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Isuzu Rodeo Maintenance and Repair



  • phalloranphalloran Posts: 2
    :sick: Hey there all, just a newby at this sort of thing, BE GENTLE!. I have a small tray back Holden rodeo(Isuzu) that was going fantastically, now it only seems to want to rev out to abot 3100RPM, have replaced all filters, cleaned water traps, air filters and Fuel tank and blown out fuel lines. When travelling at 3100RPM it wants to surge, like it has a fuel blockage but not entirely sure. Can not find any other filters or mesh except the one on the diesel return valve at the back of the ZEXEL deisel pump. Am not sure as to where to go from here as most of the other options seem very expensive. The vehicle seems a little harder to start as it sems to take a little longer to wind over and fire. Have any of you had this problem before....................Your help would be appreciated.
  • Hi, Everyone. My 2001 Rodeo has a burntout brake light on the left side and I can't figure out how to get at the bulb. Of course, the owner's manual doesn't bother to tell you how to do it. Do any of you have any experience with this?
  • Can anyone tell me what sensor or sensors to replace for these codes? All I get from the computer are these codes that the left and right bank (cylinder sides) are running lean, but no remedy is stated.. can anyone help?
  • removed the fuses and it is still draining the battery.
    mechs are out of ideas.
    please help
  • Hey there littlesheba1, you obviously have an electrical short in the positive side of your electrical wiring, possibly where the wiring harness has rubbed through the outer sheath, if you cannot find it, try taking it to an auto electrician, if that does not help you can remove either battery terminal when you are not using the vehicle or put a mains power switch into the wiring harness.
  • Thank you!
    i will let my mech know.
  • I have a right turn signal problem with my 1992 Rodeo. My left turn signal works fine but when I try the right turn signal I can hear it flashing about 3 times faster than normal and the lights both front & rear on the right (passenger) side aren't flashing despite all new bulbs and new flasher. The dashboard indicator light isn't flashing either. Can anybody shed some light on this problem? I live in florida and really can't afford a ticket and I know it's only a matter of time before I get pulled over. Can anyone shed some light on what this problem could be?

    Thx in advance .
  • Help! I have an 2000 Isuzu Rodeo. For the last month the check egine light has been on and while going down the road it will just start chugging really bad and almost stall out. It's really bad in the morning but better in the afternoons. I took it to my local mechanic who does the regular maintennace on it. He checked everything and could find out what the problem was. He tried to scan it the computer but nothing would register he told me I was probally the computer and I would have to take it to the dealership. The closest one is 60 miles away and i am not sure it would make it. Another mechanic checked it who is a friend of the families and he thought it might be the coils and the relay to the computer he swapped out alot of parts that he had and put in a new fuel pump $200.00 later I still have the same problem. When its not chugging it runs really good. I wish it wsa something simple. Thanks
  • kiramakirama Posts: 15
    I have a 2000 Rodeo with 71,000 miles on it. I got a check engine light about 6 mths ago, the only thing that seemed wrong was hard starting. I had the EGR and PCV replaced, fuel injectors cleaned, check engine light went out, but car was still hard to start. Now it runs real rough and dies when idling. I have no idea what to try next or who to go to, the local Isuzu dealer quit selling Isuzus several years ago. I sure would like to hear from someone who has had this problem and solved it.
  • Hey Rob,

    I just saw your post, and although it is over a year old, wanted to find out if you found a solution to the problem with the brake lights not working with the headlights on, and the cruise control. My 2004 Rodeo just hit 60,000 and all of these exact same things that you listed have happened to mine. Someone just told me earlier today that the computer needed to be replaced.


  • kiramakirama Posts: 15
    It might just be a crazy coincidence, but I bought a new battery and no more check engine light and the car starts like it did when new, no dying when idling either..I am completely baffled but I won't complain unless the problem starts up again
  • Just wanted to let anyone know, who might have this odd cruise control/brake light problem. I took my rodeo in to the shop and they found a bad brake bulb. Somehow it was causing a problem with the entire system, and once it was replaced, the lights, cruise control and everything were working fine. Much cheaper than the potential computer problem.

  • I have a 2002 Isuzu Rodeo 4WD and the check transmission light and the Cruise set light keeps coming on. It happens as I start up and/or if I hit a bump. If I accelerate slowly sometimes it doesn't happen. Also the RPM's seem to drop to 0 momentarily. If I let off the accelerator and coast everything returns to normal. Lights go out and tach goes back to reading normally. The engine occasionally stalls.
  • Have the CKP( Crankshaft Position) Sensor Check, that a just in case. Before mine went out it did all kinds of strange things!
  • I have a 2000 Isuzu Rodeo LS and when I push the 4WD button to engage the four wheel drive the light blinks. When it is engaged it turns solid and lite up on the dash below the speedometer. Mine is only blinking and never goes solid. I was wondering if anyone has encountered the same problem. I really would like it fixed so I don't have to chain this winter.
  • I have a 99 Rodeo v6 and would like to know if anyone can help me with the location of the fuel filter?
  • alcjewalcjew Posts: 173
    The fuel filter is located on the driver's side undercarriage approximately between the front & rear doors. It is fairly easy to replace with standard tools.
  • Hey I have a 2000 Rodeo and it was recently involved in a not to pleasant introduction to a telephone pole. Anyway now i need a new hood and front bumber. Luckily i was going about 10-15mph when i hit the pole so it drives fine. I found a guy parting out his 1999 Rodeo and he said i could have the hood and bumper for $130, which would save me a ton of money. But I need to now if the parts are interchangeable. Thanks.
  • I need to get my 2000 Rodeo Serviced and want to know if anyone knows a good service/repair shop to bring it to? I live in Suffolk County, Long Island NY. My timing belt needs to be replaced.
  • Had the same problem on my 2000 Rodeo, needed to replace the B4 wheel drive actuator axle the part number is 8-97208-683-6. Since it has been replaced I have not had a problem with it. Good luck hope this helps!
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