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Scion xB Engine Problems



  • I sympathize with you and I also agree that one wouldn't expect to have to check the oil when you buy a brand-new car. But it does stay in the owners manual That these cars will burn oil but not everybody reads their owners manual ...I know I didn't until later. I get my oil changed every 3 to 5000 miles religiously I always have.But the thing that bothered me about your case is why didn't who ever changed your oil ever mention to you that it was extremely low... which it must have been at some point. It actually must've been almost empty at some point for your Engine to get that bad. Did you get it changed at the dealership? No offense but I do think it is crazy that you would buy another one. I love my car too it is a great car at a small car price with the space of an SUV, plus it is adorable. Not only would I not buy another scion XB I would not buy by another Toyota product period After this experience! Shame on Toyota for selling a car with these issues and not warning the customer when they buy it that they better check they're oil every week! I don't know who you complained too exactly so far but be sure to call the main Scion headquarters about this. I really feel if more people keep coming forward with this problem in this model of car maybe eventually they will recall it for an engine problem. Good luck to you. Dawn
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    I'm the original owner of an 08 xB. It now has over 70k miles, and I just noticed it too is burning oil. The other night, I noticed the oil warning light blinking when I braked. I stopped to check the oil level and saw the dipstick was dry. I added one quart of oil and the level seemed okay. I got the oil changed the next day (it was due since it was 5k miles since the last one). I will monitor my oil level weekly from now on.

    I also started noticing a strong exhaust smell coming my floor heater vents when I use the heater in the winter about a year ago when the car had about 55k or so miles on it. There would be no smell when I switched to dash vent or defroster, but the smell would be very noticeable when I run the floor vents. And it would be much worse at the higher temperature setting on the thermostat. If I run cool air it wouldn't be as bad.

    I am wondering if these two symptoms are linked? Could I have some kind of valve cover gasket leak or something or is it much worse?
  • Dave, that is exactly how it started for me I don't know if you saw any of my previous posts . At about 70,000 miles oil light flickered and then I noticed there was no oil on the dipstick! Please call your Scion headquarters to complain about this problem the more people to come forward the more likely that maybe they will actually do something about it! It's ridiculous that these cars would burn oil like this. As far as your other problem I haven't really noticed that But right now my heater makes A loud sound like something is wrong with the blower when I turn the heat up high once in a while I do notice a gas smell though but I'm not sure if that's related to that at all. They say they won't do anything about that Oil burning problem because it's within the normal range which if you look in your owners manual it does talk about that but still I think it's ridiculous that they don't warn you of that when you buy these cars that you need to check your oil regularly or you will blow your engine! Dawn
  • Here's The number to Scion headquarters please please please call and complain about this problem again the more people to come forward maybe these cars will eventually be recalled.1 (866) 707-2466
  • These engines are 1. either set up with piston, ring and cylinder wall clearances too great.
    or 2. The valve guide seals are of a faulty design or material and letting oil leak by.
    Use 15w-40 motor oil. I have an xB and have been using 15w-40 since it was new. I change every 3000-3500. The oil has never been low.
    Just do it one(1) time, see if oil consumption slows or stops. Toyota doesn't own the car, it's
    not their responsibility.

    Make your life better!
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    The problem is with the 20 weight oil. This is a trick the manufacturers have thought up to bump up their fleep mpg average to meet CAFE standards. Lighter weight oil gives the cars slightly better mpg due to less friction, but are they really good for the engine? I'd rather put 30 weight oil in my engine from now on.
  • I'm getting sick reading this forum. Is it only the 2008 that has the issues ? I just bought a 2008 Scion xb I had it two days and it seemed like the engine was vibrating only while in drive at a stoplight not in park or neutral let foot off brake it stopped. Found it to be carbon in the throttle they cleaned it out and works fine.
    Do all the 2008 xb use alot of oil ? I've read a few posts where it said put in heavier oil has that helped? I'm afraid to wait til 5000 miles to change the oil. My problem is due to my disabilities, back etc the scion was the only vehicle i could get in and out of with ease. Funny thing is when i checked on scion on consumers etc nothing was mentioned about any major problems
  • I haven't heard about it either and I'm considering purchasing one with 95K miles. I also have a newer 2011 picked out as well. So, I would like to know, but in the first post where the guy didn't change his oil regularly, that will cause problems in ANY car and anyone should know better, just common sense. But I would like to know before I buy something I can't afford to replace and will be stuck in a 3 year car payment in.
  • This is my wifes car. I was driving it one day and heard a tick in the engine that I never heard before. I pulled over and checked the engine oil and it was bone dry. I would have expected the warning light (oil light) to be illuminated when the oil pressure drops below a certain point but it never did. I called in and they had me do the oil consumption test, but unfortunately I don't have the time to take 2-4 hours out of my day to do this and often forgot so it was pretty much useless.

    I will never buy another scion, perhaps any toyota product again.
    I would understand if the vehicle was from the 70's or 80's that it might burn some oil, but never for a brand new car and never at the rate at which it burns oil. I also don't understand why the oil lamp never came on or no other indicators letting me know something was wrong.

    I've come to the realization that I'll need to check the oil every couple weeks and will probably change the oil weight and maybe even install a oil pressure guage.

    Then unload this pos as soon as I can.
  • o8xbo8xb Posts: 1
    So far my 08 xb has had no problems when I bought it a mechanic told me to use 10-30 motor oil haveint had any oil loss I change oil every 5000 miles. I have 55000 miles no trans problems nock on wood. :) ">
  • chumsaechumsae Posts: 61
    edited January 2013
    Some things are luck of the draw and some are brought on by the caregiver.

    Our 04 xA: only maintenance other than oil, wipers and brakes were new shocks at 126K in its entire life. To me this was "elective surgery" as we could have ignored it for a lot longer.

    Our 06 xB: at 142,000 miles we replaced the heater/cooler fan motor for under $300.

    That is it, both cars, total 270K miles and a single nonelective repair.

    Compare to our 2000 Mercedes Benz ML320, which failed in every conceivable way through its 140,000 mile lifetime... this includes a the windshield washer reservoir (cracked at bottom seam), power door lock actuators machine gunning (all 4), "Christmas Tree" dash lights blinking madly,
    AC compressor, power winder switch panel, CD deck, then the entire radio, transmission, motor mounts... and many others. If you really want true headaches then buy Mercedes Benz!

    Do care for the cars: synthetic oil every 7500 and you're usually golden at 30+ MPG. :shades:
  • I'm loving my 08 xb now I can't believe the problem I had was so simple and toyota couldn't figure it out. I had the vibration like some others were talking about only in drive while idling went to dealer 2x more or less said nothing wrong so have to live with it. But it was so loud sometimes i taped it but before i went back I decided to go to my own mechanic who fixed my old van for years and guess what it was the stupid hood vibrating they turned the rubber pieces and in a minute had it fixed. I sitll haven't been back there yet but i'm goign to call service one day and let them know LOL
  • isiso11isiso11 Posts: 17
    That is great! But luckily for you ,you don't own the 2008 XB oil burning edition which everyone who has these 2008's are coming out with this problem!
  • Similar problem here. 2005 scion xb sputtering upon acceleration and not effected at high speeds if it will get to speed at all. Seems to be running rich however comes and goes and will not start now. mine has been in the shop for 2 months and they can't fix it. Did you ever find out what was wrong with yours?
  • niuwardoniuwardo Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my scion xb 2008. 93k always being maintained at toyota now is burning oil....they said ...we do not read what people fixing estimate. aprox $1300 what would you do.i mean a family with one car 2008 do not seem middle class not for $1300 repair..that's. what we vot toyota ...we expected to put some money. on it at's toyota but now I'm confused and worry...
  • dubgeedubgee Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 scion xb with 79000 miles and it burns oil. Took it to the Toyota dealer and went through an oil consumption test which determined that my car was burning about 2qt of oil every 1000 miles. I had to pay $3,580.99 to get it fixed. They said its due to carbon deposit that seized the piston rings and that allowed the oil to go through. The extended warranty did not cover it because the damage was caused by carbon deposit. Has anyone had a similar diagnosis and problem as I did. From reading everyone's post, I really hope Toyota would recall this so I can get my money back from the repairs. I've owned this car for 5 years and its really disappointing that Toyota would put crappy parts inside these their cars.
  • isiso11isiso11 Posts: 17
    Yep shame on Toyota! I have been waiting and waiting for more people to come forward with this problem in the hopes that they would do something about it! My XB now has about 115,000 miles on it . I get the oil changed religiously after about 1500 miles and 2 to 3 weeks I have to add half to a court of oil. Then I have to check it every single day to stay on top of it and make sure it does not get too low which within a week it usually does! My car is now paid off and I'm just crossing my fingers and praying that I can keep going on like this for a while without any major issue like the one you have now had! After this experience I would never buy another Toyota product again! I went to the Scion headquarters and try to fight them on this whole thing but they said that the oil consumption was in the normal range! It says right in the owners manual these cars may burn oil! If they would have told me that when I bought it I probably would have chosen another vehicle! Very sneaky and underhanded of them! For over a year now my car sometimes shakes and sputters a little bit almost like I'm about to stall out when I am sitting at a light etc. no one seemed to know what causes that problem either maybe it is something to do with the oil burning though. Please call Scion headquarters to put in a complaint about this problem just telling Toyota is useless! Dawn
  • searay3searay3 Posts: 1
    So looks like this is a BIG problem. Bought the car brand new in 9/2009 and babied this car. Oil changes every 4k, Fram Filters, Castrol GTX 5W-20 Synthetic. Now 97000 mostly highway miles and guess what? Around 90k oil light came on just 3,000 miles since last change and it was down nearly 3 quarts! Have been watching it ever since and it is burning (NOT leaking) a quart about every 1,000 miles. This came on quickly and I agree with every post; it is NOT acceptable in 2013 and with modern engines for this to happen. Poor engineering and totally a major disappointment from Toyota..that once built the indestructible 22R engines I had years ago in my Celicas. I am SO disappointed that Toyota has let this happen!

    Raise Hell and call, call, call and let Scion have it! 866-707-2466 I have been a backyard mechanic for 40 years and this is BS for this engine to do this. I will research to see if maybe there is maybe a stuck EGR valve problem or somethiing obvious but something tells me I am screwed. This engine should run to at least 200k if taken care of.
  • Stop using 5 weight oil. It's as thin as water at operating temperature.
    Use a 15w-40 or 20w-50. Your lucky it lasted this long.
    Thin oil allows the engine parts to wear out much sooner.
  • I have a 2008 xb, it is using about a quart of oil every 1500, I have 56000 miles on it, (very easy driving). Called the main office and reported it, took it to the dealer, it took 6 hours and 14 minutes to change the oil and put a seal on the oil stick and bolt. They are playing with me, the service writer said it was normal to add 2 to 3 quarts of oil between changes. Right now I'm in the middle of the consumption test, but their attitude says they are going to make this difficult.
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