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Kia Sedona Gas Mileage



  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    Spark plugs are the most important. Did you use a high end platinum plug?

    You should also do your fuel filter and run a few bottles of Lucas Oil fuel injector and top end cleaner.

    K&N Washable air filter is a great addition.

    About all I can think of, might want to run your tires a little above 35, maybe about 37 or 38 and you could see a little better MPG though a bit harder of a ride.
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    We bought a used 2006 Kia LX with 18,000 miles. It now has 20,000 miles and is really only driven around town, stop and go, short trips. We usually get 15mpg but that's over a cold icy winter with studded snow tires and long, idle, warm ups. I'm pretty happy so far. Now I got regular tires on and am leaving for a trip to Seattle and back next week. I'll keep the gas receipts and mileage and see how it does. Our well broken in 2000 Dodge 3.8L Grand Caravan with AWD would get 24 mpg on the Seattle trip so I'm hoping to match or beat that.

    I'd say if your getting much less then 15mpg there is something out of whack. DO you calculate the mileage? Does the odometer seem accurate? Maybe the tire size got programmed wrong and you are actually driving more miles then it's reading out. Our 99 Suburban was that way even thought the speedometer read correctly the odometer was about 10-15% lower then what the mile markers indicated. In other words after going about 9 miles only 8 showed up on the odometer. I figured after 100,000 miles that would actually increase resale a few hundred dollars so I lived with it!

    Maybe and independent shop could do a few checks on the air to fuel ratio to see if it's running to much fuel. Also try a coast down test to see if something is dragging like the transmission or a brake. Get it up to 60 and let off the gas and see how fast it loses speed on a flat road. Then try it from 60mph and shift it to neutral and see if its much better at rolling. If all that seems good then it could also be a really loose/slipping transmission or torque converter. In which case it will surely fail long before the warranty expires if that's any consolidation! LOL!
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    Just an update, we got an average of 22.5 mpg (by calculation) over a 1000 mile average on the highway to and from Seattle. Conditions were not ideal, we had a pretty full load, and I drove 70-80 mph the whole way. Still that's not as good as what we got with our old 2000 AWD Grand Caravan but it's close and the Kia has way more power. Hopefully with some more miles on the Kia it will loosen up like the Dodge did after it got more mile on it. The Dodge picked up about 2 mpg over it's life especially right around the 40,000-100,000 mile range.
  • ptinkptink Posts: 13
    my milage sucks i was driving a pt cur for 5 years great milage i got the 2005 sedona :confuse: in march and it is twice what i was spending in the pt
  • To say that one has to wait 6000 miles to get tolerable gas mileage is unacceptable!!! It would take me nearly a year to get to that point and I refuse to live with such lousy gas mileage for that long for no good reason! I got my '07 Sedona in Oct and the mileage absolutely stinks!! It got as low as 10.2 in town during the cold months and is now only around 12.5. As for highway driving - I recently went on a 250 mile round trip only to avg 16.65 (and yes I am keeping a log for my attorney!!). The Yukon XL that I traded in "so I could get much better gas mileage" got 13-14 in town and 17-18 on the highway...and I kept it loaded down. Now, not only am I spending more on gas, I have to load and unload my gear constantly in the hopes that it will help the mileage a tiny bit. The local dealer's service dept has actually been very good about the whole thing. They have worked on it multiple times trying to figure out what is causing the problem, but they finally gave up (not to mention the fact the the front roters had to be replaced twice and the rear once within the first three months of ownership). The dealership fo purchase, however, refused to even acknowledge the problem and manufact. cust. serv. spewed the bit about the 6000 miles and basically hung up on me after being very condescending! I also had a very peculiar problem in the winter months...every time it rained, the INSIDE of the windows would be covered with condensation! They ran it under water at the body shop for an hour with no success at finding any leaks. I was later told that the inside condensation was due to the humidity in the air..........PLEASE. This is my fourth vehicle for hauling multiple dogs and I have had soaking wet dogs in all of my other vehicles - in their crates, on their beds which absorb water - in both the winter and high heat of the summer with out ever having that problem. One would think if that was going to happen it would do so in the summer when the vehicle is closed up with the wet beds in it and left in the sun (which gets done on a regular basis when we are training for dock dogs). Anyone else out there had this particular problem? Anyone been successful in fighting back over the gas mileage?

    Signed....obviously VERY frustrated!
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    I think that 10. something in town in cold weather is not that unusual. I have a Chrysler Town an Country and that is about what I get too,On the other hand,on the highway i get between 23-25 . If 16 is all you can get it should not be acceptable.The moisture in your car is pretty much like it does in my Optima. Make sure that the AC is set for outdoors,not recirculating

    PS you sound a like a doggie person.Are you into showing>? My doughter has been showing for over 30 years.
  • Yes, actually...I do agility with a 9 yr old pound puppy, a 7 yr old lab mix (he's the dockdog wanna be) and a 5 yr old Swedish Vallund. Competing with All-Americans (as we like to call them) means I have to travel quit a bit, hence my decision to get something that was more "fuel efficient". And being outside requires lots of gear, as I'm sure you know. So much for my attempt at practicality.... man, do I wish I had my Yukon XL back!!
  • rusdorfrusdorf Posts: 4
    I'm wondering if Sedona owners should be using premium gasoline? I've been using the cheaper Arco 87 octane and had some problems with the fuel injector. Following the advice given in this forum, I added some high end cleaner to the gas tank and my mileage improved significantly. Perhaps with using higher octane on these so-called "high-performance" engines we can get better mileage? Just a thought..
  • electric1electric1 Posts: 1
    All 6 cyl vans get that gas milage. A few thing you have to remember tires, air pressure, filter changes, gas quality, season and so on. Also when was it tuned up last. Also driving habits..... The speed limit on most highways is 55 mph, I almost never see anyone drive below 65mph except when a state trooper has pulled someone over. Then they drive 45 mph. One guy compared the pt cruiser to a sedona. They are not the same. I have had a few mini vans and there about the same mpg. I also have a hybrid that gets about 50 mpg. Now that is a great feeling to fill up every two weeks instead of every few day. It is a small car but I don't need it to carry the kids or large stuff around town. The government has had 30 years to raise the mpg on all vehicles, we are just started on that road. I think they set the new standards for 2020. By then we will be paying $10 a gal and the SUV as we know it will be no more. These gas recomendations are too little and to late. As far as the sedona I bought it for the reliability, safety and price. I am very happy with my van and will keep it for a while until Kia makes a hybrid van. Safety is key with Kia....
  • scott_escott_e Posts: 2
    I've been driving my 07 Sedona since August. It's consistently gotten 18 mpg around town. On long distance highway trips it delivers 24mpg.

    Those long trips were lightly loaded, with one or two people.

    Not miserly in its gas usage, but roughly equivalent to the 98 Caravan it replaced.
  • I haven't posted on this board for a very long time, but I wanted to see if others are getting bad fuel mileage?
    I have a 2002 Kia Sedona LX which currently has 70K miles, and was tuned up at 36K with new plugs, air filter, fuel filter, etc. My last fill up I averaged 12.8 miles per gallon. :mad:
    My wife is the primary driver and drives to pre-school 3 days a week for grand total of 5 miles round trip. With the weather now warm, I don't see why we're getting bad fuel mileage. I maintain good tire pressure (36lbs) and run 10w-30 syn fluid.
    I have a Ford F150 with V8 that averages 18 mpg.... :confuse:

  • dogwaggindogwaggin Posts: 8
    I'm driving my 07 Sedona just like I did the Yukon XL that I traded in and wish I had the Yukon back!! Just filled it and it's down to 9.6 miles to the gallon!! Got 10.5 in the cold months and was up to 12.5 - the only difference is that I am now using the AC - that shouldn't have changed anything. Believe me, I will be on the phone tomorrow with the dealer. I am ready to call a local news reporter - maybe that will get something done for me! :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • rusdorfrusdorf Posts: 4
    Yes, my 2002 LX is only getting 12.5 to 13; 55,000 miles; lots of hills driving where I live, about 10 miles north of the Golden Gate bridge; I've tried putting in the best air filter, adding fuel injector cleaner, new drive belt, new plugs, etc....nothing seems to work to get the mileage higher. I'm thinking of asking a KIA dealer again if they can make any recommendations. :mad: :mad:
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    The engine will not warm up in a 5 mile trip. This is extremely short trip travel which gives the worst mpg. What kind of trips are done otherwise? Short trips to the grocery store? You have accounted for only 15 miles per week. At 12.8 mpg this is only 1.17 gal per week. The Sedona does get poor mpg on short trips, but if you don't go far then it doesn't matter if the mpg is lower than you'd like; the amount fuel is small.

    The Sedona excells in transporting multiple people and lots of gear around the city and on highway trips. It's not the best vehicle to haul two or three people on short distances.
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    There may be a few Sedona's out there getting very poor MPG for what reasons I do not know but what it boils down too is usually driving habits. Try an experiment. Reset your mpg computer and with engine warm go out for a bit of city and then some highway driving never letting the rpm's go over 2,500. A 3.8L engine is pretty decent size and especially if it is capable of producing 253 lbs of torque. If you are easy on the gas and brake and for the most part keep the engine under 3000 rpms then you will get the advertised MPG. If not then you have a problem with YOUR particular van. You can't have strong power and good MPG. More power means more fuel. Drive conservatively then you will get the MPG's you want otherwise you will not. Also the 25 highway is rated at 55 mph just FYI. They all do this. Flat road, no A/C and 55 mph. Does anyone drive 55 no, but by being conservative and keeping the rpm's low you should be able to still get 22 - 24 at 70 - 75 mph.
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    My wife's Volvo XC90 FWD 3.2L 235-hp 6-cyl engine gets 15 mpg or less on short city trips, 23 mpg on standard highway trips and 24 to 25 mpg on interstate highways driven carefully (but not "hypermiled") at 65 mph. At 4400 lb it is about the same weight as a Sedona and gets about the same mpg under the same conditions.
  • mknightmknight Posts: 57
    > I maintain good tire pressure (36lbs) and run 10w-30 syn fluid.

    I think the recommended oil is a lighter weight. 5w-20 comes to mind.
  • I just completed a 2000 mile round trip from Central NJ to SW Ontario via Niagara Falls. I also did a few day trips, including one to the northern outskirts of Toronto. My 2006 Sedona EX (now with 30,000 miles on the odometer) averaged 25 MPG. On a couple of the earlier legs of the trip up - on long flat stretches of pavement (validated using GPS altimeter) at approx. 55MPH - the trip computer stayed at 30MPG for 25 to 30 mins at a time (I reset it a few times). I reset it again about 200 miles into the trip and it read 25MPG when I got to the destination.

    On the way home, I reset the trip computer when leaving and then approx. 750 miles later (made a few indirect stops on the way home), the average MPG was about 25MPG.

    My conclusion (an obvious one) is that the Sedona loves long straight stretches of highway! Mileage dipped to about 19MPG up the steepest hills on the PA turnpike and I81 (@55 MPH).

    At home, the van is driven in suburban traffic (with a mix of highway, stop and go and short trips). It averages about 18MPG.

    Overall, I was very happy with the fuel economy on this trip.
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 221
    I don't understand some of you have mpg soooo low. If you are a Canadian remember to tell everyone because of the larger imperial gallon (evern though Canadians fill up in litres) 1.2X your milaage will be higher. I have a 2002 Honda Odyssey {214,000 current kms). which averages 20 (17 USA) in short city trups, 26 (22 USA) combined hwy & city and 30-32 (25-27 USA) mpg on long trips. I do NOT exeed 119 kms/hour on the hgihway (120 & over can get you big find and demerit points). And the Odyssey uses regular 87 octane (recommeded). If I was looking to buy a KIA Sodena way in the future I would want the same results as my current Odyssey
    Ontario, Canada
  • Absoulatly mine loves the open road, anything above 60mph
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