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Honda Civic 2006-2007 Issues



  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Sandman, and others,

    My father had a very unpleasant conversation with our dealer about getting some money back on their tires that went bad at 30k (now on set 2 at 49k). After getting the sales manager and service manager on a conference call and blasting them after the first call telling dad to "call the 1800 number", they are now talking to the regional rep, who has promised some reparation.

    I'll keep you posted!
  • bobintampabobintampa Posts: 10
    I'm taking our 2007 Civic in for the ABS wheel sensor o-ring check tomorrow and will have them inspect the tires for uneven wear. We've had the car for about 1 yr now and it has about 11k on it. I don't see uneven wear on the inside portion of the tread of the rear tires. I will say that when i drive the car on the highway (live in Tampa, FL) the car feels a little *twitchy/nervous* in the back. This may(?) be a characteristic of the car, I don't normally drive this car as my daughter takes it to college. So.... to get to my point.... since the Civic is such a big seller I was wondering why this isn't more of a wide spread problem?? Are only 'some' of the upper control arms bad? Are there other factors involved here (i.e. tire pressure)? I really feel for the folks with the issue, especially the folks who have replaced multiple sets of tires before the dealer realized that it was this suspension issue. Anyone else have any thoughts on why this is not more widespread? To close, I love Hondas and I love the Civic. :shades:
  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    On the ABS wheel sensor that a problem? Or is that part of the rear cambers? I remember when I had the cambers checked they said something about the ABS. I've had my car a little over a year (2007 civic coupe) now with 7100 miles on it and no problem yet with the tire wear.
  • ttg911ttg911 Posts: 39
    That's nothing short of ridiculous, bquigley125. I have a 2006 Civic Sedan with 24,000 and my rear tires are completely shot. They are the crappy Bridgestone’s, so I know that's part of it, but come on! I buy a Civic for things to last, not to start pouring $$ into it 18-months from the date of purchase. I am taking the car to the dealer ASAP with this (see link below) TSB in hand. I hope this helps you as well and others that are in the same boat. If enough people complain to Honda, they will listen. - T393AsdghY8g9GTfz_lYVbM2Cdk9YyXsJg/rear%20upper%20control%20arms%20bulletin.pdf?- - download
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I'll be sure to let you know my outcome, maybe that'll help yours. My folks are working on getting their last set of tires paid for partially.
  • ttg911ttg911 Posts: 39
    Agreed and please do keep me posted as I would love to know the outcome of your very legitimate dispute. Good luck!
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Thanks. I have high hopes, as the sales manager's daughter has the same car which he purchased for her, and replaced tires at 22k miles. He didn't realize there was a problem until my dad told him about it rather angrily (angrily because he kept getting sluffed off by the service manager).
  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    Only the first page came up of the TSB and without the pictures. I got this several months ago from someone else who sent it on this site and that's when I had the car checked by the dealer. It was fine then, but I'm wondering if I should have them check it periodically when I take it in for service.
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    Is there a website that posts Honda TSBs?
  • roley5793roley5793 Posts: 1
    Thanks, ttg911 for the TSB - worked fine for me. I hope this helps me when I take my Civic to the dealer. Keep you posted and thanks again!
  • drmbbdrmbb Posts: 80
    The O-ring issue is a separate recall. I got mine in the mail (and it popped up on owners link) a couple of months ago. Took it in and there was nothing to be done.

    The issue is that improper O-rings may have been used on some 2007's in the wheel bearing seal with the ABS speed sensor. If they leak, water can get into the bearings.

    When I took mine in, my dealer had already inspected several of them, and none had actually had the improper O-rings, so it's one of those things where some will actually have the problem, many will not (but their production dates make them suspect, hence the recall and inspection).

    With the same notice, I also got a recall notice that excess silicone grease may have been used on the telescoping steering column. The excess could cause the brake light switch to fail (not the brakes themselves, just the brake lights). For that one, they just pull the steering column, clean up the excess grease, re-grease it properly and put it back together (took about 30-40 minutes).

    you can read the notices at (the two I got are the first two):
  • flacarflacar Posts: 2
    I have a new Civic Ex and I live in Florida. After the initial hot air is expelled , the air starts to turn cold. Then the car blows cold air for 10 seconds and hot air for 2 seconds. It repeats this for the entire ride. This happens at high fan and on low fan speed. It happens diving 30 mph or 70 mph on the highway.
    I keep the A/C on MAX A?C, recircled air, not fresh air.

    Has anyone experienced this A/C problem?, it never really cools the car down.
    I live in Florida, where the air is hot and muggy, Please help.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    The only thing I can think similar to this in my parents' 2007 Civic is that the A/C compressor cuts off when you accelerate moderately hard, in order to deliver more power. It's enough to be noticeably warmer. They have an EX, and live on the Alabama Gulf Coast (minutes from the FL line) so I understand how hot and humid it can get.
  • Try putting on the AC button and the recirculate button on at the same time...not MAXAC. I had the same problem on my 06 LX and asked the service tech at the dealer and this is what he suggested. I'm not sure the reason, but the system blows colder air.
  • ttg911ttg911 Posts: 39
    Here's the US version of the rear upper control arms/abnormal rear tire wear. TSB 08-001 was issued on January 2008. Hope this helps everybody. My Honda dealer replaced the rear upper control arms, but said I am 'out of luck' on the tires even though my fronts are 5/32 and the rears are 2/32. I told them if they don't replace the tires I will never buy a Honda again and so the case is currently under review. My suspicion is they will offer 50% support. Anybody else had any luck getting tires? 2y_wgfg5LAEzN6QAhv1yfGQvhx-MkigYBGwW27MXgL4aQ/TSB%2008-001.pdf?download
  • jpcanaverajpcanavera Posts: 33
    I'm really not sure what you are accomplishing here since the only thing the max ac button does is give you one button option rather than hitting two. Hitting max ac simply turns on the air conditioner and puts the venting system on recirculate. No more no less. You accomplish the same result if you push the ac button, then hit the recirculate. Any Honda which I have owned with this button does the same thing.

    I punched around on '07's system yesterday and noted that hitting the max ac button a second time leaves the ac on, but changes the vent system to bring in outside air rather than recirculating.

  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I punched around on '07's system yesterday and noted that hitting the max ac button a second time leaves the ac on, but changes the vent system to bring in outside air rather than recirculating.

    Hm, didn't know that. I have a "Max A/C" button in my 2006 Accord, I'll have to see if it does that. I'll have to tell my dad his 2007 Civic does that, too.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Had a rather sizeable oil leak in the garage this morning under the front left side of the Civic. Picked it up with a paper towel and brought it to the dealer service department. Tech said it was oil but when the car was on the lift...perfectly dry everywhere. Even used a portable light to look for sticky leaks and all was dry. He was stumped and they sent me on my way. Oil level was fine and the filter was on correctly also.
    Am a bit uneasy now but at least it's documented and still have 11 months on my warranty, as i'll see the 3 year mark way before the 36k mileage mark. Any suggestions as to what may be the cause here? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    The Sandman :confuse:
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Did they check the transmission fluid level, and the radiator fluid level?
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    They said they checked every fluid in the car...and they even brought me out to the workroom floor to look for myself. Guess we'll have to take a wait and see attitude here. They were very accomodating on this and the ABS sensor recall but not on the tire wear problem. So that's 2 out of 3...not great but not that bad I suppose!

    The Sandman :(
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