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Honda Accord Climate Control Questions



  • I can't seem to change the direction of heated or cooled air. Can't switch to defrost, or change from forward blowing to foot blowing heat. I already tried changing the actuator behind the glove compartment, no go, and bench tested the original actuator by applying voltage, and it works fine. Before I replace the heater control panel, I'd sure like to hear from an expert if I am on the right track, or if there is a simpler and less costly option that I may have overlooked.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • ronnbronnb Posts: 1
    Can you tell me what the HVAC Control Board part number was so I can search for that part online?

    Thanks, RonnB
  • auntkikiauntkiki Posts: 2
    I had my transmission rebuilt on my 2002 Accord this week. When I picked up the car, the air conditioner is not working correctly. It is blowing fine, but the air is warmer than before, and completely blows warm when I accelerate from a full stop.

    I am trying to determine if these things are related. If so, I will take it back to the transmission place, but if not I will go to my regular repair shop for repair.

    Any thoughts are appreciated!
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I do know that in many cars, when the throttle is opened heavily (when passing on the highway, or merging) sometimes the A/C will disengage to give you more power). This was very noticeable on a hot day in my dad's 07 Civic, less so in my Accords. There may be a connection there?
  • accordcl9accordcl9 Posts: 1
    i was recently driving my car and the a/c temprature shown near the clock went of i pressed the buttons but nothing to avail though temprature is visible in navigation but not there????help
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 823
    What year is your Accord? Your description of the "temperature is visible in navigation" doesn't describe an 03-07 Accord. In my 04, The temp displays are only shown when the A/C is in the AUTO mode. The 04 doesn't display temperature anywhere in the navi screen.

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