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Honda Element Real World MPG



  • Averaging 22-23.
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    Drove my '06 4wd, automatic Element on a 220 mile (each way) trip to the beach for the long weekend. 2 adults, 3 dogs, and luggage. We got 27.7 mpg on the trip. This is the best mileage we have ever gotten.
  • I have a 2004 EX, and drive 150 miles a day, 90% of which is freeway. Freeway speed is in the low 60's. Since I bought the Toaster, I have been checking mileage on a fairly regular basis and have been able to keep it between 27-28 mpg. The Toaster gets regular oil changes and check ups. I love my Element! As many hours as I spend in it every day, it is important that I feel safe, but still be in an open environment. When this one is past its prime, I fully intend to get another one.
  • The element will takes it's first big road trip soon. Hope to get in the high 20's,
  • I had a full tank on Thursday morning.... been driving in town and in the snow for three days.. done, 72 miles in town, slow, stop/start traffic. I filled up the tank again tonight... 5.9 Gallons... the result is only 12 miles/gallon..

    On the highway, I got bewteen 20-22. I have an EX AWD Auto.
  • Traveling North: Around 22 - I did have it weighted down with fruit (but not overloaded). I figure I still had 250 lbs left.

    Traveling South: Received a 24 and a 25. Christmas presents are not as heavy.

    I wish it got the mpg as my xB. But O well.

    It had 1800 miles when I left, and 3800 when I got back. Needs its first oil change soon.
  • Bought an '06 AWD EX Manual brand new. Have averaged just over 19mpg in the twenty months I've owned it. I live in Alaska (cold weather factor, oxygenated gas in winter) but use a block heater rather than idling warm ups. Have modified my driving habits to see if I can do better - shifting around 3000 rather than 4000rpms - but, oddly, that doesn't seem to be making a difference.

    Best two tanks ever were 24.5 and almost 27mpg.
  • I just bought a 2003 Element EX AWD with 35,000 miles on it. I'm driving about 90 percent highway miles, and I'm only getting 19.7mpg. I really was hoping for better. Love the vehicle though.
  • I have filed up my tank twice since purchasing the "Blue Bomber" and both tanks I have averaged 23 MPG with 60% city and 40% highway - I'm very happy with the MPG - I traded in my '06 Unlimited Wrangler :-( it was a sad day but my commute is 60 miles round trip so I needed a better MPG car. I must say I do enjoy the "Blue Bomber" so far...
  • ragetsragets Posts: 63
    During the month of January I got HORRIBLE MPG! I have a 2007 Honda Element EX 4WD and I only got 17-18 MPG. I usually get about 24-27. This month I got around 26. Anyone know why I could have gotten that bad of milage? Anyone else with this problem? I drove exactly as I do all the time and no new situations so I can not come up with a reason. Thank you for any help.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I've read alot on here not getting good gas mileage? What kind of gas are you using? I use Chevron, or union76, 87 octang. I've got almost 5000 miles on my 3 month old 07element, I bought this car new in Nov.07. I get 30 hiway and 24 city. If I use AM/PM I can drop at least 6 miles per gallon on both. Check the gas you're using, it makes a difference. Also I use cruise control whenever I can. :D
  • 19.5-20 mixed driving
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Mixed highway and city. In the winter I have been getting around 20mpg when it was warmer i was getting 23-24.
  • It is hard to tell any seasonal difference, because it gets to 40 about 5 times a year and thats a low.
  • ragetsragets Posts: 63
    I found out what the problem was! I was driving the whole time with the defrost on! On Honda's when the defrost is on the AC also runs. I stopped using the defrost and only used it for short periods of time and now over the past 2 months my MPG's are back up to 24-25. Thanks for your guys help though.
  • Current Miles Per Gallon:
    City 60% & Highway 40%: 22.19 mpg on mixed driving 205.5 miles/9.26 gals.
    Highway 100%: 109.6 miles/4.11 gals. - 26.6 mpg

    Equipment & Maintenance:
    Odometer: 133,000
    87 Octane Kroger Fuel Used 80% of the time
    Synthetic Oil Change every 5,000 miles
    Cooper Radial Tire Rotation every 5,000 miles
    After Market Fuel Reduction Molecular Plates Attached to Oil Pan and Fuel Tank 8 Months Ago

    This vehicles used to get a maximum of 21 mpg on the highway and about 19 in the city. I added the fuel reduction plates about a year ago and have seen a maximum of 32.5 mpg on a trip during December between Columbia, SC and Orlando. I typically run 75 - 80 mph on the highway. The air conditioning is always running, even if I have the sun roof removed when it's really hot. The plates seem to be working. $80 well spent. Getting ready to install an HHO device to see what that'll do.
  • ykrussykruss Posts: 6
    I have 2005 fwd auto Element with 37000 miles on it.

    It's a commuter car with 100% city driving.
    Used to get 19.5 - 20 mpg.
    Two tanks ago started to drive like there is an egg under gas pedal, trying to keep rmp near or bellow 2000.

    And the result is 24 mpg on each of the last 2 tanks - that's 20% better.
  • elecowelecow Posts: 1
    Tell me a litlle about the fuel reduction plates and wear i can get them. Does it damage vehicle? Reduce power?
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