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Ford Ranger Transmission Questions



  • Thanks for your reply. I talked to both Ford Motor Company and the Extended Warranty company. Ford has 4 Extended Warranty Programs: I have the next to the top, and only the most expensive program covers it as a separate item. They say it is not covered as part of the transmission.

    So, apparently, this part can go out anytime, regardless of mileage, and each time, Ford gets to drop the transmission to replace it, and charge the consumer over 5 times the worth of the repair. I no longer trust Ford.
  • OK, well, sorry to hear that - most people (like us) don;t have a clue about the 'fine print' in those so-called warranties. I had a similar experience, years ago, with a then-new '92 F-150. The fuel pump went out, which was (brilliantly) under the bed - cost me several hundred dollar for them to basically, remove the truck bed, to get to a 50 dollar part. That was pretty tough, as I was still paying (Ford) for the truck.
  • Just to update on this, my transmission shop (that rebuilt it, 3 years ago) finished going through the transmission, and said THERE IS NO PROBLEM with it. They now think it's an ECM (electronic control module, aka 'brain') issue, as several fault codes came up, including codes for (guess what?), the overdrive and the cruise control (which also quit working). So that points back to the engine replacement job. Going to see an attorney about it, Monday.
  • I have a 1999 Ford Ranger 4X4 with 3.0 engine. (I just bought it, so I do not know it's history).
    The transmission seems to shift fine. Has a whine in first. Was told this is a normal noise for Ford Rangers. I took it to my local Ford dealer for a transmission analysis. Apparently their diagnosis disclosed no code problems or issues. They determined the noise is in first and reverse. They say it is a "planetary" issue. They want to "further explore" the problem. Stated may have debris in the pan / throughout the transmission. (Extra money to pull the pan of course.) The fluid does seem dirty. Not bright pink as should be. They claim changing the fluid will not correct the problem. It seems to me that changing the fluid and filter could improve the function of the unit. I always thought the filter prevented debris from getting into the unit. So what am I missing here?
  • You're correct in your assumption regarding the filter & yes changing both the filter and fluid will allow the unit to function properly, but maybe only for a time. If Ford suspects a "planetary" issue then they suspect the gears. Planetary is a method of gearing much like the planets rotate around the sun the gears rotate around a sun gear and they all operate within a ring gear (someone correct or provide a better explanation?). If this is the case, perhaps what you are hearing is the gears rubbing (not quite grinding yet) and the shavings are soiling the fluid. In this case, changing the fluid will help clean it up but won't solve the problem, just prolong it.

    I'd recommend taking your truck to some place other than Ford for a second or even third opinion.

    Just my 6 cents. :)
  • are the bellhousings different for the 2.3 4cyl. than the 3.0 V6 with the m50d-r1.
  • One last update: After the transmission checked out fine, I replaced the ECM but made no diff - still no overdrive (4th gear) and cruise control does not work.

    Anybody have a clue as to what's going on? - maybe a short somewhere?

    I'm about ready to call it quits.
  • Reverse doesn't work. Want to know possible causes?
  • Okay, I have seen several different replies to this question, and they are all different. Hopefully, I can get a for sure answer?

    I have a 99 Ranger 3.0 automatic. I have already replaced the transmission once in it. Now the Over Drive light flashes and the transmission slams between first and second, with the check engine light constantly on. Can someone please give me a for sure answer on this? I would really hate to replace the transmission again for nothing.
  • my ranger is making a noise like a dddddddd in 1st 2nd 3rd and 5th no noise in fourth though somebody please help me out it also whines in 1 2 3 5 not 4
  • Anyone ever attempt or heard of anyone swaping out the 5 speed on a Ranger with a 6 speed? My current gas mileage is herrendous and I'm hoping to improve it.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    It's a truck.

    It's a 4x4.

    It's going to get bad milage.
  • Hey, thanks for the update! No, really!
  • jmehoffjmehoff Posts: 3
    I just purchased a '92 for ranger, truck was great on test drive! and ran fine the first couple of hours after purchase. Now when i shift up into 4th gear or 5th/OD, it acts like there is no power coming from the engine. It doesn't seem to be slipping or grinding... Just no power, and if you put the peddle to the floor the whole truck shakes and acts like it wants to die. I know the truck was sitting for a few years prior to my purchase... Could this be related to the fuel pump or filter in any way? And to be honest the first 3 gears are fine, nice and smooth. Any information would be nice, i'd like to fix this problem myself.
  • redneck8redneck8 Posts: 1
    my question is will a 1988 tras. work on a 1994 both 5-speeds the only diff. is the last letter on the tag everything is the same
  • from cwhary914; I have the same year ranger & went through the same problem. The first thing is check spark plugs make sure they are good & gaped right. Next check wires with timing light this will tell you if the wire is mis firing under load. Next check the cap for cracks {HAIR LINE].Next make sure the belt didn"t jump. Take out #1 spark plug and turn the motor by hand to top dead center,make sure cap is on the #1 firing, stick a screw driver down #1 cylinder and move the motor at the same time {If the screw driver comes up the belt jumped ahead -If the screw diver goes down the belt fell behind. If it doesn"t move at all the minute you move the motor it is on top dead make sure the firing order is right.there are two types most are of a U seiries. the firing order is on the top of the engin near the intake. the U is the first letter of your seirial #. In my case I had done all tese thing and still had the problem I fixed my problem by going with a hotter plug,Do to the gas know has ethonal in it.PS. dump 2 cans of muti port fuel cleaner in your tank the gas lines can become corroded from sitting for some time. It takes A day or two of driving to clean them. On the 5 day take your plugs out & claen them agian. It sounds like A lot but It is not your tranny . ;)
  • lance420lance420 Posts: 2
    u nead a trans filter the fluid well com out around the pan so b rady ps ther is riten on top of dipstik wat fluid to get
  • Hello,
    I have an 02 ranger fx4 4ltr auto. the o/d light started flashing and would shift hard into second gear. I had planned on looking into the problem over the weekend, but on the way home yesterday I was going up a hill hen the trans shfted, then there was no power to the wheels. I coasted into a gas station and now I have no reverse either. Can anynoe tell me what happened and what i should do to get the truck back on the road.
  • lance420lance420 Posts: 2
    i hav a 02 and it ded the same thing o/d flash no revers no drive if it puls in low ger 1 2 its a trans filter if it wont pull at all not even slitey its bands or silanody
  • it makes a whinning sound when I put it in any gear and hit the gas, so i imagine its a worst case scenario. would it be better to rebuild or buy a salvage tranny. which do you think would be cheaper?
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