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Nissan Pathfinder Electrical Problems



  • bertphilabertphila Posts: 2
    edited May 2011
    I found the problem. The outside door latch had rusted and frozen in an intermediate position, blocking efforts to release door latch.
    To get the door to open: I took an "L" shaped skinny rod and was able to push it down thru a square hole along the bottom of the fixed portion of the side window inside the car. I was able to manually bear down on this L shaped rod and push down the release on the latch mechanism to open the door. I got lucky.
    I took out the outside door pull and sprayed it and worked it with 10w-40. It seemed to work out okay. Just FYI: If you remove the outside door pull, the connecting metal rod will come out with it. You will not be able to reinstall it into the catch mechanism, below, unless you remove the door panel and guide it from inside the door.
  • I have a couple of issues that I need some help on:
    1. occasionally, when you press the brake pedal, the headlights, dash lights etc do dim.

    2. Ocasionally, when you initially turn on the head lights, all gauges on the dash light up and then go out.

    I have replaced the altenator and battery but with the same results as mentioned above

    Also, I have had to pull out the radio fuse to prevent the battery from being drained.

    Does anyone know or can anyone help me with these issues?
  • I had mine checked when I blew one of my in-line fuse between my starter and battery. I found out that I had a few other blown in-line fuses. Have your vehicle checked by a dealership... mine cost me $50.00 to find it and fix the two or three that were blown.

    Cpl Orbinati
  • i have checked all the fuses and none of them are blown
  • You checked all the inline and regular.. I dont know how the 1997 was but my 2001 has a bunch of in-liners that were causing me some crazy ones.
  • where were the inline fuses? what circuit were they in, starter, altenator or what?
  • idk exactly were they are at.. thats why I said take it to a dealer.. they can look it up and if that is the problem it will be like 50 bucks... I know that can be a lot but I got SO much for the money..

    I know I have an inline fuse between the starter and the battery but I dont know were it is or any of the others.
  • Hi All,

    I have an 01 LE with just over 260k. Love it but it's starting to cause me issues. The latest being that from time to time while driving if I rest my are on the driver's side door my dome light comes on as if the door is open. Not only that, but if I unlock the door then try to lock it, it won't lock. I have to take my arm off the door or pull the door towards me and lock at the same time.

    At first I was only having a problem locking when the window was down but now it is to the point that I have to lean slightly on the door to lock it when leaving it in order to set the alarm. Sometimes while driving (window up or down) the dome light comes off and on. No real rhyme or reason that I can see.

    Has anyone else had this problem or any ideas. Any help would be appreciated.

  • My 1995 Pathfinder shows a door open indicator light on the dash panel. I removed the fuse now the clock and radio have to be re-set everytime I sart up. I didn't pay attention to this and it drained the battery down this week-end. It sets off the alarm when I lock the vehicle so, what to do, I don't know....
  • Sounds to me like the "pin" switch in the driver's door is worn out. Easy fix and not expensive either! Locate the switch (it may have rubber cover on it, but given your Pathfinder's age probably not) Simply unscrew the phillips head screw and the whole switch will come out. Be careful not to disconnect the wire and let it fall into the frame! You should not remove it unless you are going to replace the switch. (just so you won't take a chance on dropping the wire into the frame for no reason) Get a new switch from the dealer.
    Hope this helps!
  • kinn1kinn1 Posts: 1
    I own a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder. Today, as I was driving, the lights on the dash flashed on and then off severl times. I got home, turned the engine the vehicle won't start. HELP!
  • Thanks for the heads-up, took your advice and fixed the issue. Thanks again,
  • you may of blown an inline fuse... have it towed to a dealer (or good general mechanic) and have them test the electrical system.
  • angrypathangrypath Posts: 1
    edited October 2011
    So, my wonderfull Pathfinder was working fine untill I had the radiator/tranny replaced (out of pocket :mad: ) Have had an electrical problem ever since. Work was done by Nissan. A week after the tranny was put in, my battery drained. Had a tech look at it, said there was a drain somewhere, possibly the BCM.

    Took it back to Nissan, after about a week, they thought it was related to my aftermarket Headunit (Alpine, professionally installed) and or the alarm (Viper, professionally installed). Had those in the truck since I bought it, never any issue untill now. So they disconnected both and clamied the draw was gone. Nope.

    Week later, battery dead. Put it on the charger for a day and limped it back to the Nissan stealership. After a day or two of diagnosis, they come back with the drain being related to the instrument cluster and BCM. The shop foreman supposedly says that when the tranny went, the valve body shorted out some electronics so its not directly related to the work they performed. (Oh really ?)

    Fast forward 2 weeks in the shop now, with a new BCM and guage cluster. According to them, everything was looking good, truck started right up and to come down to get it. Guy calls back 10 minutes later and says they dont want to release it just yet, still having an electrical issue.

    I think they screwed something up real good when they did the tranny/radiator replacement. I basically paid an hour shop time to have them disconnect my radio and alarm, had to buy two electrical components that probably weren't the cause of my problem and I still have no truck. :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Find me on twitter @AngryPath
  • I was driving my 92 Pathfinder Sunday for the first time in about 3 months, all was well,and while coming home, all of a sudden all the gauges except the speedometer died. So did the horn, the headlights and the heat. Decided to go straight home, and when I turned off the car, couldn't get the key to come out of the lock. The last time the key thing happened was last Thanksgiving, and it turned out that one of the cables off the battery was cracked and was shorting out. Gratefully I had a neighbor who fixed it for me (don't live in the same place anymore). Could this be another cable or something else? :sick:
  • nakamanakama Posts: 2
    I just bought a 94 pathfinder (as is) and everything worked fine for 2days. today my drivers side window won't roll up or down but the weird thing is that when I push the button I hear a single click (with each button push) but it is coming from the passenger side. I can't tell if its in the door or dash. all other Windows work fine. any thoughts?
  • nakamanakama Posts: 2
    also I looked for blown fuses but did not find any. actually I didn't even find one that said window but I also figured that if a fuse was blown I would not hear the single click.
  • This is a feature that is a part of Nissan.If you hold your button on fab down for a few seconds..the windows go down.
  • So I bought 1997 Pathfinder, for $300. The previous owner said the alternator went up. Before I replaced anything, I jumped it and it fired right up. Then died shortly after (bad alternator). I replaced the alternator and battery. She fired right up, drove 'bout 15 mi. home, then the next day took her out again for about 7 mi. & she died. Prior to dying with the headlights on, the ABS light came on, the airbag light came on, heater shut itself off, windshield wipers got real slow, came to a stop & she died. I got a quick jump from my daughter, and made it home (bout 5 mi.). Got home from work tonight, started it up and all was ok for about 5 minutes just sitting there. Then the ABS light comes on, airbag light comes on, then she dies. I am thinking its a bad alternator, but the Brand new battery had only been run for 90-120 minutes, tops. After reading alot of these types of forums I see there are other electrical relays and fuses that can go as well with this type of situation
    Any help with this is greatly appreciated, as this is our only car for work and errands. And I have to fix it myself to save money.
  • so Ive read most of these forums on the running light issues and have taken action with the solutions given. I pulled off my turn signal switch and bent the conn. leg back to a connection. I only get the chime noise but no dash lights. I have pulled my instrument cluster out checked bulbs, fuses, etc. but i still can not get the dash lights to turn on. I just dont think the switch is bad if the noise comes on but the dash lights wont. Any help?
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