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Ford Ranger Transmission Questions



  • I have a 2001 Ranger, 5-speed manual; 2.3 L engine. On the shaft coming out of the transmission, in front of the u-joint, there is a large cylinder 8 in. or so in diameter. It completely separated from the shaft it was on and was rattling around on the shaft. It looks like it was just held in place by a rubber bushing that has deteriorated. Can anyone tell me what this piece is called, and what to do about my problem? I would like to know what I'm asking for when I go to the parts store.
  • Since posting this, I've done some research, and the piece, that is supposed to be 1 piece and not 2, is called a Universal Joint Yoke. Now, all I need to do is find one, and that doesn't seem to be an easy task. I'll try the local parts store, but any suggestions will be considered and appreciated.
  • tansmission has been ok, shifts hard when first put in drive. driving home last night, i had it floored and just lost the transmission completely. waited 1/2 hour drove for approx 5 miles, done the same thing loss of transmission power, felt like it was in neutral. parked it, went and picked it up this morning, drove home 4 miles or so no problem. please help, single female with no clue what to do, and don't want to break down on highway again at 3 am. thanks
  • If I were you, I wouldn't mess around getting stranded. I'd get it to a reliable tranmission shop. It may not necessarily mean a new transmission, but you need reliable transportation.
  • would you happen to know what could be wrong, i have someone willing to work on it but not sure where to start. thanks again
  • blzblz Posts: 3
    Did any lights come on? Check engine,abs, any thing like that?
  • blzblz Posts: 3
    About 2 months ago I started noticing a noise/vibration coming from under truck. IT would speed up with engine rpm and go away at about 10-15 mph. About a month ago i notice it was leaking transmission fluid. It has now got to the point that lose about 2 quarts for every 50 miles. I thought it might be a cracked flex plate. Pulled the motor today. flex plate is not cracked, but at two of the torque converter bolt holes you can see the flex plate is ground down and shiny. is it possible that the torque converter is shot? anyone know how to test a torque converter?
    99 Ranger 3.0 flex fuel 4 speed overdrive trans.
  • No lights came on at all accept for the o/d off light that flashes. someone on here told me it might be a melted servo in the transmission because ford put the exhaust too close to the transmission. they said that thats what the shop told them was causing their truck to have the same problem.
  • jconnjconn Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 Ranger with a manual (with overdrive) transmission. I recently put in a new clutch, but apparently, when I started work I left the vehicle in reverse and removed the shifter. The clutch works. I can start the truck, but can't get it out of reverse. I've removed the shift lever and played around with the tabs down inside the hole where the shift lever inserts, but I can't seem to get any of the tabs to move in a way that I can reinstall the shifter and get it into neutral. Anyone else have this problem? Solutions?

  • I have a 1996 Ranger with about 178k miles on it. I don't drive on the interstate much and just recently noticed a whine in 5th gear on a recent trip into Tampa (about 1 hr drive). I drove into Tampa with no problems, but on the way back, I started noticing this whine while driving about 65 MPH. It stops when I take my foot off the gas or drop to 4th gear.

    I noticed tonight that it was starting to whine in the lower gears as well. The fluid levels seem to be fine. Any ideas?
  • Correction: It has about 143k miles.
  • i was driving my 93 4x4 4.0 5 speed and all of a sudden it just either threw the clutch or the tranny or t/c went just started to free spin then when i stopped there was smoke comin from the bell housing and some god awful noise when i let the clutch out in gear or neutral,but when i press the pedal it trys to go and then it makes the noise..sounds like something bangin around in there or somethin..wouldnt it just seize if the tranny went out or would it make those noises like somethin is rolling around in the bell housing...hard to describe the noise..what do u guys think it is?
  • pops13pops13 Posts: 3
    I have a 97 ranger 5 speed stick that sometimes is hard to shift into 2nd gear, only 2nd, the other gears are easy, anyone have any ideas why?
  • pops13pops13 Posts: 3
    sounds like you have clutch problems, dont try to drive it, have it towed to a shop or home, not much action on this site is there?
  • I have a 99' Ranger XLT 4X4 3.0L auto. I have lost reverse, but shifts great otherwise. I've been looking for a good used tranny, but all I can find are 2WD models. My question is, can the tail housing be swapped out to bolt up to my transfer case? And if so, how difficult of a job is it? It is the 4R44E model.
  • I have an '88 Ranger, 2.9 V6, automatic that I just had a new (rebuilt) engine installed. However, after getting it back from the shop, the transmission will not shift into overdrive.

    The transmission was rebuilt about 3 years ago, and has about 5K on it.

    The repair shop that replaced the engine says it's not *their* fault. The transmission shop that did the r&r on it says it's prob 'electrical' (maybe a solenoid) and wants $400 to fix (crazy!).

    Any ideas?
  • Hi,

    I have a 2003 Explorer Sport, and I believe it has the same body as a Ford Ranger. It has 58,500 miles and is under a 100K, 7 year warrantly. I was told by my Ford repair shop that I need to have the Clutch Slave Cylinder replaced, and the price is $700 plus, as my warranty will not cover it. They it is not part of the transmission. From what I read in this blog, this appears to be a known design defect with this truck. Although I've been a Ford owner all my life, I think it's time to switch.
  • Yeah, that bites, don't it?! - but 'clutch' anything should be part of Ford's 'Drive Train Warranty'. I'd consult another Ford shop, or contact Ford Motor Company, Inc.

    My Dad drove Ford trucks all his life, and I have, too - own 3 right now - would NEVER switch to Chevy or Dodge! (don't even mention a rice-burner).
  • jre56jre56 Posts: 7
    I don't have any technical advice but the shop is responsible since it was working before they did the engine overhaul.Are you sure they hooked the O.D. wire up?
  • What's the 'overdrive wire'? (I'm not sure about anything they did)
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