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Scion xB Engine Problems



  • ocivedocived Posts: 1
    If the shaking stops when you put the car in Park or Neutral, but shakes in Drive and Reverse, it's a good chance your Engine Mounts are worn out.
  • You should all call Scion headquarters (866-707-2466) and report this. If enough people report this issue they will have to put out recalls. I called today since over the last few thousand miles my oil light comes on when I brake (after about 2500 miles after my oil change). I looked at the dipstick and it's completely dry! How come the light wasn't on at ALL times if I have absolutely NO oil in my engine? This seems like a hazard to me! I went to my mechanic and he said I was burning oil. I do oil changes religiously at 5000 miles, and for this to happen just over 60K miles (their warranty) is ridiculous! The whole reason I decided to get a Scion XB (and not a Honda) was because it had the Camry engine. When buying my car back in '07 I thought for sure my car would last even longer than my mom's Camry, but boy, am I wrong... My mom has a '99 Camry and it has over 300K miles and is still running strong! Because of her awesome car, I have been an ambassador for Toyota/Scion, but my mind has changed about them and I doubt I will buy another one (and I was looking at getting a Prius for my next car... Not anymore!) My mechanic told me that Toyota made better engines back then. He said the Scions start burning oil at around 100K miles. WHAT?! This is unacceptable! There truly needs to be a recall and they need to stop scamming people and go back to making quality cars like they used to. I am furious, as I'm sure a lot of you are. But call them and make a case. Maybe then they will do something because as of right now their customer service center could care less about our concerns. For now my mission is to report my issues and try to get enough people to make cases. I've lost so much faith in them, but maybe with enough of us they can do something.

  • sheerahsheerah Posts: 2

    Just got off the phone with Toyota Customer Experience. I called to complain about the excessive oil consumption issue in my 2008 Scion xB. I am at 85K miles. My powertrain warranty went to 80K so they will do nothing for me. The dealer recommends an engine rebuild. Screwed!

    Anyhow, if you are having this issue I urge you to call to tell them. The Cust. Svc. Rep told me the only way a recall will be issued is if enough people complain.

    The number is** 1-800-331-4331**

    They can be reached between 7am - 8pm Central time.


  • sheerahsheerah Posts: 2

    @scion08usesoil said: Scion Xb Engine Problem, Oil Consumption, and My Blown Engine!!! :

    2) I did not keep up with oil changes every 3,000 miles (usually between 3,000--7,000, more than any car I've ever owned -- and as I said in my previous post, I have never expected my car engine to last as long as someone that keeps to that schedule -- or my neighbor who probably sleeps w/his car -- resulting in my car lasting only 240,000 before a rebuild while the other guy's car goes 280,000).

    Thanks for the ear, but also the support in advance,

    Tony 2008 Scion XB Blown Engine Cause He Didn't Change the Oil Every 3,000 Miles Guy

    My Owner's Manual states every 5,000 miles.

  • jranaejranae Posts: 1

    I just got off the phone with Scion in relation to the oil consumption issue. They will not do anything to help me. My car is "burning/leaking" oil at 9/10 of a quarter in 1200 miles. I am wondering if anyone else is interested in taking further action against the manufacturer? I would like to contact an attorney.

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