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Pontiac GTO Strut Problems



  • I also had both struts blow. Purchased on 6-30-06. Noticed puddle on 7-1-06. Still waiting for repairs as of 8-8-06. Called Pontiac several times and asked to have my warranty extended as I have not driven car except to dealership since 7-2-06. They state that this is not possible. They offered me oil changes, but I declined. Has anyone contacted an attorny about this? This is a huge safety issue, and Pontiac is acting like it's not happening, still selling faulty GTO's.
  • I spent two hours speaking to my local dealer and GM today. My call reached "escalated status" in call center lingo and I was able to talk to a mid level supervisor. If I understood correctly, the supervisor said that ~300 sets of struts are on back order. I've been waiting two weeks for my struts and they said that I will have to wait 2-3 additional weeks for parts. I demanded a rental and they agreed to pay $42 a day for a rental provided it was a GM vehicle.

    When I asked why a dealership would allow me to leave with a hazardous vehicle, they did not have an answer. Likewise, GM was also unable to explain why there has not been a recall, or why my dealership which had at least two other GTOs come in before mine with the same problem did not phone me to suggest I come in to have the struts inspected.

    As for the nature of the problem GM stated "the wrong fluid" was used to fill the strut.

    If you have defective struts GM owes you a rental until the car is fixed. As for the 2-3 week delivery, my guess is that they are having to manufacture new struts. It takes 18 hours for a plane to fly from Australia to the US, not 2-3 weeks. As for the GTOs in dealership lots, my guess is that they will get any available struts first since they can not be sold in good faith with potentially defective struts.

    I have also been reviewing state statutes regarding lemons. In my state, GM has 30 working days to repair the car or they will have to enter arbitration. At that point I will ask for a full refund. Given the unprofessional behavior of GM up to this point, an arbitrator might agree with my request.

    I am exceptionally disappointed in GM. Last year I bought a Bonneville GXP and in the first two months, it need to have the transmission rebuilt because it failed the second day I had the car; And two weeks later, due to heat, the rear edge of the fender and the front edge of the front door expanded a sufficient amount so that the front door edge jammed against the fender. It spent ~10 days in the body shop while this problem was being addressed.

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

    I'll keep you posted.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Just found this discussion.

    The problem was that Monroe Australia changed strut oil from Shell to something else. Factor in the GTO being built in Australia, and taking upwards of 3 months from assembly to arrive at dealerships, and this problem did not become known. GM did not see the pattern of failures because dealerships were not filling our repair reports correctly - DMSdesign here on this site was instrumental in getting this problem recognized by GM.

    Replacement parts have been manufactured and are in transit. Unfortunately, I believe this "in transit" may be by boat - not sure if gas-charged struts are allowed to travel by airplane, especially in the current terror-concern climate.

    GM has sent a bulletin to dealers regarding this issue. It is NOT safe to drive the car - in addition to control/accident avoidance issues, the strut oil also eats bushings and removes undercoating... continuing to drive the car would be very bad. Dealerships should be, at a minimum, putting you in a rental car. If not, call Pontiac CAC.

    I suspect that GM will do a full recall once they have parts. Of course, we'll see if dealerships will then actually replace the affected parts (cars built mid-January until May 5, 2006) on unsold cars sitting on the lot.

    If you've been waiting awhile, you might push your dealership/GM to put aftermarket parts on your vehicle. Pedders ( sells such parts. Some folks have paid the difference between the GM price and the Pedders price, others have been successful in getting their dealers/GM to put the Pedders on at no upcharge...

    Good luck to those of you who have this problem. I agree that GM should have stepped up to the plate more on this (everything seems to be on a case-by-case basis). And, it would be nice if dealers would read their bulletins, and understand that this problem is serious and that customers should not be driving their cars...
  • i have an o\06 with a small clunk from the right front end when turning into a driveway. so far no leakage seen.

    i want to clarify which bushings are leaking. mu understanding from looking at photos on another message board is that the positioning struts which go through the front crossmember under the radiator are the ones with the blown bushings. that is what the photos showed.

    now, if people are saying the struts are leaking, i assume that they are referring tothe mcpherson struts. but that is not what was originally reported as the problem. therefore, if there are readers with mcpherson struts leaking or bushings on the mcpherson struts, let us know asap thanks. rr70
  • My 06 has been at the dealer for almost a month. Summer is winding down here in Rochester, NY and no fun car to drive. I just spoke with a GM rep from Pontiac and he told me that GM is aware of the problem, and the struts have been ordered, but they are on backorder, but he didn't think that it would be too much longer. When I asked him what that meant, there was silence on the phone. He just wanted to let me know that GM is aware of the problem, the same thing that everyone else has already told me. What do I do next? I really want the car, but there must be some sort of compensation. The more I think about it the more pissed off I get. I just want my car back!
  • Yes, I have talked to a lemon law attorney. First off call GM customer care phone number and get the ball rolling. The number is 1-800-762-2737. Also go to . I am also waiting for parts for over 2 weeks. In my eyes the car is ruined. I have oil all over the brakes and the under carriage. If GM can`t find parts for this in 30 days it is considered a lemon by Illinois Law. I told GM rep I want a buyback, period. Makes you wonder with all the problems GM has and this was my 3rd new GM purchase that they would TRY to make a customer happy. Not a chance in hell.
  • gtookcgtookc Posts: 1
    Purchased an '06 GTO in June of '06 and both struts were leaking and useless within a few weeks. The dealership replaced them within a week and I was back on the road. Then some sort of bushing came loose on the front suspesion and had to be replaced. Well, here I am again with two struts needing to be replaced in August. The dealership was boogled and stated that they did not about any problems with the GTO.

    The lemon law is dependent upon which state you live in but normally if the car is in the shop for more than 30-45 days, those do not have to be consecutative days, and or three to five times in the shop within a year usually means you should seek an attorney to relieve you of the lemon.

    The dealership did not give me a rental, did not offer me any option but to wait till the struts come in. Now I just have to wait to lose control, roll the car a few times and volia, instant millionaire!
  • Today marks 1 month 2 days that I have been waiting for parts to repair my GTO. When I last spoke to GM customer assistance August 11, I was told that they would contact me weekly to update me as to the status of the parts delivery. No updates from GM despite the fact I have phoned GM on three separate occasions and left a voice mail for the very same customer service rep who promised to phone me weekly. I'm begining to see a pattern at GM. They simply don't care.

    I called my dealership, the largest Pontiac dealer in the world, and the service dept told me that the parts would be in next week. So my guess is if all goes well and my dealer is correct, it will be at least two weeks before they will attempt to repair the struts.

    Does anyone from GM read these posts to get a feel for what the customers are saying? Judging about all that I have read about the strut problem here and at other web sites it appears not. GMs mishandeling of the situation would make for a great case study for a business school. Let's look at the facts; knowingly sell a defective product, put peoples lives at risk, deny responsibility and not be willing to repair the problem in a timely manner. Did I forget to mention we lost 3 billion dollars this quarter?
  • I received a phone call earlier today from the GM customer service rep. The rep indicated that the struts would arrive at the warehouse in the next couple days. With the long weekend my guess is that the end of next week (Sept 7 or 8) the dealership may have a chance to repair my car.
  • My dealer called, the struts are in. But they won't be able to work on my car until next Wednesday. Oh well.
  • I took delivery of mine August 3rd, 2006. I beleive it was delivered with bad struts as I noticed the front end bounced a great deal. I assumed GM had softened up the suspension or something. I called the service department of my dealer and was told that they had not had any previous complaints. It was only when I took my 67 GTO to the Pontiac dealer for PA State Inspection that I discovered that I had a problem. I pushed down on a GTO on the lot and it was like pushing down on a rock. Mine bounced all over the place. The wind up of this story is that the dealer installed aftermarket struts on it since factory replacements were not available and said they would put on factory struts when they are available. All of a sudden, now I am on a list, a list that apparently did not exist a day before. I hate car dealers!!! They must go to school to learn how to look at you with a straight face and lie.
  • Picked up my car today. New struts and all. Not a bad deal for over a months time. At least I had a rental car, even though it was a Grand Prix. I'm just happy to get the car back. I was so excited to get it back, I couldn't wait any longer to put the Borla exhaust on (came UPS while the car was at the dealer), really sounds Great! Alot deeper of a rumble. I took the long way home from work just to drive it again.
  • I picked up my GTO Thursday AM. Not driving the GTO for 6 weeks, I had forgotten the sound of the engine and the power. It's good to have my GTO back in service. The front end has no bounce, but it still has a knocking when my wheels are turned and I drive off of the edge of my driveway onto the street. I wonder if the knocking reflects a different front end problem.

    There were at least 6 other GTOs in the service center parking lot. My guess is that they were there to have struts installed.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Did you drive your car much with the blown struts?

    Have them check any/all suspension components (i.e. endlinks) for swelling/damage, along with the brakes and the undercoating. The strut oil is damaging to all of these components...
  • I bought an 06 GTO on July 5 in Mobile, AL. Struts blew out shortly after delivery. Car was stuck at the dealer for 31 days before they finally repaired it. I am convinced GM knew the car was defective when I bought it. Noone with GM, or the dealer, has even tried to allay my concerns regarding the reliability of the vehicle, or assure me that GM will coninue to support the vehicle. My expectations, to be dealt with honestly and fairly, were apparently too high. I conducted my own research on the defective strut issue - GM and the dealer told me nothing but lies. I researched the Lemon Law statutes and filed the documents necessary to protect my rights (you don't need a lawyer). I am currently making GM repurchase the vehicle - the GM internal paperwork takes ~3 weeks. The car is currently collecting dust in my garage. The sad thing is, I still like the GTO, but forcing repurchase appears to be the only viable recourse to protect my interests. I too was intrigued by the GTO performance, room and comfort, but GM simply cannot deliver adequate quality and support. What happens when something else fails, say in several years? Will replacement parts have to come on a slow boat from Autrailia? I love vehicles. I am constantly evaluating and ranking vehicles to determine what I may buy next. Obviously, the GTO was a bad selection. I have removed all GM products from my vehicle database. I will never consider purchasing another GM vehicle. I will relay my experience to all friends and colleagues. I understand now why GM is failing. 0% financing and 100,000 mile warrantees mean nothing if the vehicles are junk and the service and support lacks basic integrity and competancy.
  • Another strut failure here, I thought I was alone. I actually had a good dealership experience, one week and a rental. I hope nothing else fails.
  • Bought my GTO on July 5. Strut problem surfaced towards the end of the month. Went to the dealer, ordered parts, they said it was ok to drive in the mean time, but with a clunk every time I hit a pothole because the rubber bushing soaked oil and wouldnt stay in place. The parts arrive August 25, the day I am going on vacation abroad. I wait 2 more weeks to come back and get it fixed. Since then, the car developed a small creak/rattle coming from somewhere between the a pillar and dashboard, but will get that fixed for first service. Still enjoy the car every day, and I got up to 23 mpg on long trips at 75 mph.
  • Well I do agree with everything you are saying. I am having the same problem with my 2006 GTO. I am trying to find out more information about all of this so could you tell me what your sources are?
  • yuba4yuba4 Posts: 3
    I had the same problem - suspect struts were over-compressed during transport. They both gave out completely in the first 2000 miles and many foul words were uttered. Shop screwed up the repair, had to go in again, and again, but all is good now with 4000 miles on the new struts.

  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Nope, it was NOT a transport issue (Since GM-Holden has years of experience not only shipping GTO's to the States but also Commodores/Statesmen et. al. to the Middle East). Rather, Monroe Australia, in a supplier cost-saving measure, changed the brand of strut oil from Shell to something else, and the "something else" didn't work. This was all documented on a thread on LS1GTO, until GM got P/O'd and leaned on the dealer who started the thread, who subsequently deleted it (it had been in excess of 600 posts thorougly discussing the issue and GM's lame response to it).
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