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Ford Five Hundred/Mercury Montego: Noises



  • newcarformenewcarforme Posts: 35
    Great question. Anyone??
  • Just bought a used 05. I too have the gauge cluster all going to zero and blacking out. What happened in your situation? Has it continued? Did you get it fixed.
  • I had my instrument cluster go to all zeroes for a few seconds, two times within a couple of weeks.

    I dropped it off at the dealer, and fortunately they could replicate the problem. It required replacing the instrument cluster. Fortunately, still under warranty.
  • drashmoredrashmore Posts: 2
    edited March 2010
    I have a ticking noise coming from my dash, on occassion. Any ideas what it could be? Car is maintenanced regularly.
  • Hello everyone,
    I purchased an '05 Montego this past spring and have noticed it makes a whining noise similar to an electric motor when making a turn. Never put too much thought into it until yesterday, although I have heard it on other occasions and under similar conditions. So anyway, I am on the turnpike yesterday and when I get on the ramp to exit, my nephew says, "what is that loud noise? It sounds like an electric motor." There was definitely that kind of noise, but it only makes it when turning the vehicle. It also made that sound when I turned into my driveway after our trip. No noise when going straight. It is an AWD with CVT transmission and 71,000 miles. I did not purchase the extended warranty as they wanted $2,000 for it. Is this car going south on me?
  • ronsmith38ronsmith38 Posts: 228
    Check your power steering fluid level.
  • Thank you, Ron. The fluid looks to be just below the "minimum" line. Is this supposed to be checked with the engine running or checked cold and sitting for a while? Does it matter what kind or brand of power steering fluid I use? Sorry for all the questions, but I certainly appreciate the advice you are giving me.
  • ronsmith38ronsmith38 Posts: 228
    The procedure for my 2008 Sable (which is similar to your 2005 Five Hundred) as found in the owners manual:
    1. Start engine and let it run until the temp is between H and C on the temperature gauge.
    2. While engine idles turn steering wheel left and right several times.
    3. Turn engine off
    4. Check level in reservoir. It should be between MIN and MAX. Do not add fluid if between these limits.
    5. If below the MIN, add proper fluid in small increments until the correct level is reached
    6. Replace cap if removed.
  • I have just a 2005 Ford Five Hundred AWD Limited with 200,000 miles. Engine is quiet, transmission is quiet. Here is the problem. It makes a humming noise when driving. Sounds like it is coming from the back. No vibrations. Just noise. I have never had an AWD before and dont know what is normal. It reminds me of four wheel drive sounds. I live in small town Ky and I dont trust the local Ford dealer if I have no clue what it is. Any ideas? Drive shaft tight and no wiggle when checking bearings. Previous owner had hitch but on so I assume it pulled something.
  • tobig05tobig05 Posts: 13
    Sounds to me that you have a wheel bearing noise. Does it get louder the faster you drive? It may not be as simple to diagnose as it may sound I had that problem with my car when I first got it. They tried everything and even though the bearings did not have play they replaced one at a time until it was solved. I was lucky that it was all under warranty.
  • it does seem to be effected by speed. I read up on what people say and tried to see if it changed when turning. It didnt. will see about changing bearings. Thank you.
  • tobig05tobig05 Posts: 13
    I will be curious to know if it is in fact a wheel bearing.
  • toochnctoochnc Posts: 1
    I have the same issue. For me this just started about a month ago (6/2011). I have a 2005 Five Hundred with about 33,000 miles. It makes a smacking sound about 6 times in the dash coming from the passenger side when I start the car. It happens each and every time I start the car no matter how long the car has been turned off (even only 60 secs). Having the climate control system turned on or off when starting makes no difference. I took it for an oil change and the mechanic there said I should change the cabin filter. So much for what he knows: The car has no cabin filter. Anybody have an idea what's causing it or how it can be fixed?
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