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GMC Safari/Chevy Astro Real World MPG

ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
edited April 18 in Chevrolet
Share your actual MPG with other Safari and Astro owners here.

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  • cobcob Posts: 210
    1997 AWD averages 17 MPG in mixed driving, 19 all highway and 14 all city. 9-10 when pulling 4000# camper.
  • coonhoundcoonhound Posts: 174
    1997 Astro 2WD with 3.73 differential.
    17 mpg in stop and go city driving. 21 to 22 mpg highway.
    14 mpg towing a 4000# Award travel trailer.
  • dlm1954dlm1954 Posts: 57
    I need to change the injectors on this van and have to pull the plenum and was wondering if anyone had done this and could let me know how much trouble I'm getting into.
  • 18-21 highway (65-70mph)
    13-15 city (hilly around town)
    2000 chevy astro 175000 miles
  • I just did this last Monday. I read the book and thought I was in over my head, but I wanted to see how far I could get. This job is a piece of CAKE!! All you have to do is remove the air box and rubber hose to the throttle body,, then remove the ten (10) bolts that bolt the upper plenum to the lower plenum. All the harnesses and the hoses that unbolt with the side bolts will slide out of your way. The toughest part of the job is getting the upper plenum out of the van. The easiest way I found was out the back, into the interior of the van. Just raise it up and over the A/C line that runs across the bellhousing and wiggle and cuss a little and you're home free!! Installation is just the reverse. You will probably find that the inside of the plenum is FILTHY on one side (driver's side) and clean on the other (passenger's) side. The cause of this is that the fuel pressure regulator (on the passenger's side) of the fuel injector is leaking. Once you get the upper plenum off, turn the key to ON, but DO NOT start the van!! Check for leaks. Once you find and fix the leaks, you should find that the injector does not have to be replaced. That will save you about $400.00 for a new injector and you will spend under $50.00 for the regulator. I got mine back together and it idles smooth as glass, runs like a rabbit, and MPG's jumped up almost double!!

    Good luck. Write back if you have any other questions.
  • I have a '94 Safari that gets 15-18 MPG in city driving, with some of it being freeway. :cry:
  • jrbudgejrbudge Posts: 7
    I have an '88 Astro with 331,000km! After reading through here, I guess I'm not doing too bad; I'm getting about 19 MPG highway(70-80mph). I live in the mountains which doesn't help, but the van's a 5 speed and that does.
  • jrbudgejrbudge Posts: 7
    The last 2 consecutive tanks of fuel, I reached just over 21 mpg on both! I don't know if this is the cause, but immediately before I got started on the last 2 tanks, I replaced to he serpentine belt. My van is equipped with A/C, but the system is discharged and I don't like A/C much anyway. So I bought the belt that was for the same van without A/C, now it just bypasses that pulley.
  • jrbudgejrbudge Posts: 7
    After replacing the oxygen sensor, I just finished my first full tank of fuel...With a new high: 23.7mpg :shades:
  • I have a 2005 GMC Safari passenger van and I preveiously had a '93 GMC Safari conversion van, so, I am familiar with the vehicles. My problem is that this '05 gets horrible gas mileage, about 12 mpg city or highway. I have had it into a GMC dealer and they report that there is nothing wrong with my vehicle and they blame the ethanol fuel for the lousy mileage. I took it to a local independent shop that is highly regarded locally and they pretty much agreed with the dealership that the culprit is probably the ethanol blended gasoline. Is anyone else experiencing similar mileage problems? I am about ready to trade this vehicle on a different, hopefully more fuel efficient, vehicle and this one doesn't even have 40,000 miles on it yet.
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    I have a 1997 with 120000 miles and have the same problem 12 city and 14 highway. I was getting better numbers before I changed the plugs at 100000 miles. I parked it and am driving a $300 prism 40 miles per day at 27 mpg. Do you have the 3.73 gears or the 3.23? It seams that the 3.73 get better mileage even though it is not logical the 3.23 should turn lower rpms on the highway.
  • Thanks for the report! I don't know which gear ratio this vehicle has, and, I am not sure just how to determine it. I tend to believe that my fuel economy problem is a multiple problem, the ethanol blend fuel that we have to use doesn't burn as "hot" as the 100% gasoline fuel that the manufacturers and the EPA used to determine the posted MPG figures, and, GM uses something called the Vortex engine in the 2005 that, supposedly, they did not use in the 1993 van that I had and the Vortex engine has a reputation of not being as fuel efficient as the older engine from what some mechanics to whom I have spoken tell me. The 2005 van has "rack & pinion" steering that is different from the '93, the '93 could just about turn around in its own shadow, the '05 needs a city block in which to turn around.
    I am rapidly giving up hope on this vehicle ever getting close to the mileage that the '93 did. Anybody got a suggestion of what would be a good, reliable, fuel efficient replacement vehicle?
  • Hi:
    I was just wondering what year model vehicle you have, and, was there an error light, or something, that made you suspect the oxygen sensor was faulty? I want to believe that my '05 Safari van can get better economy than it is getting but I have not been able to find any solution as yet.
  • Ya, the 'check engine soon' light was on most of the time. It's a 1988 Astro, semi-cargo, 5 spd
  • Hello, I just bought a 2003 gmc safari and i like the van but the gas mileage is really bad.I am looking for any mods to help increase the mileage?
    First tank i got 17.5 mpg (thats imp. as i live in canada,) thats about 14.5 mpg in us terms.

    So far i have put in a k&n filter cleaned the mas sensor and infalted the tires to 35 psi i drive easy about 90 kph on cruise so i will see what milage i get out of this tank.I also removed the roof rack.if anybody is running a chip let me know how this has affected your milage.
  • dont feel bad I`m getting 9-11mpg.I went to the dealer and was told thats it.I hate dealing with chevy,and this will be the last one I buy.They sell you a warranty and send you home knowing your vehicle is`nt right.I`m going to change the first two sensors befor converter and see if that helps.
    I`ve talked with people who are getting 17-21mpg.I had shepard chevy in lake bluff send me homewith a bad Idler arm.I just drove 45miles one wayafter my mechanic showed me the arm was bad.I was hearing clunks under r.f.I took the afternoon off and took it to shepard where i bought the van.They pumped it full of grease so the noise would go away,and sent me home.Here another oil chnge later I`m at bill kay chevy downers grove getting it fixed and it tsill is making noises.Chevy sucks.Shepard Chevy.Con artist.
  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239
    Getting between 15-21 MPG is normal. It all depends on factory gearing, wind drag, hills, tire size, tune-up condition, etc. etc.

    My previous ''95 RWD van got around 21 mpgs. My used 2001 AWD Safari is around 15 mpgs. Yes, A pig - even when going down hill and with the wind. When our "run about" FWD (other) vehicle is paid off in 2 years, our 2001 AWD Safari van is gone. To be replaced with a 2WD vehicle - like Envoy XL or simular shape machine. . Gas savings alone will pay for a much better Tow / family touring vehicle. If you can't get better mpgs, time to replace with something better.

  • I looked at the sticker inside the door and found that i have the gov-lock rearend with 3.42 gears and my tires are 215/70/16 and that i should run them at 38 psi.So i pumped them up and running easy i get 630 km on about 85 liters of gas.(my old 97 dodge caravan would get 850 km on 85 liters.But i had to retire her and i could not afford a new one so my dad sold me his 2003 gmc safari for $5000 on payments.So i am stuck with it for a couple years untill i pay for it,the milage should go up in the summer,it is really cold up here right now.Other then the gas mileage i do like driving the van.Has anybody here went to a larger tire on the stock rim? i was thinking of going to a taller tire in the summer as my van sits high and the wheel wells look empty.
  • 1995 GMC cargo van vortec 4.3 engine new spyder injector hooker headers,new Y connection 3'' new tubes to the back in 3'' a Flowmaster 40 and 285-40-17 tires
    5 speed auto tranny i have a little over 100k

    21MPG CITY
    25 MPG HIGHWAY @ 70 mph going to Miami
    this van is fast sometimes i race people on the streets if i do that i only get about 10 miles to the gallon

    cheap gas
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