my head on the inside of the hatchback and wondering what can be done to fix it?
  • rob171rob171 Posts: 1
    Did you ever solve your 98 Pathfinder compass trouble. I have the same issue - cigarette lighter, compass and temp indicator all quit.
  • stinkstink Posts: 3
    In my case it was the little plastic box on the positive terminal that allows 2 aux wires that run to the fuse box to contact the positive terminal also. I just cut the wires, put some huge leads on them, and hooked it to the screw on the positive terminal. Problem solved. It was shorting right there and had melted that red thing.
  • peter931peter931 Posts: 13
    I have 97 Pathfinder with no key fab and factory alarm is keep draining my battery.
    Is any one know how to completely disconet this alarm . Somewhere has to be a main security control module or something .
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