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Kia Sedona Gas Mileage



  • I have owned my 2008 Sedona for 5 weeks, it has 5000 miles on it, has been on one highway trip. I am getting miserable gas mileage 11-12 mpg in the city, 17 on the highway. No where near what my Mazda MPv got. I love the minivan but this is unacceptable. Would love any input
  • rusdorfrusdorf Posts: 4
    The only reason I still drive my 2002 Sedona is that I don't use it that often and I can't really afford to buy a new car right now. I try not to drive it. It's not the power of the vehicle that's the problem, it's the awful weight. My van weighs more 5900 lbs. The transmission is not the best either. It brakes the car a lot when coasting downhill which is frequent in the SF Bay area. Good luck!
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    What kind of driving conditions, temperature, tire inflation, driving habits is a big one, and miles on the engine all play a role in the Sedona's MPG. Make Sure your inflated to at least 33 psi, though I personally get better mpg at 36. Cold weather and especially short trips you will never achieve sticker mpg. If you on hills and such your going to get less mpg as well. I suspect your driving habits are the culprit. I am not saying your a bad driver I have no idea but with the big 3.8 L in the Sedona to get good mpg you really need to let the engine shift at or around 2,000 - 2,500 rpms and no fast starts or stops. This is not easy with such a powerful engine that can wind up pretty fast. I noticed, and so did Edmund's, as the mileage increased on the van my mpg improved slightly as well. Edmund's long term of the 06 with the 3.8 achieved as much as 29 mpg with 25,000 miles on it.

    So check your tire pressure, invest in a k&n air filter and drive like a "grandma" and you will get 18 - 19 / 24 - 25. If you want to zip around and use that power forget about good mpg... power and fuel go hand in hand. Unless something is mechanically wrong with the vehicle it is most likely you why the mpg is not what you hope it to be.

    As an example my wife gets consistently 19 / 26 but I get 14 / 24. This is because of the weight difference in our right feet if you get my drift. :shades:
  • We've had our 2008 for two months now and no question the mileage is less than the 2001 Caravan it replaced, but the engine is very powerful and the van has the get up and go that the Caravan never had. This may not be a popular statement, but it all boils down to who's driving - imho. My wife races around and gets about 16-18 on short trips and some highway driving. I drive the same van up to our cabin and took some intown trips and we got 24mpg. I have her old van, which she could never get above 20 and I consistently get over 20. She drives like an indy car driver.
  • adriver4adriver4 Posts: 4
    For me your "speed" of 120kmh is to much for me. Although I live in Georgia, I prefer metric and have no problem posting measurements is metric. With driving no closer then 8kmh from posted limit. My top speed is 80kmh. Even in a zone with a top speed of 105kmh. Right now the van gets in town 9.6km/l. I hope my math is right.
  • rb01rb01 Posts: 2
    :( We bought a brand new 2009 Sedona in September last year. Use it mostly for stop and go driving around town. It has about 2500 miles on it now. I get about 12mpg in the city. Once or twice it has gone up to about 13.5 with about 30% freeway driving. Just for comparison, I used to own a 2006 crewcab Tacoma which did about 17mpg with the same driving. I have tried to drive it as lightly as possible with no sudden stops or power take-off. Extremely disappointing.
  • Greetings rb01,

    I also drive my van in constant stop and go here in Puerto Rico with the dual climate a/c on 99% of the time.

    Couple things that will help.

    1: Tire pressure, try to keep it up around 35 / 36 PSI

    2: K&N air filter

    3: Synthetic oil

    4: Of course driving habits. Try to keep the rpms around 2,000 - 2,500 at all times. Can be kind of hard...

    5: Time... With our 06 it is now getting the best MPG we have seen as it does take a little while for these 3.8's to be broken in. We just hit the 30,000 mark and I can get as much as 20 in the city with the above mentioned techniques. With more miles the gas mileage will also improve. Even the Edmunds long term test Sedona got the best MPG at 25,000 + miles. They got as high as 29 on the highway. I have seen as high as 32 in prefect conditions but not sustainable for very long, So give it some time and drive like a grandma and you should be able to get that back up to at least 15 - 16 in the city.

    Most of all keep the rpm's low and you will really see an improvement. Especially starting and stopping.

    And not to be rude, but unless there is something wrong with your van it really is the driver who determines the MPG. Try what I mentioned and your will see a good deal of improvement. Don't forget to reset your MPG computer and see how it goes. Also, cold weather and driving while the van is cold yields poor mileage within itself.

    Good luck.
  • bobh001bobh001 Posts: 2
    I have been reading these messages and I just want to know why a block of 2006 Sedonas have fair to great mileage while others suck.
    I bought mine from CarMax 4 months ago. I since have been to the dealer 5 times.
    The main computer had a problem with air bags and seat belt warnings. They reprogrammed the computer. Then the transmission slipped out of gear - or wouldn't engage. During this time I got ~ 11 mpg. Kia reprogrammed the transmission control unit - reset fuzzy logic to degault values and I got 19.5 mpg in city and highway. Over a couple of tanks mileage dropped to 11 --> 12 mpg.
    Their programming or sensors have a problem in some vehicles causing lousy mileage.

    I think their fuzzy logic or their sensor test programs stink. The Kia dealers say no codes - no problem - just low mpg.

    :sick: Any suggestions - Kia customer service accepted my Excel spread sheet detailing the history/driving conditions/mileage. Been two weeks with no response.

    You won't convince me the driver makes the difference even though the service manager told me I was using truck tires and that is why my mileage stinks. Those tires also got 19+ mpg. I get about 19 mpg on highway.
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    edited March 2010
    Greetings bobh001,

    It sounds like your van has some kind of mechanical or programming issue. Driving habits most definitely play a role in fuel mileage, as well as air temperature, road conditions, tire pressure, etc.

    If you are not seeing any kind of improvement I would try to get Kia to test the vehicle themselves.

    Good luck.
  • hadapickuphadapickup Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    I clocked my mileage and found out that I had a combined mileage of 12.77mpg!!
    On its worst day my 97 Chev half ton 4 wheel drive got over 13, usually 14 with a 5.7 liter V8- with old plugs.
    Does the transmission down shift too much?
    Apparently, if you don't run the air, mileage improves???
    It was 110 in the shade yesterday in Las Vegas.
    The dealer said that is all the mileage I can expect!
    Then there is the smell of raw gas.
    This is the venting system in action according to the dealer!
    The dealer claims 17 in town and 23 on the highway?(got about 20)
    Why do they publish such nonsense?
  • hjc1hjc1 Posts: 183
    I have a Hyundai Entourage Limited (same as Sedona). I spent 3 days in Vegas during the heat wave (100+°) and never got less then 20mpg and never smelled gas. I completed a 5400 mile trip from Wisconsin to Calif. and back averaged 23.9 mpg using milage divided by gas purchased. I'm very happy with the results considering the weight and lack of aerodynamics of this vehicle
  • I have gotten 22.9 mpg highway but last weekend I pull my1000lb open trailer with only one motorcycle for a total weight of 1700lbs in it I was down to 13.9 highway. During the summer I had two bikes in it I had 15 mpg, with the two bikes and trailer I'm at 2400lbs.
    I know your not suppose to pull in overdrive, but some times you just have to, to get somekind of mileage out of it. I'm just glad the van has a 5 speed and not just a 4 speed.
  • My 2009 Rio 5 gets lousy mileage too. My previous car, 1990 Civic got around 33 mpg driving to work. Got only 22 mpg on my last tank (25/35 rating) with the Rio. Why doesn't our government enforce the gas mileage?
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    Just an update, now our 2007 Sedona van has over 50,000 miles on it and still is getting over 20 mpg highway. Even with the bad for mpg oxigenated feul we have an studded winter tires we got 22 mpg on a trip across the state at an average of 75 mph. There are 2 mountain passes in that average as well. No problems except an air bag light that needed something under warrenty, and a leaking oil filter after the GM dealer doubled up the o rings on the filter. It is making some power steering noise I think (could also be alternator), will try changing that fluid come spring with an additive and hope it goes away! Overall we are very satisfied with this van but seening as how they stopped making them, next van will be one of those new high power 2011 Caravans after they hit the used car market, cause I don't buy new!
  • guy125guy125 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 and the mileage was very bad till someone told me to use thiner oil 5-30 in winter and only 10-30 summer my mileage has gone up to 20 around town and 26 on a trip :blush:
  • I purchase my 2008 KIA Sedona new in 2008. It used to get between 16.5 to 18 mpg in the city and about 22 mpg on the highway. A year ago ( 2012 ) it all of the sudden dropped to 11 to 12.5 mpg in the city.

    The dealers are clueless idiots, and KIA Motor Company is worst that the KIA Dealer, totally rude and incompetent KIA Motor reps, have offered NO help and tell me that this is within the normal range of mpg. That is pure BS.
  • At least you got a few good years. I purchased my '08 new and it started at 10 mpg... they were HORRIBLE to me!!! Said it was clearly my driving skills! That's funny because I had traded a Yukon XL that I could get 15 out of in the city and 18-19 Hwy - pretty damned good for that vehicle!! Last year I was able to get rid of that piece of crap and now I'm the proud owner of a Toyota Sienna - and I LOVE IT!! Got the most basic model I could to keep the price down....because of course, Kia's have THE WORST trace in value of any car on the market - ZERO!! Take the plunge if you can and get rid of it!!
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