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Scion xB Engine Problems



  • just4fun2just4fun2 Posts: 461
    edited December 2011
    I will call the numbers listed above, but won't hold my breath.

    My 2008 xB uses about 1 qt. every 2500 miles and it has been getting worse! If Toyota won't fix this problem owners of the cars affected will take a large hit when trying to sell.

    Stay away from the cars listed in the above TSB and all Scion xb's second generation 2.4 engine.

    Still haven't received my RECALL letter about the bad ignition coils!
  • My XB was in the shop at Toyota when they were trying to make sure it was not leaking oil....when they found that it was not leaking obviously burning it....they told me to call Scion headquarters. I called to tell them of all my problems with this car which started with an airbag problem (was under warranty at time) but would have cost $1,200), then the electronic steering went ($750) , then oil light went on and had next to no oil in it 1,000 miles before next oil change was due! While I was on the phone with Scion they told me of the ignition coil recall so Toyota service department fixed it while my car was still there...that was 3 weeks ago...but I did finally receive that recall letter yesterday 12-14-11. Guess I was one of the first to have that fixed. But that is peanut's next to this oil burning issue.....Toyota made me drive 1,000 miles then measured my oil ...they said it was burning half a quart about every 1,000 miles but said to call scion back to see if they would fix it under this good will thing the repair is 2,700 and basically includes rebuilding the engine! But guess what scion said it is not considered excessive!!! And they will not fix it! I am mortified! How can they sell these cars with out warning people that they will be burning oil at a certain is completely preposterous!!! This is 2011 and it is not normal for new cars to burn oil! So we are now stuck checking oil every week and adding about 2 and a half quarts every 5,000 miles! Give me a freaken break! I cannot believe this and this means war to me! Toyota used to be a great company and make a great car but ...but NO more! I have over 2 years worth of payments on this car! Please call them and voice your complains for as long as it takes if everyone comes forward maybe something will be done! You can also call your local congressmens office , the attorney general, and consumer affairs.....we really need to fight this! I am not rich and cant afford to just run out and buy another car! Shame on Toyota...I will never but another one!
  • 1 quart of oil per 1,200 miles is insane and not normal!!!!!!!!!! This is 2011 for god the hell can they get away with this utter [non-permissible content removed]! Shame on Toyota they have went totally down hill...I will never buy another one! My dad still has his 1979 Ford van with 400,000 miles on it and it does not burn that much oil ! Everyone with this problem needs to come forward and complain...make some calls....they cant ignore all of us. Its only a matter of time before someone forgets to add the oil every 1,200and blows their engine ! rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • So what happened with the law suite ??....I am having this problem now and would like to battle Toyota! Cars should not burn oil in this day and age ! Toyota is on CRACK! I am furious!
  • hbgti1hbgti1 Posts: 16
    I researched the oil consumption on the Internet further and found that Scion did release a TSB at the same time as Toyota. Scion TSB #SB002411 follows exactly word for word as the Toyota TSB (a few posts back) except it list the following Scion models: 07-09 TC and 08-09 xB.

    If you Google "Toyota 2az oil consumption" you'll find several forums (some with 100's of posts) that discuss this issue. Unfortunately, from what I've gleaned from reading through all the posts, Toyota/Scion is sticking to their standard of 1quart burned/1200 miles within their 5yr/60k mile warranty period. Very few will hit this rate below 60k; it seems as though a majority of the higher oil burning engines are over 80k. Maybe if Toyota/Scion gets more pressure it will extend the coverage of this TSB to 7yr/100k (this sounds more fair to me).

    I have about 8 months left until my warranty expires, so I'll be keeping a close eye on my dipstick. My current rate of oil consumption is 1qt/2000mi.

    Hope this helps someone out there. Post any add'l info if found. Thanks
  • isiso11isiso11 Posts: 17
    My 2008 scion XB has 80k and I first noticed the problem around 70k. My solution has been to get my oil changed every 3,000 so I don't have to worry too much about it although I do check the oil every 300 miles another solution I was thinking of was to switch to a heavier oil instead of the recommended 0-20/5-20 I was thinking of switching to 5-30 at my next oil change and to see if that makes a difference. I still say Toyota should do something about this and as you say as more people get higher in miles and come out with this problem....maybe they will be forced to do something! My car also does not get as good gas mileage as it is supposed to. Shame on Toyota this will be my last! Switching to Hyundai they have much better warranties.
  • xbme2xbme2 Posts: 9
    ck'd oil in 08 xb (only 21,000 mi) after seeing this, smelled like gas...had it changed and next day had gas smell again! called service mgr, said its normal...just wondering, if anybody else is ckg theirs, if you touch oil on dipstick does it have gas smell? gotta admit, first time I've ever done it so I really don't know what it's suppose to smell like...and don't really trust Toyota now. TIA. (I change mine/3 mo)
  • isiso11isiso11 Posts: 17
    That is funny about the gas smell because i thought the same thing.....I mentioned it to Toyota during one of my oil changes...they said they did not notice it! I did ask a friend though who knows cars and he said the oil smelled normal so maybe that is how it is supposed to smell or maybe we are on to something here! Gas in the oil would indicate a major engine problem....could it be that all these engines in all of the cars with the same motor are defective!
  • isiso11isiso11 Posts: 17
    That is funny about the gas smell because i thought the same thing.....I mentioned it to Toyota during one of my oil changes...they said they did not notice it! I did ask a friend though who knows cars and he said the oil smelled normal so maybe that is how it is supposed to smell or maybe we are on to something here! Gas in the oil would indicate a major engine problem....could it be that all these engines in all of the cars with the same motor are defective!
  • xbme2xbme2 Posts: 9
    I got copy of TSB from dealer and it says applies to cars BEFORE these vins:

    xb: JTLKE50E#91077956

    tc: JTKDE167#90286965

    my xb vin is below number listed, Srv Mgr said extended warr will cover if I've kept up service.
  • surewdsurewd Posts: 1
    there is actually an issue with the oil and the engine and if you have it under your warrenty i would advise to get this taken care of right away as it can be extremely expensive to fix!!!! i get mines in the shop tomorrow and will be almost five days to correct.
  • xbme2xbme2 Posts: 9
    surewd-were you losing oil or did the shop offer it as preventive? tia
  • djtwo3djtwo3 Posts: 1
    I just recently finished paying off my 2009 scion xb and it has 58,860 miles. I still have warranty until I hit the 60,000 miles. But ever since, my car has been having problems idling. I took it the Toyota dealership to have the ignition coils replaced since their was a recall on them. My car still shaked when idling I changed the spark plugs the spark plugs were worn out too. It still shakes. A Retired Toyota mechanic told me that it could be my throttle body cause it might have a bunch of gunk in there due to the carbon. He's checking it on Wednesday. But I've been looking for forums(oil consumption)on line that describes the same problem as my car. I found you guys. Last time I changed the oil on my car, the car had a little bit of oil. And Ive never had that problem with my cars that I have owned. I believe my car is consuming oil because I couldn't believe how much dropped on the oil pan. I think my car has that problem. It never occurred to me to check the oil on my car when I changed the spark plugs. Another thing is that my cars oil icon has not mention that I need oil on the car. Back to my car shaking. My car only has thins problem when I'm at a stop sign or I'm just idling. My scion shakes but then it goes away. It doesn't shake all the time I'm at the stop sign. It shakes for a bit and them it goes away. If reversing it shakes too. I don't know how much more money I can spend on this car. Reading all the forums you guys have makes me just want to sell it to Carmax and getting myself more than 12,000 for my car and let them deal with it. Someone please give me advice on what else it could be. Thank you very much. Sorry I wrote a lot but hopefully other people can relate to it as well.
  • Matt, thank you. My 2008 xb has had no problems until now (except brake pads wear way too quick--dealer says it's because I drive in city as a courier, former job).
    I take my car in for oil changes regularly, but admittedly I often go beyond 3000, to 4000, sometimes even 5, or 6000; but the treatment I've given re mileage btwn oil changes, and general attention to the slightest detail of the cars performance, has been the most dillagent of any of the many cars I've owned. But, if anyone at the dealer had said one word about it consuming oil, I would have checked the oil all the time, or often and avoided this (engine is toast! and I LOVE my car!) problem. They stress--in fact my best friend is the service mangr--my tardiness in mileage between oil changes, but never told me that I was ever low when I brought it in--I have checked the oil only once or twice in its 113,000 miles! This is NOT because i am an idiot that has no idea of how cars work. On the contrary--as I have never had a new car, I thought that if I kept bringing it in as close to the oil change times as I could, which again, is by far the most oil changes of any car I've owned, the dealer would tell me/advise me if anything needed watching with my car--OR AT LEAST TELL ME MY OIL IS LOW WHEN I BRING IT IN CONSISTENTLY AND THIS CAR CONSUMES OIL ANYWAY!!
    Sorry, anyway, that is my long winded way of signing on with you in this. This car was is the most important purchase I ever had, and I am devastated to say the least. PLEASE HELP!! And again, THANK YOU!! Tony Beers, Wash DC
  • Toyota sold it to you, they're through with it. There is no longer any customer service, everyone is on there own. The companies have observed the way people are treated by the Government and followed suit.
    If you plan to continue to own an automobile you will have to educate yourself.
    Excuses only work for Politicians.
  • My car does the exact same thing!!! (2008 Scion XB) 99,000 miles. The shaking just started a few months ago.....had the ignition coil fix....back when that was recalled and just recently had the throttle body cleaned out.....still shakes ....but like you said not all the time... very weird! I discovered the oil burning problem at about 70,000miles.....Oil light did come on! Car had almost no oil! And this was 2,000 miles before my next 5,000 mile oil change was due! I have always changed my oil religiously! I never would have imagined when I bought a brand new car that I would have to check the oil once a week! I love my car...but this experience has soured me against Toyota and I would never buy another one! This was my second ...I had a Toyota Corolla had 230,000 on it and was still running! I see your post was from July ...let me know if you had any new developments with your situation. I called Scion headquarters about this back when i discovered these cars burn oil...and they ran some tests ...but they say it is within the normal range to burn a quart every 1,500 miles ...which is absurd!!! I did see it mentions the oil consumption in the manual but they should verbally warn you when you buy this car to check your oil regularly......I cant imagine how many people have blown there engines already ! I just hope mine makes it ! I have 2 more years of payments! Shame on Toyota.....Everyone with this problem should come forward...if enough people did maybe they would do something!!!!! Dawn
  • scion08usesoilscion08usesoil Posts: 3
    edited December 2012
    Scion Xb Engine Problem, Oil Consumption, and My Blown Engine!!! :

    I posted about week ago re my 08 Scion XB (112,500 miles) and wish to pursue this issue for SO MANY reasons, the most important of which is the fact that I can't -- financially -- go out and replace this car!!! I know that I will have to try and borrow some money to get a car while fighting this, but fight I will!!! PLEASE, if anyone can assist in a mutual effort to out Toyota and get compensated for this ridiculous oil issue, please weigh in!! Thanks, Tony.

    PS: My dealership told me that my engine at only 112,500 is toast for these reasons:

    1) I wrecked the car -- even though I totally repaired the body, engine was not damaged at all and given a clean bill of health after accident -- and,

    2) I did not keep up with oil changes every 3,000 miles (usually between 3,000--7,000, more than any car I've ever owned -- and as I said in my previous post, I have never expected my car engine to last as long as someone that keeps to that schedule -- or my neighbor who probably sleeps w/his car -- resulting in my car lasting only 240,000 before a rebuild while the other guy's car goes 280,000).

    These reasons are preposterous as anyone that has even a cursory understanding of how automobiles work knows!!!! And to make the customer wrong/at fault while standing in the dealership looking at his dead Scion to which that same customer gave $19,600 of hard earned money, is also preposterous!!!!

    Thanks for the ear, but also the support in advance,

    Tony 2008 Scion XB Blown Engine Cause He Didn't Change the Oil Every 3,000 Miles Guy
  • It is completely preposterous and unacceptable! I have been waiting for more people to start coming forward with this in the hopes that maybe there would be a recall. Back a little before 70,000 miles they had been testing and measuring my oil but they say that the consumption was within normal range 1 quart per 1200 miles Which I still believe to be ridiculous. It does state in the owners manual that these cars will consume oil! I never read that until later I really feel it is Toyota's responsibility to let the customer know that with these cars you will need to check your oil! No one would think that they would need to check the oil that regularly if they got regular oil changes like myself I get oil changes every 3000 to 5000 miles religiously. When I first noticed that my car had consumed almost all of its oil It was over 2000 miles before I was even due for my next oil change! My car is just almost got 100,000 miles. When I read your post I became very worried and I called the scion headquarters I already have a case with them but it's kind of been closed cause that was over year ago and now they are telling me that my car is so far out of warranty that they really wouldn't do anything if anything happened to my car I told them about your case and I said that I was very worried that the same thing was going to happen to me eventually! Since the problem seems to be with the 2008 mainly and since I put a lot of miles on and obviously so do you I think more more people will be coming out with this problem so it may just take a while but I plan on keeping on top of them about this! I also want to find out why they would even sell a car like this without informing the customer of the oil burning problem the whole thing is preposterous and I am completely infuriated and will do whatever it takes to fight them. Could you tell me a little more about your situation ?how did you first notice that your engine was blown what was your car doing leading up to that? Had you been checking the oil? Did you realize that It had the oil burning problem? At any point with your dipstick completely dry? My dealership only recommends getting the oil changed every 5000 miles every time I get my oil changed the sticker for the next time is 5000 miles away I usually take it upon myself to take it in around 3000 miles just because I worried because I know it has this problem. But my friend told me that is silly I should go at 5000 because since I have to add so Much oil of my Own by the time I get there by car is practically filled with fresh oil again so I probably could at least wait till the 5000.
  • lisis, thank you for your comments. My car never had a symptom until I heard a tapping when I would let off the accelerator. This was hard to hear at first but was persisitantly there, so I called my friend at the dealership and arranged to bring it in (I drove while actually hearing the issue for 2days tops) I have, until now hardly ever checked the oil because i thought that I was bringing it often enough for a NEWER CAR--usually late, sometimes 5-8000 miles btwn changes--but since I never had the luxury of having a new car, I thought It was reasonable to not need to check oil unless dealer told me I was low or it was older and burning it/leaking it like many of my past older cars.
    Do you know that this is only 08 issue or what? I want to buy new engine or a used XB (love to buy a new one/lease it but not sure if i can afford a payment now) Am I crazy to buy another one? I love my poor car!! This issue is very painful and worse because my best friend is the service manager of the dealership where I bought my 08 new! Well I guess you read my last post, won't bore u....thx, tony
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