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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Electrical and Computer Questions




  • Upon start up, engine would run very rough, excessive noise, no power or rise in RPM's upon pressing gas pedal. Checked oil and it was low so I replaced it as I heard there was a sensor that wouldn't allow engine to run normally. This didn't help. The weird thing is if I start the truck, turn it off, drive at idle 3-4 times, off, on, off on, you get the picture. It will run fine for the rest of the day. Then the next mornig, I do the process all over again. Fuel filter was replaced about 10k miles ago. I have opened the wing nut on the bottom of the fuel filter in case there was water in the fuel. Any help would be helpful as money is super tight right now. The check engine light is on when it runs bad, then it will go off when it is running good. Thanks
  • Last week I had the throttle body replaced. Brought it home and parked it until today. My 2003 silverado is doing the same thing it did before I replaced the part. Do I need to drive it more, or something to "reset codes"?
  • I have a 2001 GMC,Sierra, 95K. Recently outside mirror adjustment control stopped working. In past, controller has on a very few occasions not worked or at least was intermittent, but always finally did work. Yesterday found that it was completely dead. No response at all.

    I will check fuse. Where will the fuse be located?

    If fuse is not the problem what else should I look at?

  • I have a vintage 1993 Chevy Blazer K1500 that still runs like a sewing machine after 235K miles. But today, the temp gage went [non-permissible content removed]$ up. That is, it reads off the high side of the gage even with the engine is stone cold, ignition switch on or off. The computer has stored a code "15". I followed the Haynes manual recommendation to remove the glovebox and wiggle the connectors to the computer, no change. I unplugged the engine coolant sensor connector, no change. Do I have an open or a short? I hate electrical issues. I was planning on replacing the sensor, which may happen tomorrow, but I fear the problem resides somewhere behind the instrument cluster. has anyone in the Silverado forum encountered a bad gage problem like this one?
  • I purchased a temp sensor, but the connector had a different pin arrangement. I took it back to the auto parts store who showed me that the 350 TBI has two coolant temp sensors, one for the computer, and one for the gages. The one close to the thermastat is for the computer, while the one tucked back near the firewall is reserved for the gages. I'm going to replace that one tonight.
  • elentzelentz Posts: 5
    Hi, Checking to see if anyone has heard of a fix, bulletin, idea about my problem. The 2 WD ext cab PU has the 4.8 V8 auto and 175000 miles. During very cold weather, below 28deg F, the charging system has intermittent temporary failures which look like momentary dips on the charging meter and looks to oncoming traffic as if I am flashing my headlights. The failures are never more than a few seconds at a time. I have checked for loose wiring, have replaced the battery and alternator. Still have the problem. Is there a particular component I should check that might be exposed to the elements and not quite work when cold? I have been unable to find a similar problem on this forum, except the ignition switch guy, and I don't think this is the problem.
  • 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4x4 Z71 5.3 Vortec
    Engine. 109000 miles. Only on cold mornings/days
    does it stall and idle really rough and missfire. Here is the strange part: if I unplug the MAF sensor, it runs
    fine. If I plug it back in, goes right back to crap. So I
    thought i had found my problem and replaced the MAF Sensor but to my surprise it did the same exact thing. It is throwing a coolant temp sensor code so maybe
    that is the culprit. My question is if it is a bad coolant temp sensor, why does it run fine when I unhook the MAF? I also tried unplugging the coolant temp sensor but it still does the same thing if the MAF is plugged up.
  • Hello folks, first time here or on any forum for that matter, my chevy passenger side window, seat heater and both of my auto side view mirrors stopped working. i have been through all the fuses, all look good i was hoping to get some info before i spend lots of dollars, Thanks
  • There isn't a fuse for the chime. The airbag controller or body controller sends a message to the radio or amp module across the class 2 bus to perform the chime. You can't disable this message unless it is in the module's calibration. I don't think the dealership offers cals with the chime turned off.
  • my 2006 chevy silverado would not pss emissions in MA. they said it could not read the computer said it may be a fuse can anybody tell me were to find this fuse or what other problems i may have thank you
  • On some models, one of the pins where you hook up the scan tool is fused with the cig lighter fuse under the hood. mine wouldnt work either and I found that the cig fuse was blown in the fuses in the electrical center under the hood. replaced it and scanner worked fine.
  • I have a 2004 Silverado that went through the same situation. Mine turned out to be the same fuse that controls the aux power outlet (cig. lighter). The fuse is located in the fuse box that is under the hood (drivers side). I can't recall if it was a 10A or what...but there are only so many to check. Test your aux power first (my guess is that it is not working), then after replacing the fuse you should test it again: if the aux power works with the new fuse, you should be all set. Good luck.

    - CJ
  • thanks you guys so very much for the info.
  • I have a 87 tbi truck and I am installing a 94 tbi motor. Most items look as though they will swap out but the 94 seems to have two temp sensors and the 87 only one?
    Do I use the 87 computer (1227747) or should I use the computer that came with the 94 (16146299) and just not hook up the temp sensor that is in the left side cylinder head as there is no provision for it on the 87 wiring harness. Thus only using the temp sensor in the inlet manifold?
  • did u check the relays for the driver door? when i recently put window tint on my truck i found 2 relays one for the driver side door and one for the passenger side so i pulled both of them so my tint wouldnt get messed up. relays should be under the hood in the fuse box driver side.
  • if the chime is on a chevrolet pickup hd or 1500 theres a harness onnector connected to the speaker that runs to the fuse box driver side inside cab that 4 wires snap to the fuse box u figure out which wire does what and wala u can disable the chime. i know bcus the fuckn speaker works when it wants to.
  • thejake1thejake1 Posts: 1
    Exact same problem on my 07. Did you fix yours??
  • redcurlzredcurlz Posts: 9
    I have a 1998 Chevy Silverado - Extended cab - Long bed.
    Why is it that only my wipers will work on "High" and if I shut them off when their moving thats where they stop. They don't return down to the bottom of my windshield. My cruise control wont work either. Can I just replace that lever on the steering column? Thanks for anyone input. :blush:
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