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Pontiac Grand Am Electrical/Lighting Problems

minakominako Posts: 2
I own a 1997 pontiac grand am. all the gauges stopped working at once and my low coolant and check oil warning lights won't go off. I was told it wasn't the fuses, and don't have a clue what it could be. please help


  • toledogttoledogt Posts: 1
    hi. i have a 97 grand am gt v6 3.1

    my car was recently broke into the busted up the steering column in attempt to steal it.

    well the broke off some wires that i can only assume have to do with the security system of my car. the car will start but wont stay running. it shuts off after a few seconds.

    is there a diagram as what this area looks like

    there are 3 wires a black/white/yellow but i dont know where they connect to
  • I have the same car and similar situation. Fluctuating guages, and check oil warning light flashes me on a regular basis....anyone want to offer us some ideas?
  • jason31jason31 Posts: 2
    I need some help I have a 1997 grand am when I turn the key I get nothing from the starter but then the ground wire going to the chassis get real hot. What can I do to correct this.
  • You have a short somewhere between the ignition switch and the starter. If the ground wire only gets hot when you turn the key start there and trace the wire back to the starter.
  • Thank you I found the short. Thanks for the help.
  • i have a 95 grand am having some odd electrical things going on. dash lights wont work, warning lights are all on, cooling fan doesnt come on, has a new battery and it dies ALOT, starts fine again with a charge. alternator and everything else checks out ok...would appreciate some input. thanks
  • The Passlock security system on my 2000 Grand Am went out several months ago and I spent about $400 having a locksmith replace the key set (tumblers). It looks like the same system is going out again and I am not looking forward to having this part replaced annually. Has anyone experienced the same problem? I have checked with Pontiac regarding service advisories.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    I don't see how replacing the tumblers has anything to do with the passlock - usually the Hall-Effect sensor on the ignition switch is the problem and has to be replaced.
    When I had the 99 I had to have it done and the problem never occured again.
  • 1st- Driver door refused to unlock even with key.... finely hooked lock thru window for access. Now doors do not lock when drive engaged.
    2nd- Driving along and can hear flasher going nuts. Stopped car, no taillights blinking and turn signal not turned on. Then just stops. Replaced flasher still a problem. Very annoying.
    3rd- Interior lights will not shut off ...ever. Had to remove 2 underdash light bulbs. Overhead also turned off.
    New battery, new alternator. No one can diagnose.... HELP Please.
  • I am having the same problem with my dash lights not working. The dealership wants to charge me to glance at the issue; can you please lend any advice that you may have found to solve the issue? Thank you very much, Kelley
  • Why would my interior lights on my 2005 Grand Am work, the dashboard lights work but the light on the clock/stereo doesn't work..??
  • rich76rich76 Posts: 1
    98 grand am keeps stalling out on the road and wont restart for hours, changed cam sensors and every other sensor, problems started after power steering pump was changed, any similar problems?help please...
  • I have a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am with and I am experiencing some problems. The ETS/ABS light will not turn off. I took it to have the brakes looked at and I was told there was no problem with the brakes. When pressing on the accelerator to go, the car will make a grinding noise. Can someone please help?
  • okay well this is what day i noticed my lights 4 my speedometer gauges didnt come on at night time but the change oil and all the others lights like check engine blah blah work when i start the car. well i figured it could be a fuse so i changed it the next day. sure enough it was a blewn fuse and i replaced it and it all lite up fine. Well a few days later it went out again... :mad: so im thinking that damn fuse again... so i go to change it and its not the fuse this time(fuse aint blown) i change it neways... still dont i am being to wonder if there was a short somewhere that could of caused the bulbs inside the speedometer to blow maybe?... anyone have problems with this b4? what should i do? maybe pull the speedometer out and see if i should replace the bulbs? i dont know.... can neone help me or have any recommondations... i can't see how fast im goin at night :cry: ... please help
  • I have a 2003 Grand Am SE2. A few weeks after I bought the car the check engine light came on. My mechanic told me to take it on the highway for about an hour and it should turn off. I thought that was strange, but I did it and it worked. It came on again in about 2 weeks. I noticed it was after it rained and one of the tail lights had condensation in it. So now they're calling it an electrical problem. 2 weeks ago I had the flasher start making noise when it wasn't on. I was already taking my car in for new locks (someone drilled through them but I had taken my laptop out already) and I mentioned it. It was another electrical issue, they fixed some wires and I had the car back the next day. The interior lights came on a month after I bought the car and wouldn't turn off. My cousin was driving the car and went to turn the fog light wheel and they turned off. I asked my mechanic and he said it was another electrical issue. The lights did it again and I just spun the wheel a few times and they turned off.
  • I'm having problems with a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT. The blinkers work sometimes and then they stop working. I'm thinking its the relay, so I went and bought one... only problem is I can't find where it installs... everyone is telling me that most of the time they are located underneith the dash, but I can't find it. Anyone know where this round blinker relay plugs in? Thanks!!
  • I own a 95 Grand Am POS that has been deemed totaled because someone hit me! Now the thing is red with one white door :sick:

    Anyhow, among various other problems I have and currently do experience the warning light issue. I have no clue how to fix it or what it's from but ever since I bought the car it has gone through periods of the ABS light coming on and going off but my ABS seems to function fine. Also, the check oil light has done so in the past as well and the service engine soon, etc. Basically, I do agree that it's some sort of electrical issues. Also, once in a great while my headlights will just GO OFF! Sometimes when I'm driving down the road. I flash them to high beam and back quickly and they come back on. It's so strange. It's a real POS but at least I don't have a car payment. However, been sinking so much into it sicne that guy hit me in January that I'm begining to wonder if it's worth it. I seem to have most the problems sorted out except for the WET FLOOR! I have no idea what its' from by my drivers side floor is always saturated with water!

    Good luck with finding answers on this and your other issues with your car. I know that I'm stubborn and won't enter into car payment mode but when I eventually do see this one in a demolition derby or a junk yard then I think I'll opt to buy a Toyota or Honda or Volkswagen! :shades:

    It will be so nice to drive around in a safe, reliable car. I'm a teacher and I proudly drive the most shite car out of the whole parking lot. A POS 95 Red Grand Am with one white door, dents all along the drivers side (from where the guy slammed into me), rusty spots all over it, a crinkled bonnet and junkyard windscreen (The bonnet flipped up and the windscreen shattered whilte the mechanic was trying to fix it)! :sick:
  • I have a 2000 Grand Am GT with just over 100,000 miles on it. I'm having some issues starting the car. The car has never NOT started for me, but sometimes it sounds like its not going to. It seems like the longer I let the car sit without driving, the BETTER it starts. However, if I let the car sit for maybe an hour, then go to start it, it just sounds terrible, turning over and over and takes awhile, choking to idle when it finally starts. Also, when i drive it after this, it is very slow and sluggish and obviously something is wrong. I can then stop, park, turn off, and immediately start again, it will then start right up perfectly and drive like brand new. And again, this only happens if I let it sit for maybe anywhere from an hour to half a day. If it is not started/driven for long periods it will ALWAYS start right up perfectly and drive like new. I'm confused, I always thought cars were harder to start the longer they sit....not mine. Any ideas?
  • This was a recall. Contact your local dealership.
  • I have two grand am gts. A 2001 GT1 and a 2002 GT. This has happened to both of my cars and its not a recall. Try replacing the hazard switch in the dash by the traction control button. you have to pull the dash apart a little bit to replace it but it will save you lots of money from having the dealership do it. If when you turn your blinker on you hear a loud click in the hazard switch and your turn signals intermittently dont work try pressing the hazard switch a couple of times and i bet they come on. At least this one is a cheap fix.
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