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Ford Freestyle Transmission Failure



  • What state AG contacted Ford? My 2007 Ford Freestyle was delivered in January, 2007. In March 2008, the transmission went and the DEALER had the Freestyle the end of May, 2008. the DEALER told me that "PEOPLE" were flown in from "Detroit." Then, in August, 2009, the transmission went on the Mass Pike. I called the DEALER and I was told that it was my responsibility because the car was out of warranty, but the new transmission only had 11,000 miles on it. (As an aside, no one was at the dealership that I had any contact with when the transmission went in 2008. I called Ford. I was told that this was not a "Ford problem" because it was not fixed by Ford, but rather by the "transmission shop around the corner." I am outraged!!! :mad:
  • kdibkdib Posts: 5
    I am in Maryland, but using the AG didn't help any even with the car still under Warranty.
  • Okay....does anyone else have the problem of gauges dropping out and taking the transmission with it? I was on the highway the other day, just hit 55 mph when all of my gauges when totally black and my transmission jumped into neutral. I immediately pulled off the road. I killed the engine and started back up and it was fine. Gauges came back. Weird. We have had gauge drop out problems within a year of buying the thing back in 2009. About 8 months ago, the transmission started jerking when the gauges would go black. We just didn't have the money to have it looked at. Guess what our tax return will be spent on this year? You guessed it, car repairs!
  • I totally fixed my Freestyle (2005 SE CVT). I traded it in.
  • I posted this message in a slightly different form in an another thread.

    Did you hear a clicking sound when your gauges and engine went out? Did they blink, or drop to zero? Was your radio affected?

    If so, I had a similar problem with my Saab 9000 years ago. My gauges, lights and radio would go out with lots of clicking while driving down the road. The vehicle would shutter as the engine went out - again briefly for a second or so. It would then start up and all would come back on. It was completely intermittent.

    The dealer kept it for over a month and couldn't figure out what it was. I mentioned this concern to a customer of mine and he suggested replacing the positive battery cable. I told him the cable looked fine. He said just do it. I told them to do it since they had the car. They may have replaced the negative cable too. And it worked! Apparently there was wire corrosion inside the cable which was apparently covered by the cable covering. I never had any trouble again.

    Just a thought...
  • Our Freestyle (New, 2006 and about 55,000) did the same thing. My wife met a old friend of her's at our dealership (who she doesn't keep in contact with) about what it had been doing. She said she had the same problem with their's.

    Her husband was looking to sue, but we've never talked to them again so I don't know how that went. At that chance meeting, she said that she had been told that it was related to how the transmission had been maintained. She her self even said then, means to what she was told, since we had purchased the 5 year, 75,000 mile maintenance plain, (were the dealership takes care on all maintenance on our Freestyle for that time) we may not have that problem as bad.

    She was right. Our dealer (Allstate Ford in Louisville, Ky) said that couldn't fix something that wasn't broken when they look at it. They also said they didn't know of any such problem (I don't know how true that may be). They did say that they would give it a very good look over right before our (which is what will come first) 5 Years expire.

    I am very happy with Allstate, so much so that we now take our 99 Taurus there to have all of it's maintenance taken care of there.

    As far as I'm concerned; The only problem with our Freestyle is, it isn't a Flex. Other than that, I would buy it all over again.

    Ray. :shades:

    Retired from Ford Motor Co. (Hourly worker)

    Now I am working at Lowe's and Loving it. It's a great place to work (well, at least it is when you know you don't have to work).
  • The radio doesn't go, but the air conditioner will. When the gauges drop out without taking anything with it (Rare occasion) they do click and pop. I have it in the shop right now with someone looking into it. One place said it sounded like the control module and refused to even look at it and see if that really was the problem. If this place can't find anything I will do as you suggest with the battery. It may need a new battery and cables.
  • sowen8sowen8 Posts: 6
    Heard back from the shop earlier today. I will have to take it back to the dealership. The instrument cluster is going out and has to be replaced (which it seems only the dealership can do, imagine that). The dealership said that the worst case scenario would cost me about $650 installed. Bye-bye anniversary trip!
  • We have the same problem. It is not the alternator I know that for sure as we had ours replaced since and it did not fix it! What a piece of S**T!!
  • Let me know if that fixes the problem. PLEASE!!
  • wburkettwburkett Posts: 2
    edited May 2011
    Went the whole winter, the car was ok. still sounds like an airplane taking off. Car is stalling when I turn the wheel. What is Ford waiting for, a serious accident for a recall. too many problems with this car.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,788
    That no one has commented on the recent news that the NTSB is opening an investigation of the FS throttle body and unintended acceleration...
  • Thank you for taking the time to post this. It has worked for me so far.
  • Mine started with a small sound when in park. I took it to my mechanic and he said it was probably a bearing in the transmission that would eventually need to be fixed. A month later mine started the lunging (mainly when it was really hot out) sometimes it would die, the wrench light would come on. If I turned it off and started it again the problem went away. Today I was driving and my RPM's started acting weird. I pulled in the driveway and that little transmission noise was constant. I tried to drive it to see what would happen and now my RPM's will not shift at all. I cannot even drive it and it only has 55K miles on it. This car is a piece of CRAP!
  • Are you talking about every summer, when I have to use my air conditioning, and my 2006 Ford Freestyle accelerates by itself, when my foot is on the brake, especially if I am in Reverse? REALLY SCARY!
    I have just hit 98,000 miles and my transmission went out on a road trip yesterday. Ford says they'll do not a thing about it, since it's past my 75K extended warranty. And their lovely quote is for $5,800 at the Dealership, to replace the transmission. I bought it new off the lot for $36,000. 5 years later, it's only worth a whopping $9,000?!! WHAT THE ****?! And THAT'S if the transmission were to be in working order. So, really, my 2006 Ford Freestyle is now worth $3,200. And I still owe $14,000. I will Never, Ever, buy another Ford.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    Things happen. Do you think that no other manufacurer's transmissions fail in less than 100,000 miles? Lots of them do. You are 23,000 miles beyond the warranty. What do you expect Ford or any other manufacturer to do?
    Granted the CVT was not one of Ford's better ideas. That is why I would never buy a present day Nissan. Most of their cars and SUVS use the CVT.
  • bruneau1bruneau1 Posts: 468
    We have a fwd Freestyle and a Nissan Versa. No problems with either cvt and both are a pleasure to drive, especially in town-smooth and alert. The cvt in Nissans is warranted for 10 years or 100,000 miles. There is nothing wrong with a cvt and they are not all the same.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    Glad you are having good luck with your CVTs. However, the Nissan boards, especially the Rogue and Murano have many, many complaints about CVT problems.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    You can look at the Acura MDX transmission problem forum to see that it's not just the Freestyle that has transmission issues. In fact, someone posted there that they're never buy an other Acura and was looking at buying a Ford next time, so it seems like the "grass is always greener" saying holds true!
  • Wrench light went on on dashboard, freestyle (2006) 95,000 mi; was told it was a computer_$1000;
    3 mos later, driving on highway at 65mph, Freestyle lost all power, self shifted to a low gear; gas would not get to the engine; many dashboard lights were flashing; pulled off road. At rest in park, stepped on gas pedal with no increase in engine speed; shuty car off and restarted (rebooted) and car worked fine for a few miles until it happened again, and again.

    Ford shop said it was the transmission computer. $1200

    no sooner than I got the Freestyle back, I stop at stop sign and give gas to go through the intersection, nothing happens, ie no power. Wrench light on dashboard is lit. It then goes normally until the sporadic next time.

    Ford shop_initially could find nothing wrong. Pushed them telling how dangerous it was. Kept the car for a week. Took transmission apart. Something "leaking". Repair estimate $4,000; new transmission $6,000.

    Car is in great shape (limited version). Do I buy a new car (not made any more) or fix this one.

    The 4-wheel drive in the Freestyle was really good in blizzards.

    Does anyone know what they did with that 4-wheel (all wheel) drive mechanism? Which Ford vehicles has it now?

    Thanks, Sandy
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