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Ford Ranger Transmission Questions



  • I have a 95' ranger 4.0 liter 4x4 5 speed and I just put a new slave cylinder in the transmission. There is an air bubble somewhere but I can not get my coupling off the transmission not to mention I dont have the coupling tool either. so how do i get the coupling off with out the tool, or where can i buy the tool and how much is it?
  • budz2budz2 Posts: 1
    Im looking to buy a 2000 Ranger from work and the Transmission has a bit of a slip in it, The guy trading it in says that the part to fix it is on backorder. Has anyone ever heard of the 2000 rangers with the 4.0 and auto doing this. I read another post that mentioned a valvebody spacer and another part. I like this truck but dont want to but someone elses nightmare. Thanks in advance :confuse:
  • I recently changed the transmission fluid on my 99 Ranger AT 2.5L. My Chilton repair manual for 91-99 Ranger/Explorer/Mountaineer says to "use Mercon automatic transmission fluid. DO NOT use improper fluids such as Dexron or gear oil."

    The transmission fluid that I used says it is for Dexron/Mercon, but to not use on Ford vehicles that require Mercon V.

    Can someone tell me if I will need change the transmission fluid again?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    There are a lot of used Rangers out there.

    Why involve yourself with one with a slipping transmission?
  • Would like some info to see if its the transmission or the clutch that is sadly not working properly.
    Gears are hard to shift into unless clutch is to the floor. Want to go to shop with some info on hand as its a cruel world out there. Gears do shift smoother after warming up for a while. Thanks
  • I just bought a 02 Ranger edge 4x4 Auto. Has 53,000 mile. I noticed at speeds at or about 60-65 the trans seems to down shift kinda hard. Almost has a clunk sound,is this a common issue?What could be the cause?
  • i bought a new 2007 ranger FX4 level 2 in june. late in november i started to hear a clunking noise or a thud coming from under the truck every few min's as i was driving up a hill here in town . i took the truck back to the dealer and they replaced my transfer case saying it was faultly. it still never fixed the noise problem. so i took the truck back to ford again and this time i went with the mechanic on a road test and we both heard the thud noise twice . he said theat there's nothing he could do and that it was some sort of re-bound noise of the drive shafts when one wheel spins a bit faster than the other because of the road conditions of winter with snow and ice regulary on the road up here in the north. but i dont belive him because i've never heard of a truck make that kind of a nose if everything is supose to be fine . any thoughts of what it could be ? and the soulition

    I'd like to add the truck only has 9000km on it and i only hear the noise when the truck is in 4x4HI going about 60-80 km .
    im just sick of hearing that sound
  • Update my 02 Ranger only seems to have the clunking sound when I go into 4x4 back into 2 wheel drive. It has a clunking sound and seems as if it is shifting down hard,then it goes completely away after about 20 mile's.
  • I have a 2003 4x4 ranger with the 4.0 litre engine and I had a new clutch put in about a week ago. The minute I started my engine after it was put in I noticed a grinding or spinning noise coming from right below my shifter. I thought it might be the new parts breaking in so I tried to ignore it for a few days but the noise persisted. When I consulted my mechanic about it, he drove my truck and told me that it was a normal thing for rangers after time to aquire that noise and that there was nothing he could do about it. This noise does not seem normal to me at all. It drives me nuts. Has anyone had this problem with a ranger ever? I can hear it through all 5 gears. Please help :shades:
  • lau123lau123 Posts: 3
    I know this is probably the wrong spot for this question, but not sure where else to post. How do I know if the '04 used 2WD Ranger I am considereing buying has the limited slip differential? The salesman said he could tell by the axle code of F6 on the tag on the door. I asked two different service people and they said you could not tell that way. You had to crawl uner the vehicle and look at the differential for a tag the would say LSD with a number. 3.73? Any one know? Thanks
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Here's something I found.

    Google is your friend.

    Looks like F6 is Ranger Limited Slip.
  • lau123lau123 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the code definitions. My ranger does have it. Thanks again.
  • I have a new ranger 2.3 manual with 7000 miles on it,when I shift gears and push the clutch in and release it, right before I take my foot off the clutch I can feel in the pedal the clutch make contact with the flywheel is this normal for the 2008 my 2005 I did not notice this. I might have to take it in to the dealer.Anyone else notice this?
  • i have a 99 ranger and when i put it into drive it seems like it wants to stall and i wont let me gas it up to get it moveing. it will roll and eventually get up to 50 or what ever speed but on start offs it doesnt wanna move it almost feels like its going to stall. and when i put it in to reverse it like slams into it and wants to go. has anyone had this problem? i have it at a local shop and they are stumped.
  • cwbyjnkycwbyjnky Posts: 2
    My son has a 98 ranger with OD. Yesterday he shows me that the transmission selector does not match up with the gear. When in park it shows to be in the space between P and R. Same for all gears always 1 space to the right. Does anyone know what would cause this and what is the fix? Thanks
  • hiccuphiccup Posts: 1
    On my 03 Ranger, as I let the clutch out it makes a squeak. It only does it every now and then. And only in 1st. If I let the clutch out real slow it doesn't do it, nor if I release fast. It almost sounds like the clutch is rubbing. I've asked about 8 people and no one knows what it is. Any help?
  • The problem is in the cable that goes from the gear shift to
    the transmission. If its like the one on my 95 Ranger, look
    at where the cable goes into the tranny. Near there
    you will see a white nylon latch that holds the cable.
    Press it open, sideways, being careful not to break it..
    Put the gear selcetor in the park position, and make sure
    the shifter on the tranny is in the park position, I think its
    as far to the rear as it will go, and slide the latch back tight.
    I had to replace that cable as it rusted where it came close
    to the manifoldand I had to make this adjustment.
    Safety first, put the hand brake on tight on level
  • sasha2sasha2 Posts: 7
    Sounds like my 08 ranger after reading my manual I found I was shifting at over the recommened shift speeds so now I shift at the speeds in the ford manual and I do not get that feel in the clutch pedal ,I must have been over reving and shifting at a higher speed.Istill at times get that squeak in the pedal must be a ranger thing.Will at some point take it in for warranty check.
  • cwbyjnkycwbyjnky Posts: 2
    Thanks for your help I will look at it this weekend.
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