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Pontiac GTO Strut Problems

wswonewswone Posts: 7
I have owned my 06 for a month now and it is in the shop for the second time waiting for parts. The first instance was that with under 100 miles the serpentine belt came apart. Bad enough, but the dealer did not have another.

I would guess that the second problem also started at the onset. I had been noticing some noise coming from the front end when going slow over bumps. I attributed this noise to the stiffer suspension and let it go. This was a bad idea because the problem turns out to be the front struts. The left side completely lost it's charge and has also affected the stabalizer end on that side. Again, the parts are not available and with the 4th of July holiday I might get the car back on the 6th or 7th.

I am cusious if others are having any problems that stop you from enjoying the car and if so, are you finding parts only in Michigan.

I am really enjoying everything at this point except for these setbacks. The ride is comfortable and for me at 6'-3" and 275 pounds the car fits very well. I can drive all day and feel rested at the end of the trip.

Thanks for your input.


  • beachguybeachguy Posts: 10
    I have my o6 for approx. 6 mths. and the only problem was the power seat which was easily repaired. Regarding the strut problem I read on another forum that there was a shipment of 06's that had strut problems due to the car being overly tied down for the boat ride putting continued stress on the struts causing failure. Makes sense I guess. Hope this helps.
  • wswonewswone Posts: 7
    Thanks for the reply. I was thinking transit damage also but had not heard of it happening on board ship. It is still kind of hard to imagine a GTO coming in on from overseas.

    Other than the two problems, I love the car. Excellent power plus drives and handles very well. I am still looking for excuses to drive somewhere just for the fun of driving. Do you still get a thril driving?
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    There are many recent reports of strut failure. Most seem to be associated with cars built in February 2006. It looks as though they just got a bad batch.
  • wswonewswone Posts: 7
    My dealer is replacing both just to be safe. Even in a failure, this is a positive experience as the dealer has provided an 05 Denali as a loaner. Thanks for the reply.
  • emd567emd567 Posts: 15
    The only problem I have had with my Goat was the locking bar for the trunk. It worked loose, and the trunk wouldn't latch. 30 seconds with a 13mm socket, and the problem was solved.
    I just changed the oil at 6700, and checked out the front end for strut rub. No rub, no problems, so I am a happy camper.
    Car was built in Aug 05, as a 2006.
  • wswonewswone Posts: 7
    I do not know my build date but assume the car came in early this year as I bought it immediately after delivery to the dealer. I am not a happy camper yet as it has now been a week and parts are still not in. I am very disappointed in GM and there spares support on this. I find it incredible that parts for an 06 Pontiac are more than two days away. While I do love the car, I am having some very serious second thoughts on the whole GM support issue.

    Thanks for the reply.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    In my experience, GM parts have always been rather slow. Factor in the Australian origin of the GTO (and the relatively small number sold in the U.S.) and it's safe to assume that such waits will be the norm.
  • impulse1impulse1 Posts: 2
    Wow! What a bummer, Just purchased a 2006 GTO with 6 speed manual and 18 inch wheels impulse blue on 7/03/2006. vehicle was manufactured on 03/2006. after driving for 4 days both front struts blew throwing oil and grease all over undercarriage and wheel wells, immediattely took to the purchasing dealer who inspected and told me parts would be a week to get,i have parked my car until parts arrive even though dealer states its still ok to drive while waiting for parts. dealer states has never seen this yet, i took a copy of this forum to him (JIM) he tried to pull up any issues from pontiac and nothing is showing for strut problems. the entire bottom of vehicle must be steam cleand now and have parked vehicle until parts arrive. i suggest to all gto owners to have struts checked immediattely as this is becoming a big issue. I believe that a bad batch of struts is to blame and pontiac must be aware of this but not informing dealers, As they are probably trying to sell remaining GTO's before making this public, as 2006 is the last year for the GTO in the US. The dealers are not even telling customers yet that this is last year. I love everthing about this vehicle and hope this was just a fluke and not a sign of future issues. If you read about the austrailian Holden manaro aka GTO it is described as very dependable. The manaro has been in production for many years in australia, even though it has only been here since 2004 as the GTO. Holden the company that makes the manaro slash GTO is a subsidiary of general motors. Again please have your GTO's struts immediattely checked as this can become a serious handling/fire hazard.
  • jrk06jrk06 Posts: 5
    I have a 2006 GTO. I believe it was manufactured in February so I am concerned about the strut problem. I am not too car savvy, so how do you tell if you need new struts? Are there things to look/ listen for? Also has anyone talked to pontiac about the time it takes to fix these cars. As I follow some of these discussions, I am concerned about the quality of the GTO. I have only had the vehicle for a couple of months, however I had a annoying rattle noise which was fixed, and now the cloth in the inside of the car has pulled away a little. I am not sure how they'll fix that. These are small items, however, I expect a little more for a vehicle that is over 30,000. But I guess nothing is perfect. In the plus column, it is VERY FUN TO DRIVE!!
  • wswonewswone Posts: 7
    There are many of these failures that I have found. Check out the following and you will see many more plus it is a good GTO site.
  • impulse1impulse1 Posts: 2
    Thank you for the info. They never even offered a rental to me, I dont want to leave it at dealer anyway, as that just gives the crew a chance to drive and beat my new car. I have it specifically stated on dealers computer that my vehicle is never to leave lot without my permission. i purchased mine at ferguson pontiac in broken arrow, oklahoma.
  • gpr1200rgpr1200r Posts: 1
    Count me in as another strut failure. Build date 02/06. Here is another good GTO site
    Also to file a formal complaint you can visit">link title
  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Posts: 241
    i have a 2006, and i have not yet checked the build date. so far no apparant leaks in the bushings. anyway, i was told by the shop manager that there are few bad bushings in the 2006 (however, that is before the bad batch started to allegedly show up), but of course there are solid not liquid filed aftermarket busings that can be installed. given the overall vehicle, this is a relatively small and easlity repairable problem. rr70
  • dms4dms4 Posts: 1
    I also had a strut blow out. Build date was also 2/06. Service from dealer was great. Love this car.
  • terriedterried Posts: 1
    I to have a 2006 pontiac GTO not sure of the manufactured date but after having it for 2 days the struts blew. I was told it may be 2 days to 2 weeks before they could get parts.

    I've very disappointed and of course didn't expect this out of a new car.. yes its covered under the warranty but now it makes me wonder if the car is going to be dependable. with all the problems I have read on different fourms about the struts I think there should be a recall.

    I'm just sick over this.
  • I just dropped my GOAT off yesterday... I do not have a full diagnosis yet but I suspect it is a strut problem... Does anyone elses GTO bounce around on the highway like a boat?
  • wswonewswone Posts: 7
    Has anyone received an explanation from their dealer as to Pontiac acknowledging that they have a problem? As of Friday my dealer could find nothing on it other than the many hits on the internet from owners looking for help.
  • mike, thanks for the updated information. my main concern, if i have leaking strut bushings, which at the moment i do not, is that even if i don't mind putting in aftermarket strut bushings, if this occurs during the warranty period, why should i have to pay for the labor. if gm can't supply the replacement parts, then they should step up on this. willthey?? thanks. rr70
  • GM will pay to replace the leaking sturts. The issue is how long do you want to wait for them. If they are leaking you shlould nto drive the vehicle. the strutsleakage is progeressive and wil get on your brakes and suspension components

    Some deaelrs out there will allow Pedders struts to be installed but you have to pay the difference. l. I wuld strongly recommend this if
    your dealerhsip allows it. the GM struts are crap, even if they do not leak

  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Compressor went out in my '04 and there are none in Detroit.
    Called fred beans pontiac just to make sure my dealer was on the up and up and they said there are only about 30 in the whole country.
    Let's see, 40,000 GTOs produced and only 38 compressors at dealerships throughout the country.
    That can't be right.
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