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Honda Accord Climate Control Questions



  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    I can't seem to turn the fan switch on without the A/C engaging.

    Not sure how the latest generation works but you have the auto-climate controls so you would need to turn that off first. Then the fan should work without AC. Thegrad's version also works. ;)
  • I have a 09 EXL, after you hit the fan switch, you should see "A/C ON" on the display panel, if you the hit the "A/C" button once, you should see "A/C OFF" on the display panel, and your fan will be circulating unconditioned air at that point.
  • pat96pat96 Posts: 11
    Thank you. I tried that and it worked. I was hoping it wouldn't be a 2 step process to just activate the fan, but it's no big deal....
  • pat96pat96 Posts: 11
    I have XM radio free for 90 days. A guy told me yesterday that once the free subscription runs out, I'll have no radio. Was this the case with your '09 EX-L? I just figured that I wouldn't renew the subscription.
  • You will still have an AM/FM radio, but the XM radio is free for the 90 days.
  • I guess you would still have am/fm even if your XM subscription expires. I renewed my XM subscription a couple of weeks before my 90 days were up, so I did not have an interruption of service.
  • pat96pat96 Posts: 11
    OK, got it, thank you....By the way, the car runs like a dream.....Power and smooth....
  • Hello, this reply may be to late but I was having the same issues with my climate control buttons/lights would go out for a few minutes and then come back on. With the lights on above the buttons I could control the air/temp/air direction but once the lights went off I couldn't control any thing except the knob to the left 1-4 controlling amount of air coming out. This never posed a real problem before until the lights/buttons went out totally to where I couldn't control them and the car would start to overheat about 3/4 the way to the hot level. The mechanic said this was because the temp. control panel wasn't letting the a/c fan behind radiator to activate. I took my car to the shop today and they said it was the temperature control panel that needed to be replaced. The part will be $260 and labor around $75. The part doesn't seem hard to get to as all you have to do is pop out two screws under the cd player/storage shelf and pop out the clock from below and there will be a screw behind it.
  • I am having problem with the temp control knob that it kinds of stuck in only blowing warm/hot air at times, and at other times only cold air.

    Right now it's only blowing hot air irrespective of moving the knob towards hot, the mecahnic suggested replacing 'Blend Door Actuator' also known as

    006 79160-S84-A01 MOTOR ASSY., AIR MIX

    under heator control parts.

    Wanted to check if anyone has seen similar issue, and had been suggested the same, in case, did you change it yourself and how easy is it ?
    Is it located under the dash ?
    Any help locating this would be much appreciated.
  • 2011 Accord Sedan question:

    Does the air blow stronger depending upon which directional setting has been selected (regardless of fan speed setting)? I have noticed weaker blowing at the FOOT/FLOOR setting and much stronger blowing at the FACE setting, with no change in the FAN SPEED.

  • I can't seem to change the direction of heated or cooled air. Can't switch to defrost, or change from forward blowing to foot blowing heat. I already tried changing the actuator behind the glove compartment, no go, and bench tested the original actuator by applying voltage, and it works fine. Before I replace the heater control panel, I'd sure like to hear from an expert if I am on the right track, or if there is a simpler and less costly option that I may have overlooked.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • ronnbronnb Posts: 1
    Can you tell me what the HVAC Control Board part number was so I can search for that part online?

    Thanks, RonnB
  • auntkikiauntkiki Posts: 2
    I had my transmission rebuilt on my 2002 Accord this week. When I picked up the car, the air conditioner is not working correctly. It is blowing fine, but the air is warmer than before, and completely blows warm when I accelerate from a full stop.

    I am trying to determine if these things are related. If so, I will take it back to the transmission place, but if not I will go to my regular repair shop for repair.

    Any thoughts are appreciated!
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I do know that in many cars, when the throttle is opened heavily (when passing on the highway, or merging) sometimes the A/C will disengage to give you more power). This was very noticeable on a hot day in my dad's 07 Civic, less so in my Accords. There may be a connection there?
  • accordcl9accordcl9 Posts: 1
    i was recently driving my car and the a/c temprature shown near the clock went of i pressed the buttons but nothing to avail though temprature is visible in navigation but not there????help
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 818
    What year is your Accord? Your description of the "temperature is visible in navigation" doesn't describe an 03-07 Accord. In my 04, The temp displays are only shown when the A/C is in the AUTO mode. The 04 doesn't display temperature anywhere in the navi screen.

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