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Hyundai Tucson Real World MPG



  • mp124mp124 Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    Original Milage for Tucson 2010 is 14 MPG ...

    I bought a tuscon 2011 .. looking at the milage , For 1000 Miles was 25 MPG...... Then @ 1500 miles , you will start crying for buying this ******... The milage will be 14 mpg AFTER 1500 mILES ON YOUR CAR
  • mp124,
    Your content makes no sense.......if your Tucson was running 25MPG then dropped to 14MPG there is something definitely something wrong with it.
    No car does that........MPG usually gradually increases as it breaks in. Not drop 11MPG in one tank.
    Take it back and have them fix it under warranty but don't piss and moan on the forum and tell others it's a POS until you take some action to find out the issues and have the dealer fix it.
    Telling others their vehicle will do the same is just plain wrong......
  • I have never gotten more than 245 mi a tank. I always re-set the trip computer. It's an automatic AWD PZEV - 4 cylinder. No I don't have roof racks with anything on them. No remote starter. It may idle more than 1 minute from time to time. I drive 18 mi each way to work, all highway miles, (except for the 1 mi to get to the highway from home), on cruise control with the eco on. I have tried cruise control at 55mph and 60 mph and 65 mph. Not much of a difference on any of them. At 55 the only thing that happens is a lot of dirty looks from others having to pass me (speed limit here is 70).
  • Here you go...........real numbers!
    2011 Hyundai Tucson AWD GLS
    (80% Highway miles)

    Tank #1 = 24.5MPG
    Tank #2 = 25.9MPG
    Tank #3 = 26.8MPG
    Tank #4 = 27.1MPG

    All verified by computer and manual calculation (always within .2MPG of each other)
    Still cold temps here........mighty happy with the gas mileage on the Tucson.
    I expect to easily hit the published 28MPG (all hwy) when the temps warm up a bit and I get a few more miles on the vehicle.

    Soooo, "MP124" how is your POS doing? Cat got your tongue?
  • Just purchased about 3 weeks ago, current milage 1524.
    yes it has a roof rack, cross bars not on, air temp 60

    first few tanks of gas I have been averaging between 22-25mpg mostly highway driving.
    Tried something new on the way home tonight. Roughly 26.2 mile drive from work to home
    1. reset mpg average
    2. set cruise at 65mph
    3. use auto stick to force 6th gear

    Highest MPG right off the bat on flat pavement 35mpg, but since roads are not all flat (sigh) I did notice the mpg drop when going up hill. Dropped to around 27 MPG. Steep hills did dog the engine a bit, dropped about 4 MPH but nothing to stressing. Off highway now to county road. Still using auto stick and shifting at no more than 2600 rpm and now at 55mph with MPG on the rise again.
    Settling into park in the driveway and average for the trip home *30.3MPG* (^_^)

    Small shift in driving habits netted me an extra 5-7 mpg!
    Am ordering K&N Air filter for it this coming weekend, and plan to switch to a full synthetic on my first oil change
  • 93949394 Posts: 67
    edited March 2011
    don't hold your breath if you are hoping to improve FE by switching to full synthetic.

    i switched over a year ago and observed absolutely no difference in FE (according to trip computer), i even pick the same route at non peak time for comparison so that the traffic pattern wouldn't affect FE measurement.

    i just assume it would provide better cold start protection otherwise it wouldn't justify the higher cost.

    let me know if the air filter works better.

  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    Ditto the air filter I'm thinking.

    Some people do get good mpg out of the gate like you are getting; it took way more than 4 tanks for the mpg in my last new car to settle down to a "dependable" number.

    After 3,000 miles I started trusting the mpg numbers. The mpg went up pretty good over the first 10,000 miles and even went up by little increments over the next 100,000.

    Enjoy the new Tucson - sounds like a nice ride!

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  • samm43samm43 Posts: 195
    May I make a suggestion for your brand new car? Even if it was an old used car?

    Do NOT switch out you OEM air filter! OEM air filters are designed with intense R&D. There are a lot of variables as to how your engine takes its air in, everything from filter material, shape, air box shape, airbox volume, track lengths etc etc etc.
    One of the worse things you can do to your engine is install a filter by any aftermarket brand that claims more fuel economy and hp and torque. You must ask yourself, how can they do that? They do it by letting more air in, and by default of that it is letting more dirt in. As the filter becomes clogged with dirt it actually starts to filter better, but quickly also starts to strangle the engine of air creating worse fuel economy and less hp and torque. Many (MOST) of these aftermarket oiled filters get installed with the owner's intention of being diligent with the maintenance hungry intervals it requires to clean and reoil it using their special detergents and oils. And if it is not done correctly you actually force dirt deeper into the filter so that as it becomes more clogged the next time, the engine starts trying to pull that dirt into it. These special filters may work on a race track where it is not as dusty and dirty as our freeways and gravel roads and where engines never rack up a lot of miles between teardowns and rebuilds, but in the real world, a knowledgeable person will value your used car that had a K&N or other similar airfilter, considerably less than the same car that always used an OEM filter. If it was me, that is an immediate deal-breaker.

    And to ensure you are understanding some of this, changing out the OEM air filter will affect the engine management tuning tech that has been designed into your car at the rpm ranges and speeds the average user encounters and it will probably be an undesirable effect. If not when brand new, it sure will be after only a few thousand miles as it starts to plug.

    While you might find this to be considered a controversial topic, use your own common sense to come to your own conclusions. It is simple really. Any filter medium that lets more air in, HAS to let more dirt in right along with it.

    A case can be made for 100% synthetic oils if you drive in extremely hot or cold climates. Avoid 'synthetic blends'. Biggest rip off in automotive history because they charge almost as much for it as a full 100% synthetic, yet has a disproportionate percentage of synthetic content.

  • Bravo!

    That's got to be one of the best posts I've seen here in a long time.
    I agree 100%
    I normally shy away from discussing air filters, oil, and women. LOL.
    Always seems to turn into a pissin match........I usually let the "home-brewed experts" find out the truth for themselves.

    Thanks for not shying away from the truth and not being afraid to post it.
  • Sam, thank you for voicing concerns about the K&N filters.

    I will post back in a few weeks with mpg ratings with the K&N for those that are interested.

    I also agree that if it is not cleaned correctly you actually force dirt deeper into the filter. But on the other hand, I have had 2 vehicles with K&N filters, the ones that fit into the factory air-box, not the "ricer" style cone filters. The first vehicle being a 1991 Honda CRX dx with 340000 miles and counting. Used as a daily driver when the wife and I cant carpool to work. The other was the 2007 Hyundai Elantra with 75000 miles, which we traded in for the new Tucson. On the Elantra it did improve the fuel economy by about 2mpg. On the CRX it made almost no difference in MPG. 36-38 with rapid acceleration, 42-44 with economy driving.

    Personally I plan on running the factory filter in the winter when the roads are at their dirtiest, and the K&N the rest of the year, cleaned annually.

    It is not my intent to try to sway vehicle owners into using one product or the other. It is up to each individual to do their own research and ultimately choose to use a after-market brand or not.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    It would probably help to first establish a baseline of 3,000 miles or more. My first 13 tanks went from 17 to 19 to 14 to 11 (several tanks) to 20, back to 14, then up to 24 around the 3,000 mile mark. Some of that was breaking in I think, and some was because I was doing city driving in an Anchorage winter.

    Or check back with us with your winter/summer mpg ratings I guess. Other than seat of the pants testimonials from users, K&N itself makes no general fuel economy claims.

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  • samm43samm43 Posts: 195
    Thanks for saying.

    I have serviced many bikes and there was a real pattern with the ones that came in that had the factory airbox type K&N filters. On the 'clean' side of the filter box you could always see more dust that continued up the intake tracts enroute to the CC, than on bikes that had OEM filters. Not good.

  • buerkletucsonbuerkletucson Posts: 21
    edited March 2011
    Cool a fellow biker............Me too!
    Had many of them but current ride is the GL1800 Goldwing.

    I agree.......that's where I first learned the TRUTH about K&N air filters.
  • samm43samm43 Posts: 195
    edited March 2011
    Pleased to meet you. I love Honda's big flat six. And you can really thrash it if you want. It has an extremely sturdy and competent chassis, clearance being about the only limitation to keep you in check. The first time I rode one, I broke the rear tire loose at about 10 mph in first coming out of a rolling stop right turn at a light. Granted the pavement was a very smooth polished type that had a lot of concrete dust on it i think from a nearby plant, but I couldn't believe what a torque monster it was. I wasn't trying to accelerate hard at all. Short-shifting them is the best way get respect from another rider who thinks they can beat it in a 1/4 mile dash.

    I guess Honda must be considering an all new GL soon? That one is in its 10th year this year I think.

    Have a real fun and safe season coming up. ;)

  • fannibalfannibal Posts: 23
    edited March 2011
    Everywhere online I've seen says the 2011 Tuscon still has the same 2.4L I4 as the 2010, the 2.4L I4 with Gasoline Direct Injection is only in the 2011 sonata, not the 2011 tucson.
  • banderson875banderson875 Posts: 6
    edited April 2011
    I'm in almost exactly the same position you are. I drive about 10 hwy miles to work and back everyday, with very little in town driving, and the best I can get is about 20.1mpg. The best I every got was 23 on a full tank of gas on a trip back from MN to IA and this was with a 10-15mph tail wind and cruise set at 63 for 2+ hours. The lowest I got was around 18.5 for a tank. I've filled my tires close to their max 42psi rather than the door sticker of 33psi, and that has yielded about an extra 1.5mpg, but even then, my combined mpg for this new car is 20.1 for the first 2000 miles. I don't believe the break-in period either, this is my 3rd brand new car and none of them have ever got much better after the 2nd tank. There is something wrong with this car, I'm taking it in to the dealer tonight, and demanding satisfaction, or I'll be filing a suit or selling/returning the car, this is simply unacceptable for a small 4cyl car.
  • With the warmer weather and vehicle now having a few thousand miles on it my gas mileage is exceptional. It's been slowly getting better since the day I purchased it.
    I'm now getting better than the published MPG numbers of 21/28 MPG.

    2011 Hyundai Tucson AWD GLS
    (80 - 90% Highway miles)

    I'm now getting consistent 28+MPG per tank. The last tank was 29.2MPG!
    I'm very happy with the MPG numbers and the vehicle overall.
    Excellent vehicle...........couldn't be happier.
  • 93949394 Posts: 67
    i would be real unhappy to get these numbers, are they from the trip computer or your own calculation?

  • I have gotten my mileage up a little. Someone gave me a tip. I had to take my car into the dealer because the fuel door was stuck shut. While waiting I spoke with a gentleman who had the same model as I and drives the same roads that I do, at the same speeds, who said that he gets 28-31 mpg!! He said that he uses the automatic shifting. So I have starting doing this and I have gotten up to 23.5 mpg by my calculations AND the trip computer. It's not great, it's not what is advertised, but it's better than the 19-20 mpg that I was getting. Again, like you I know that there is something wrong with our cars! I really wish we could do something to make Hyundai address this. Good Luck at the dealer's today
  • orbit9090orbit9090 Posts: 110
    "...unacceptable for a small 4cyl car"?

    What small 4-cyl car are you talking about?

    I thought this forum was in regards to the big & tall, 3,400 lb. Tucson SUV.

    A 1975 Honda Civic or a 2011 Mazda-2 are "small" cars.
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