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Honda Civic 2006-2007 Issues



  • Bought my daughter an 2006 Honda used only had 15000 miles on it and for the first year ran great. Then all of the sudden this June, something started clanking in the engine. Honda replaced the whole engine (took them two weeks), Now there is something wrong with the transmission. (Had it a week supposedly took care of that). We get the car back YESTERDAY and the check engine light is still on! Have not received any paperwork from teh dealership and of course no help with transportation while they have had it the WHOLE month.

  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    I feel badly for you and your daughter. Too bad you didn't find this site before buying the car. I seem to remember someone saying there were dealers that won't even take the 2006 Civic as a trade in. I've had no real problems with my '07 coupe, but I keep an eye on everything and still come here to get the latest information on it after a little over 2 years of driving it. I some how feel that even so, I won't buy another Honda either.
  • roundtriproundtrip Posts: 105
    This has been a problem for quite a number of owners. Some were able to get repairs while others had no such luck. I think the interior is a hunk of junk. I bought mine new (strictly for the MPG) and had a scratch or scuff every time I sneezed.
  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    I agree the interior is cheap. I can't lean on the interior of the drivers side door without leaving a smudge of sun screen or hand lotion. And it won't come off, not even with Goo Gone. Anyone have a suggestion?
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 2,576
    The Sandman :shades:

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  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    LOL. I didn't really mean that I lean on the door all the time. I meant that when I touch the door with hands or arms in getting in or out it leaves a smudge that won't come off.
  • i have a 2006 1.8 petrol civic. my problem is this:-
    anytime i go for a longish drive, or drive on a motorway, when i arrive home there is a run of water coming from the underside. this isnt just a trickle, but a good run of water. i have checked the radiator, and the expansion vessel coming off the radiator, but cant seem to find any problem with them. the radiator is full, and the expansion vessel has water halfway between the minimum and max lines. does anyone have any idea where this water is coming from?
    please help, i dont have a lot of money to get it fixed!!
  • skeeter11skeeter11 Posts: 33
    If you are running your a/c system during your drive, then it could be normal water condensation from the a/c system.
  • I have recently purchased a used 06 civic sedan and it makes a loud whirling/spinning that kicks in when im going 30 mph and beyond. I can't really pinpoint where the noise is coming from but it is loud enough to be noticed by passengers. Are all civics this loud? Also I have questions on what to do regarding recalls. I've spent nearly an hour reading pg after pg in this thread and I've noticed that the 06 civic has many recalls. Is there a website of some sort where I can see if my VIN falls into the recall? Sorry this is my first car and I don't know much about cars.
  • jkypajkypa Posts: 2
    In case it helps, my wife bought her 06 Civic LX brand new. We had the same loud whirling noise that first came in at about 5K miles. It was a busted left rear wheel bearing. At 10K, same issue came up and the dealer replaced both rear wheel bearings. At 35K we had another wheel bearing replaced....all under warranty. In any case, my point is that it could be the rear wheel bearings.

    BTW, the road noise is just horrendous on most Hondas....the Civic is no exception. I just got used to the apache chopper noise.
  • man just took my car to my local dealer and they wanted to charge me 95 bucks to just to "Diagnose" the problem.
  • wcooperwcooper Posts: 6
    Have a new Civic LX and noticed that a light is on one of the air vent buttons all the time (showing direction of air flow) even when the fan is off, a/c off, etc. Why? Anyone else notice this? Thanks in advance!
  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    Yes, that's normal. I have 07 EX coupe and the only time one is not on is when the car is turned completely off. This just directs the air coming in to whatever location you want...lower, upper, upper/lower. You turn the air off coming into the car by pushing the button usually beside the A/C button (such as when you notice a dead skunk in the road before you run over it) and it will show a yellow light instead of the usual green.
  • wcooperwcooper Posts: 6
    Thanks Kathy -
    In other cars I've had, the light usually goes off when the fan is off. I guess I'll have to get used to it. People in my car for the first time always say "why is this light on?". At least I know what to do if I see a dead skunk in the road! :)
  • paezpaez Posts: 5
    I have an 06' Honda Civic with 48,000 miles. I've had problems in the past with other things on it, but this one is hard to figure out. Recently, when driving, the air from the vents was coming out warm when I would accelerate and cool again when I'd take my foot of the gas. I noticed my temperature gauge was getting close to the Hot Mark so I took it in to the dealership. They said my radiator was bone dry so they bled it and refilled. 3 weeks later the same thing happens. Never was there any evidence of leaking coolant. Can anyone tell me where the coolant is going? The folks at the dealership are mystified-but they said they may get a better idea by removing the head gasket ($1,500 just for a look)
  • knfieldknfield Posts: 5
    I have been experiencing a similar situation. I have a '07 Civic LX coupe with 30,000 miles. In February of this year, my AC was blowing hot air. I had no refrigerant at all, and the technicians were unable to identify a leak using the UV tests. They refilled the refrigerant, and sent me on my way; however, my AC developed a chemical-burning type smell which was increasingly intensified as my RPMs went up. Honda Techs were unable to identify the source of the smell (and then started to say they didn't smell it at all...). I got used to the smell, and everything was (relatively) fine, and then a few days ago, my AC started to blow hot air again. I went back to the dealership and my car, once again, had no refrigerant. The UV test didn't show any indication of a leak, and so since this happened before, this time the techs are dismanteling my dash board to check my evaporator, and a few other parts to see if they are leaking. They say that they will be replacing, at a minimum, the evaporator. They have had my car for two days now, so hopefully things are going well.

    I am not sure if our problems are the same, because mine doesn't invlove the engine temperature; however, it may be worth looking into.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Coolant leaks can be subtle...not necessarily a gusher from a ruptured hose. If it took 3 weeks to go from full to dry again it could be an overflow bottle (which is plastic) with a tight crack and the coolant is disappearing under the car as you drive and dries from evaporation when you park. Does the bottom of the car show ANY evidence of fluid at all? Check toward the rear of the car because it can blow rearward with the airflow. The other (worse) option is a going...going...gone headgasket but to burn off that much coolant you should notice symptoms such as a white vapor exiting the exhaust pipe at idle (also have someone follow you as you drive to check this) and a sweetish smell from the exhaust. I have heard of other 06-07 Civics (on this site somewhere) that developed a cracked engine block. I imagine one could not drive too far with a cracked block though. Just a few ideas.
  • knfieldknfield Posts: 5
    Thanks for the information. I got my car back today, and they ended up replacing my evaporator and ex valve. They said that they were able to confirm that this was both the source of the leak as well as the source of the smell.

    I have never noticed any leaks on the pavement, and usually do try to pay close attention to that. I will have someone follow me to see about the white vapor.

    Hopefully it is not the head gasket...that would be horrible! I will keep it in mind if the problem comes back. Thanks for your help!
  • paezpaez Posts: 5
    You were right on the money, targettuning! It was the "worse" option you mentioned. Took it in this morning, and sure enough the oil looked like the bottom of a glass of chocolate milk. Coolant is going directly into the engine through a crack and evaporating through the exhaust. Although there was no white smoke or funny odor, the symptoms were the air condition blowing hot air on acceleration and the sudden overheating due to a dry radiator.
    Anybody reading these posts listen to this guy....he diagnosed my car without even seeing it!
  • Go to Honda Mile Makers to read honda owner stories with 100,000 miles and above. There is a 2006 4door Honda Civic LX with 253,629 miles as of Sept. 14 2008. :) :blush: :) :blush: :)
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