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Toyota Tacoma Performance Tips and Mods

I just bought a 1997 Tacoma and I was wondering what improvements I could make to the truck to increase its performance, such as intake, air filters, etc. It would be a great help if these improvements could be on the low priced side of auto parts. Thanks!


  • I am looking at purchasing a 1998 Avalon XLS but owner told me the only problem is whenever it rains that the air doesn't blow cold. It blows but not cold. Then when it dries up the air works fine and is cool. Took it to Toyota several times and they couldn't figure out the problem. Even opened hood and sprayed inside but air worked fine, only doesn't when rains?? Anybody else heard of this and how did you resolve it?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Titanfan67, your post at this link is in the right place: titanfan67, "Toyota Avalon: Problems & Solutions" #1399, 1 Jul 2006 7:06 am. Be sure to check back there!
  • I own a 95 Tacoma 2.4L. I removed the stock intake and installed a K & N intake which cost about $200 on e-bay. I also added a throttle body spacer and both combined added lots of power. I hope this helps.
  • Niether will help performance,that stuff you bought is just false marketing like the Tornado gas saver. To improve airflow do a deckplate mod or elbow modification one costs less than 5 dollars to do and the elbow mod costs 0 dollars and you get the same performance that you think your getting with the high priced setup.Look here and find knowledge power seeker.
  • chomama1chomama1 Posts: 15
    Anyone have one of these installed??

    How much and do you like the sound??

    Is this part of the TRD Sport package??
  • A person on another forum said there are superchargers made for 2.7L Tacomas. I have an '02, and those 4 cylinders don't get me up the hills very well, when I'm towing a trailer. Does anyone here have a source or a part number or any other info that would help me track one down?
  • dwain1dwain1 Posts: 1
    I have an 06 Tacoma/off road package with a dealer installed TRD performance exhaust,around $600.00. It does'nt have the throuty exhaust sound that I had hoped but does'nt sound bad. If had to do it over I would check out a cat-back
  • marcusxmarcusx Posts: 22
    A lot of people like the magnaflow catback. Borla is also good.
  • i would be real careful what you do with your exhaust as toyota very carefully engineers that exhaust to that engine achieving the right balance of back-pressure and offtheline performance. most of the aftermarket attraction is what sound there will be which mostly means less back pressure, more head heat (burnt valves) and less torque off the line. this is why you see those hodjee-racers with the big jetpipe blowin' blue smoke on accelleration. is sound worth all that to you?
  • I have a 2002 tacoma 4-door. I have developed a noise simalier to a bad bearing. Have replaced all belts, and even the idler wheel. Nothing helped. You can only hear it when its cold also. Anyone here had this problem??
  • jettafacejettaface Posts: 15
    Hi, I have a 1989 Toyota SR5 4x4 4 cyc pickup with 66,000 miles on it. I just luv this toy. Friend gave me 2 new exhaust mufflers. Can't find a name on them but they are cyclinder in shape, about 2 feet long and red....I know..nice info. But I was thinking of putting both of these on and now am wondering if I could screw up back pressure, etc.? Maybe I should just leave well enough alone, but I sure would like to hear a little growl when I take off. Second childhood I guess. Any suggestions? Thanks much.
  • i own a 99' tacoma 2.7L and i change the oil and everything regularly but i have 31 inch tires on it all around and am getting about 12 mpg. i have a K&N filter for mods but nothing really exciting. i wanted a louder exhaust so i cut the old rusted exhaust and welded up a 2 inch straight pipe and used the existing tail pipe. its alot louder but i noticed i got around 22 around town with it and it even help my milage more that i drove 55 all around anyways all the time. idk if the whole exhaust thing is for you guys but it made a huge difference in high end power for my truck and better fuel economy.
  • jettafacejettaface Posts: 15
    Hi..thanks for the info. What name muffler system did you use or is it just the stock one? Not sure I understand, novice..sorry. I am thinking you cut the muffler out of the system, but I could be wrong. I too have 31" tires and for a 4 cyc you think I would get better gas mileage than about 15 mpg...ish. Thanks.
  • Aloha,
    I have always wondered about this but no one could really explain to me why an engine needs backpressure. I found this article "Destroying a myth" ( that states a lack of backpressure is not the cause of burnt valves. Rather, it was a problem with the carburetors which produced too lean of a mixture. Today, with our computerized engines which can modify the air/fuel mixture on the fly, this is no longer a problem.
  • Hi, I am very interested in getting a cold air intake. Most likely looking at getting the K&N Cold Air Intake - Generation II for my
    2002 dbl cab v6 3.4 prerunner.

    My main concern is problems while offroading. I heard that there is a possiblity that the air intake will not be able to filter some of the fine sand and dust as well as the factory air box.

    Also if anyone has had problems with there intakes please post your issues.

    Any insight is awsome! thanks!
  • I am looking at doing the same thing, only with a 2.4 4-banger. Obviously, no concerns with me off roading. I've heard people being worried about the filter being exposed, but I personally don't have those worries. I would maybe be concerned with the long intake tube snapping while doing serious offroading, but that's about it
  • I have a 2005 tacoma sport double cab. My airbag light recently came on and when I brought it to the dealership I was told that the left front sensor had corroded along with the wire harness. I was then told that this was a repair upwards of $3000!! Does anyone know if this is a recall, I can't see how this can be considered normal wear and tear on a 3 year old truck.

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