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I love/hate my Cobalt

i own a 2006 cobalt, from the day i bought it i have had noting but problems and now 8 months later i am haveing even more problems.
1, my car was in a small accident coming of the delivery truck and i wasn't told about it until the paper work went through.
2, we were going around a narrow winedy lake road when all of a sudden for now reason and with no warning my car just shut off, i was told it was a safety feature (really safe lol),
3, my window regulator broke in the winter and was replaced, and is now broken again.
4, my defrost takes about and hour to defrost my windows, and i am told by gm that this is normal.
5, all of my mirrors wont stay in place.
6, the thradal body is now having problems.
7, and just now today it is telling me to service my airbags and the are bags have deactivated them selves.
And with all these problems the dealer ship is telling me i got a good deal and a good car.


  • djbaltdjbalt Posts: 2
    Sorry to hear of your bad experiences with the cobalt. If the dealer did not disclose your new cobalt having had an accident before they sold it to you, that is a violation of law. You did not say if you bought your cobalt new or used and "as is".

    If your cobalt stopped in the middle of a mountain road, that also could be grounds to get your money back on the car under your states lemon laws.

    My defroster is fast.

    A buddy of mine and myself both bought loaded new 2006 cobalts SS models. After about 9000 miles each, we've had Zero problems. It is for me a delight to own and drive.
  • sales are up for June, lets hope more owners are like djbalt. I am really sorry that your cobalt is having problems, but it sounds like the dealer is behind most of them. Meybe you should get a lawyer?
  • i bought my car new. and it is now at 20000 kms. i have a 3yr old son and i don't even feel safe driving the car with him in it.
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    Without being to negative, how was the Cobalt in winter driving. I can see that you have 20,000 kms and not milles and you had problems with your rear defogger so I guess your from Canada. Snow country right.
    I'm very sorry to hear that you dislike or hate your Cobalt because everyone I know had problems but they got fixed and now they love their Cobalt. Good thing it's still on warranty.
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    Well then, leave your son at home if you don't feel save with him in the car and go alone, he can't be that bad at 3 yrs. old.
  • excuse me, i was not talking about my sons behaviour, i am talking about the CAR, and the safety of the CAR.
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    Then their is only one thing you can do if you can. Get rid of the car before it's to late then you and your family will be safer with something else.
    There are some lemons in every car family and I guess you got one. Sorry about my wisecrack, I knew all the time you were talking about your car and not your son. He must be adorable but I'm the kind of person that's alway's joking. No hard feelings.
    I don't blame you and I agree with you, riding with your love ones in a car that is not very safe that's not good at all.
    You seem to be a caring and loving person for your family, don't stop. I hope everything's gonna turn up O.K. for you.
    Good Luck!
    How about winter driving with the Cobalt? I was thinking of buying one for my daughter but now I'm not to sure about it cause I'm taking your word for it. Thanks!
  • hi
    i do have to admit that the car did pretty good in the winter months, we had no problems in the snow, but the stock tires aren't the best in the rain for traction. And i would recomend getting a sun roof because it sure gets hot in the summer without one.
  • nyguy1nyguy1 Posts: 23
    Just wanted to post that I have a 2005 Cobalt with NO options and have put 21,000 miles on the car. We have had NO problems whatsoever and average 35 mpg on the highway arount 30 mpg combined. Mechanically, I have had NO work done on the car except oil changes each 3K and new tires at 20K. I could not be happier with the performance and reliability of this car. I am in no way related to GM or anyone that works for GM by the way.
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    Is your Cobalt a sedan or coupe? In your part of the country is there any snow in wintertime? if so... How did it handled in the snow?
  • gerald41gerald41 Posts: 37
    This is my 8th new car in my life and it's by far the best quality out the door of any of them. I've owned the car for just about a year and drive the hell out of it and havn't had 1 reason to return to the dealer other than for oil changes. I currently have over 19,000 miles on the car. Lets keep in mind as well that this is one of the cheapest cars on the market today.

    You can get a problem item in anything you buy today, but it doesn't mean they all have that issue. I had bought a Sony plasma tv and a few nights later the power switch failed and had to be replaced. That doesn't mean every tv is bad, same with cars.

    Cobalt is a hit in my family and would recommend it highly.
  • cacophanycacophany Posts: 1
    I have the 05 Cobalt Coup LS Fully loaded, with a sweet system that I didn't have to even think about any after market kickers, and it came with an amp in the trunk.

    This is my first car, and I have to say that I love it. I only had a tiny issue with the sun roof button before I bought it and the sun roof cover being stuck. But they fixed it before I drove it off the lot after I bought it.

    It drives great, handels wonderfully. When I was car shopping I test drove a new Lexus IS300, and I still liked the way the Cobalt handeled. (Though of course I was still trying to justifiy spending the extra money for the lexus.)

    I still would have bought the Cobalt. It has 20 miles on it when I bought it last year August, and now has 7k miles. The only thing that I have had to do was get the oil changed and regular maintaince.

    Now if I can only calm down my driving so I can enjoy the wonderfull gas mileage this car has. (The woes of a lead foot)

    Not to mention I have gotten loads of compliments on my cute little red Cobalt.
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    Did you drive your Cobalt in snowstorms last winter? If you did, how did it handle. I might buy a Cobalt 2007 but my only concern is driving in deep snow, cause we have pretty much of it up north.
  • gerald41gerald41 Posts: 37
    I live on Long Island, N.Y we get some nasty winters here and I'll say the Cobalt handles very well. I have a relative with a 05 cobalt and I own an 06. Mine is super in the snow but my cousins is alittle better. The michelins on my LT aren't as good as the perellis my cousin got on his. Other than that the car plaws through whatever is thrown on it and the traction control, works great. :blush:
  • nyguy1nyguy1 Posts: 23
    I have the Cobalt Sedan and the car spent last winter in Dayton, OH and Rochester, NY. The snow was no problem with the factory tires. BTW, just made a 300 mile trip in the mid-west. Got 38 mpg but noticed a nice tail wind going our way.
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    To all those who answered my question about the Cobalt performance in winter and snow handling (driving). You are so kind by taking a little of your time for me. Once again thanks a lot. People like you, helping others are what forums are suppose to be all about. Grosloup.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    I've read your posts and I'm sorry to hear about the problems you're having with your Cobalt. But, I hope you're not inferring you're totally without recourse, because I don't buy into that notion at all. You have a 3 yr/36,000 mile warranty from Chevrolet Division of GM. That warranty was issued by the manufacturer precisely to help owners sort out problems beyond their control such as you described. If your selling dealer will not work with you in solving the problems (including damage sustained when your car was transferred off the carrier trailer) you have two options: 1> You're not joined at the hip to your selling dealer. If he won't work with you getting your car squared away, then take the car to ANY Chevrolet dealer - whatever's done to repair the problem areas you listed will be on GM's nickel, or, 2> call GM's toll-free hotline listed in your warranty supplement or owner's manual booklet(s) and start a case file. (Hint - a GM dealerhip will do what a zone rep tells 'em to if they want to keep their franchise. ;)) As to tires, ordinary passenger cars are factory equipped with "All Season" (aka, "M&S") tires that really equate to "general use" - they provide at least minimally adequate performance in most exigencies, but stand out in none. If you live in an area subject to severe weather, then buy four extra wheels (an auto-recycler yard can be a source for reasonably priced used wheels for your car) and mount snow tires on them. Run your OEM "All Season" tires anytime after spring thaw, and mount the snow tires anytime after the first hard frost. For anyone who lives in a snow-belt state, this seasonal precaution should be considered common sense, not rocket science.
  • I feel your pain. I have a 2005 Base Cobalt that just turned over 40K. I am on my way back to the dealer fro the sixth time for the same problem. The last time I was out of warranty and they good willed it for me that was 3 weeks ago and now it is going back in today for the same thing. It starts out as a problem with what i think would be the transmission the care takes for ever to get up to speed (have to fan the accelerator) to get there and then when is shifts, it shifts so hard that it throws me back into the seat. the last 2 time the said that they were on the phone with the tech guys in detroit and they told them to replace the ignition switch. Also let me point out that from day one I have had a problem getting my key out of the ignition, I have to play with the shifter to get the key out. Well yesterday the key stuck and I can not get it out, the shifter will not lock. I have contacted my state about the lemon law and have been told that since it is an 05 I am out of luck.

    Just brings back bad memories that I have had with Chevrolets. Looks like I will be buying Fords from now on.
    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    right out of the frying pan and into the fire... ;)
  • I'm still suprised how many people are STILL having problems with their Balt. I assume it's because they're just NOW getting to the "real" problems. I have a 2005 Cobalt LS Coupe fully loaded, btw. Heres a list of the problems I've ALREADY had....

    1) 2 weeks after I got the car the pieces in my doors started coming apart (I finally got that fixed after 7mos)
    2) Took it in for an alignment 3 weeks after I got the car (It was pulling)
    3) I've taken my car in 3 times for this...e-brake and highbeams coming on randomly and blinding people...(upgraded to 06' software...hasn't done it since)
    4) Also taken it back 3 times...CD Player saying "error" and "no disc" when there was one...and wouldn't eject the CD. (on the 4th trip they finally replaced the CD player)
    5) Passenger side speaker went out, it was bad...they fixed it.
    6) There was a vibration that eventually got really bad when I would go on long trips...found out my rotors we're irregularly warped or worn. (Please...this car wasn't even a yr old!)
    7) My little cruise control button feels like it wasn't detached right (no big deal yet, but will eventually fall off!)

    this was all in less than 8,000 miles!

    and now....with 12,000 miles...the newest edition to my long list of PROBLEMS would be MY KEY GETTING STUCK IN THE IGNITION! Yeah, I haven't gotten ahold of my dealership b/c i've been so damn busy...but, it's happened 8 times in the past week. So, we're going to get that fixed!!! I still LOVE my car tho....even after all that, I just hate her sometimes! hahaha
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