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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Steering

i have a 1992 gmc sierra 1500 with a 4.3 engine. how do i get the power steering pump pulley off so i can replace head gaskets? does it screw off or is there a set screw in the middle or do i need a pulley puller?


  • efultzefultz Posts: 4
    My 2003 Silverado is having a problem with the steering box. The mechanic says I have to replace the box at a cost of about $500. Is there any less-expensive option to repair the problem? The symptom is when you turn left it is difficult to turn the steering wheel. It is only really difficult when not moving. Any other time it is easier to move but I am assuming the movement of the vehicle (even when going really slow) helps turn the wheel. Or could this be a symptom of some other problem - such as a pump or some such?

    I assume there is no recall to cover this?
  • Easy fix ( and worth while). Chevy dealers know all about what's needed. I paid $16 for the lube kit and $85 labor.
    I think you can do it yourself if you tinker. Google for instructions. I think Chevy should do a recall. Your "04 ought to be covered by the warranty.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Problem first showed up on the '99 rados and Sierras. Fast forward 7 years and the same problem exists and the best they can come up with for a fix is a lube? Lube will solve it temporarily at best. One thing for sure is that they make consistent parts....though it doesn't fit well at least they all don't fit well...lmao!!
  • johanjohan Posts: 6
    My problem is gettin g worse when i turn the steering wheel slightly there is the normal amount of resistance the all of a sudden there is no resistance and the truck goes eratically to the right or left whic ever way you are steering.Fluid is goood,front end seems tight.I'm thinking the steering box.Anyone have any ideas.Thanks
  • Try bleeding the air from your steering system. The procedure is to turn the steering wheel lock to lock (left to right "MAX")many times. The standard acceptable is (3) or (4) times. I have found that is not nearly enough!! (15) to (20) times was needed to cure the problem with my 2000 SIERRA.
  • I have a 2001 Silverado 2500 HD with the Duramax and last week the boost on the brakes failed and steering locked, luckily while I was still in my driveway. With the ignition off, the steering is as expected for unboosted steering, but once the engine is running, the steering locks and no boost for brakes. The pump reservoir is pressurized and the pump shaft has not failed, which leads me to believe the pump is not the fault. Is this a result of a failure of the steering sensor or perhaps a valve module?
  • dvanndvann Posts: 1
    This is the exact same problem my 2003 Impala had. Yes it is the intermediate steering shaft but I never did bother to get it fixed before trading it on a new 2006 Silverado. Yes the fix per GM is the lube kit. The Impala was making this noise for a couple of years and still kept running OK - just bothersome.
  • johanjohan Posts: 6
    OK thanks i'll try that today.I'll let you know.
  • The $15.00 kit will solve the problem for many years if you replace the grease in the kit with a heavier "wheel bearing" grease. The High Pressure grease in the kit is too thin to stand-up to the Intermediate Steering Shaft spline movement. If you have a dealer do the work, tell them that you want the kit when the job is done. The valuable part of the kit is a special plug and the instructions. It's not a big deal to do the job yourself.
  • Just to follow up on this, anyone with the same power steering pump as the 2500 HD Duramax needs to beware. This was the result of a pressure relief valve failure in the pump. This is a known issue at Chevy dealers as hydraulic power steering pumps are one of the few parts the dealer regularly stocks. The valve could have failed at speed, locking the steering and eliminating brake boost, placing the driver in a very precarious predicament. I wonder why there isn't a TSB or recall on this as I deem this to definitely be a safety issue...
  • it is pretty good odds that your power steering pump shaft broke. I work at a repair shop and have replaced three pumps for the same reason on 99-2004 gm vehicles. This pump operate the brakes and the steering. To check if it is broken just put a pry bar between the pully and the pump. If it is broken, the pully will move forward really far, until it hits the fan shroud. It would suprise me if that is not the problem.
  • cwykacwyka Posts: 2
    The wheel bearing grease is a GREAT idea!!! I just did it on my '01 Silverado and can add a few tips. Go to a store in your area that carries agricultural products/animal health care. I went to Farm and Fleet and bought a syringe for $1.99 and some plastic tubing to fit on the end. I then filled the syringe with wheel bearing grease and injected it into the shaft. I plugged the end with a cotton towel (you really have to jam it in there tight) and did the lubrication. I had to do it several times and it was messy - but my steering is tighter than its ever been. So for about $5.00 I think I licked this problem for some years now. Good luck!!!!
  • I have a problem on my 2006 Silverado were the front wheels shimmy badly when I hit a bump at speed. It's not a front end alignment problem as I have had the front end aligned.
  • arkz71arkz71 Posts: 10
    I am going to fix mine to it has the clunk in the stem. Did you disassembly it or what?

    Mine is a Z71 4x4 1500.

  • cwykacwyka Posts: 2
    Yes, you do. It IS NOT a difficult job. Follow this link and it shows you how to do it.

    Good luck.
  • arkz71arkz71 Posts: 10
    Is it the valve going out in the steering box, mine was replaced I had extended warr. and it cost me $100 for it. I have heard of these being replaced or going out if it whines when you turn the wheel it is for sure the steering box.
  • arkz71arkz71 Posts: 10
    That is AWESOME, thanks again for the link!

    I can't wait to fix mine!
  • baterbater Posts: 2
    My 2002 silverado, while turning at slow speed in 4wd, the right front wheel locks up then releases then keeps going thru that cycle. It also does it in 2wd but not anywhere near as bad. Any ideas what it could be?
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