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Nissan Cube



  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    "J-30 with a camper top" is priceless! And true. Thanks.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    and I really like it! It's an enormously good value for the money. The downsides are tornado-like wind noise at normal highway speeds, and lots and lots o' leaning in fast turns, but the engine and brakes are more than up to the task, there is tons of room inside for four full-size people, the seats are comfy, the ride is good considering the light weight and short wheelbase, and you GOTTA LOVE the shag carpet on the dash and the rippled ceiling! :-)

    I only wish they had more shag carpeting in it. Would have to get the interior light kit.

    Plus the looks are one of a kind - I have seen the Soul up close now, and it is no comparison IMHO.

    I don't like the CVT at all, I would have to try out a stick shift, but I might get one of these.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • sunnyb1sunnyb1 Posts: 4
    Hi All;
    I live in Miami and the ads around here say "$13,990 MSRP" so what do you think a Base Cube w/ manual transmission would go for?
    Thanks for your thoughts!
  • Well we have had our 2009 Cube for 3 months now. The only issues we have had is a recall notice we received from Nissan regarding replacing the rear door exterior handles and the associated internal brackets. Apparently someone had an issue of breaking them off. We use ours often with twin daughters getting in and out all the time and they seem just fine so far. We do have a more troubling problem tho. One of the electronic keys would not work correctly. It will unlock and lock the doors if you push the buttons on the key but the keyless entry will not work. In addition you can not start the car with it unless you put the device right up next to the start button on the dash. We read the manual and it stated that the problem was due to the battery being weak in the keyless device. Even tho the car is brand new and the battery should last at least 2 years we went ahead and bought a new battery and put in the device only to discover that the problem still exist. Has anyone had a similar problem? Any help would be appreciated. One last thing just came to mind. Is it just us or does anyone else think that that big flat windshield on the Cube is some kind of powerful rock magnet? No kidding we get hit by a sizeable rock weekly. Luckily one has not cracked the windshield yet.
  • rara23rara23 Posts: 1
    I have definitely noticed a problem with getting hit with rocks, though this is a common problem in the city where I live. I'm in Calgary, Canada, and the city puts gravel on the road every winter to help with the snow and ice. Come spring, well, let's just say it makes a lot of money for the glass repair companies. Anyway, almost every time I drive down the biggest road in this city, I get hit with a bunch of rocks. I managed to get two chips in my windshield in one week!
  • ben70ben70 Posts: 16
    edited October 2010
    We're looking at the Cube as a possible replacement for our aging Honda Odyssey. However the local Nissan Dealers don't seem to want to sell the Cube steering us to more expensive vehicles. The Cube would serve as our ONLY car for local use and some long-distance trips (less than 500 miles). PBS Motorweek recommends the Cube as a SECOND car rather than an ONLY car. Are any of you Cube owners using a Cube as your ONLY car? We can't afford a new Odyssey.
  • My wife and I have owned our Cube for one year this next month. She drives it 80-100 miles per day commuting to and from work 5 days a week. In addition we have made 2 trips from East Texas to Virginia in it in the last year. The car has not had a single problem other then the one I mentioned in an earlier post regarding the keyless entry remote control device. I would highly recommend the Cube as a primary car. My wife loves hers and this is coming from a person that owned a Lincoln Aviator prior to purchesing the Cube.
  • thekingtheking Posts: 107
    edited October 2010
    Give me a break ! I own a 2010 sl with preferred only late wife was very comfortable and she had many health issues that made her very uncomfortable in many new cars I tested and it is more solid that a 2006 Prius I owned. Get the preferred package...comes with the reverse camera....imho...the best safety feature you can have ! :shades:
  • ben70ben70 Posts: 16
    Does anyone know if Nissan plans to discontinue the Cube like in the UK due to disappointing sales? Personally I like the Cube - no "Chopped" roof like the Scion XB and Soul. Good visibility and practical space utilization. Excellent value.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    I hope not - I love to see these running around! I would be interested enough to think about buying one if there wasn't such deafening wind noise on the highway - I do a lot of highway driving.

    I know dealers had a LOT of trouble moving these when they first came out - they had many leftovers into the new year that ended up being advertised at several thousand off sticker, which is a huge discount for such an inexpensive model.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • My wife just got a new cube a couple of weeks ago. I love this thing! It's comfortable, relatively quiet (given the shape), and drives extremely well for a small car. I'm driving it more often than she's a fight for the keys every morning. If you're on the fence about a cube, go get one now!!!!
  • maryawmaryaw Posts: 22
    We bought a used 2009 Cube in Sept. 2010. It had only 8K miles on it. I am a short driver (5'2") and am able to adjust the driver's seat to accomodate me as well as the tall driver xcubecoffins. The shag bit came off the dash immediately and MDH took the gummy spot off with "GooGone". The VCT was a bit odd at first, but easy to get used to. With good driving habits, one can get good mileage (42 avg city/hwy)...most of our miles are highway. MDH loves the iPod connections and I love the big speakers. I saw a Soul in a parking lot the other day and feel the Cube is much larger. I like the ease of getting in and out - no hauling oneself out of a low bucket seat like in my Mustang - you know now I'm an older lady! All in all I like the Cube, and one last thing: the stability control is great in winter. :)
  • maryawmaryaw Posts: 22
    I would be comfortable with the Cube as an only car. It's reliable, comfortable, and deals with all kinds of weather. We've driven it on two long trips and it was enjoyable. DO IT!
  • amille29amille29 Posts: 1
    I know this may be a little late but..... I basically live out of my cr. I drive it every day every where I go. No problems what-so-ever. I highly recommend it as a FIRST and ONLY car!
  • demojodemojo Posts: 1
    don't do it! I've owned my cube for 13 months & have been to the dealership for repairs too many times to count. At 15,000 miles I just got a new transmission, have had several new fan motors due to no heat last winter, need new tires, brakes, etc. This is NOT a good car to buy! So sad as I wanted this car so bad, but now it is our main vehicle & I don't trust it at all
  • I have also had problems with glass. The first 7 days I had my new cube the back glass blew out. Just this weekend I shut the back door and the drivers side passenger window blew into the car. Has anyone else had these problems. I have had my car for just over 2 years. I also have problems with the check engine light coming on because of the fuel cap. My husband and I just started ignoring it.

    Love it other than that. We use it as a hunting vechile. A 120 qt icechest fits nice in the back if you move the seat up just a little. we can also stack another one on top with a strap.
  • maryawmaryaw Posts: 22
    Has anyone had trouble with the tire pressure indicator light coming on during long trips? We wondered if this was just a matter of the tires heating up. It does it every time :confuse: we're on a trip. We are driving a 2009 SL.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,663
    edited July 2013
    that still owns and drives a Nissan cube? I am studying the car for eventual purchase and I don't know what would get in the way of that now. The car is different, which is something I like. Nissan calls the design asymmetrical.

    wikipedia describes asymmetric this way:

    Asymmetry is the absence of, or a violation of, symmetry.

    Hum. The Nissan cube looks like another rolling box, much like the Kia Soul or the Scion xB, right? Wrong. Look closer, kimoslobby. It doesn't look the same. Look at how the designer made the lip coming out in the back.

    Notice the lip coming up from the bottom? Ugly to some, but keep studying.


    The windows are designed to look like picture frames. This is part of Nissan's design plan to make the cube a rolling version of your house. Sort of like the Foghat song 'Home in Your Hand', eh? Because if ghastly prices remain relatively low, we can take road trips. And my reading tells me from cube owners that the Nissan cube is a great road trip car. Nissan has purposely made the inside comfortable to be called "home" inside. Your home away from home, right? Take a look inside a cube for a moment.

    Here's your sentry guard seat!

    The cube driver/owner truly gets a warm and comfortable environment here in which to call home. Notice the simple electronic knobs at easy grabbing distance here. Nice. And it just feels "right" so to speak.

    I like the red color and the silver color and I want the upgraded wheels

    imageNissan is going with a nice, thick spongy-plastic steering wheel pictures here. It is a nice improvement from the old grey one pictured above

    Vehicle-speed-sensitive electric power steering
    The power steering system will adjust sensitivity according to the speed you are traveling. It becomes easier to steer your cube at lower speeds. Like when you're twisting and turning the wheel downtown pulling in to parking spots. As you accelerate the system becomes more rigid, increasing feel and response.

    This would be the part that you accelerate through the manual gearbox and open your cube up a bit to speed. Really appealing to me as I have been pining for the "feel" of a standard transmission gearbox again.

    Here's a better picture of the cube's interior as it's sold today

    The Nissan dealer in downtown El Paso has a 6-speed cube that has the factory stereo in it. They are not marking it up at all. They're selling it for $17,940. That is a good, fair price for the cube. It's in slate grey, I don't know if I like that color, but I need more time to evaluate. The Nissan dealer in Hobbs, NM, further away by about 75 miles, has two manual-trannied cubes for sale. One in red (yes!) and the other in blue, which does look great for the cube. They are marking their cubes up about $2,000, but I wouldn't need to pay that, either. has helped me immensely understand how to be a good negotiator when buying a new car. I may even buy a used cube, there's a really good chance that, when I do decide to pounce and buy, my cube will be a used cube. There's lots of used cube's that look really good in the desert southwest area, too.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • maryawmaryaw Posts: 22
    I drive a 2009 Cube SL, bought used in 2010. What do I love about my cube?
    The unique look - no other car has the asymetrical back window. Scion people tell me I have more room behind the backseat than they do. I am short, but if you are tall there is TONS of headroom. The CVT is great and mileage for me has been better than expected. I love the seats - it's like getting in and out of a need to haul yourself up and out like in my low-slung Mustang. The stereo is WOW - I have the Rockford speakers and they are great...I'm hearing impaired so I really crank it up for total enjoyment.
    My husband did NOT like the Cube too well at first, but once we took our first road trip he was HOOKED. Since we bought used, we had to order the extra locking compartment that you can put behind the seats. With this extra, you have a flat surface with the back seats down and can load luggage, chairs, dog crates, whatever. AH YES, the headlights!!! I was having a lot of trouble driving at night in my old car...the Cube has great headlights and your driving position is nice and high so you don't get the oncoming headlights in the face so badly. THE BACK DOOR (liftgate) opens sideways like a real door so it's easy to open and shut if you have arthritic shoulders.
    SO>>>>once you get past the people who tell you it's UGLY, trust your instincts. It's not ugly, it's a cute car, does NOT feel boxy inside and has so many nice touches.
    One caveat: if you live in an area where you drive out in the open and there's a lot of wind, the Cube is sensitive to crosswinds. This does not bother us as we have both driven high-profile vehicles for ages. The only time I was ever blown off the road was when I had crosswinds and 100% ice-covered roads and I had no business being out there...however, the job I do is often not optional...I have to turn up.
    I hope this tells you something about how the Cube fits for an older couple (one retired, one not)...and YES I still have my Mustang but only drive it on beautiful summer days or intown in the evening.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,663
    edited July 2013
    thanks for your input on the Nissan cube. The more I study this asymmetrical boxy vehicle from Nissan called the cube the more I like it and want one of my own. I want to at least test drive one so badly. We own a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS and I love the car. I am just starting to pine for a car where we'd sit up higher and I really love to shift through the gears myself. So this thing is not over yet for me, my wife is opposing any deals on a new or used cube at this time. Our '08 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS is all paid off so it's very attractive to just drive the car and enjoy it. We barely could afford to run two cars, though, so I'd need ta trade the Lancer in on either a new or used Nissan cube for the two of us.

    I will just continue to study the car for the long haul. If ever we need a vehicle again I will definitely test drive a Nissan cube. The more I learn the more I love about the car and your post is just solidifying that fact, maryaw. Continue to drive and love your cube and please post anything postable about the Nissan cube in this thread so I can have more reason ta trade...I...I mean learn why I might want to trade in for a cube.

    I would like to sit up higher than we do in the Lancer GTS and I would like a rig that doesn't shudder over the bumps like the Lancer GTS does, with it's high-performance, low-profile tires and suspension system. Don't get me wrong, the Lancer GTS handles like a dream in the corners and straigtaways, anywhere really. But it would be nice to sit up higher in the seat and to row my own gears again and also to take the bumps better. The Nissan cube takes the bumps and smoothes them out a tad better because of it's design, I think. I say I think because I'll not know that for sure until I test drive one.

    It's gonna be a fun hunt, oh yes it is! :P

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

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