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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Electrical and Computer Questions



  • dastoddmandastoddman Posts: 5
    edited September 2010
    I am writing this in hopes that by chance someone out there might put thierselves in my shoes for just 30 seconds, and give me a hand with a problem we've been having. My Wife and I our first Brand New vehicle on August 28th, 2010. Myself, My Wife, and our two year old Son drove 6 hours from our home to purchase this vehicle, to a Chevrolet Dealership in Sacramento, California. I've always dreamed of owning a Brand new Chevy Pickup my whole life. Please Keep in mind the vehicle was close to $40,000.00 and GM has been paid, and I am a disabled man with a wife who works full time and we have two boys, 2 and 11 years old. The vehicle we purchased was a 2010 Chevrolet Silverado Extended Cab LT, VIN # xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. It had 20 miles when we bought it - NEW. The drive home from the dealership was approximately 300 miles. The following Monday, August 30th 2010, the truck would not start. We jumpstarted the truck that day, and every day after, once the truck was shut off and left for any amount of time the truck would not start. We called the Local Chevrolet dealer on Tuesday 08/31/2010, advised them of this electrical/loss of power problem and they said if it kept it up, we could bring it in. ( this was noted at local dealer ). I continued jumpstarting the vehicle when I absolutely had to have transportation and finally on that following Friday, 9/3/2010 the truck's lock would not operate and the truck's stereo would come on by itself with no keys in the ignition and the vehicle locked up. ( we heard the stereo from in the house and ran outside to see what was going on and it was our truck that was empty and locked up.. imagine that ). I jumpstarted the truck and it sat at the Chevrolet dealer since that day, 09/03/2010 until they opened up again due to it being Labor Day weekend. My Truck had 633 miles. The Dealership began repairs on 09/07/2010 and was unable to diagnose the problem. Somehow they guessed it was an ignition switch, so they ordered one of those and replaced my brand new one.. guess what .. it didnt fix it.. then they tried to blame in on a dealer added as new alarm upgrade, So they removed that, which did not eliminate the problem completely and then the BCM (Body Control Module) was replaced to my understanding. I was advised on 09/14/2010 that my vehicle was "Driveable" only after calling time after time to check on the status myself. During this 11 day time period I had started a case with the BBB against GM and have been contacted by some guy named Juan from "GM Corporate" who tried to please me with offering an additional value guard policy or an option of free oil changes for two years.. I had all but settled to take Juan's offer of the extra value guard warranty this weekend, since getting my new vehicle from the shop , on two occasions while driving all the hazard/warning dash lights on the vehicle will come on at the same time, stay on for a few seconds and go out.. ALL OF THEM, the airbag, the brakes, the water, the traction control, everything goes lit up like a christmas tree.. thats just not acceptable for $40,000.00.. actually my whole last 21 days has not been acceptable. My truck now has 733 miles and is not in my possession.. hmmm Now that a ignition switch has been replaced for no reason, there was a short they were unable to diagnose, some guy tore our truck apart trying to find a problem, my new truck was a mess when I got it back from shop, who knows what kind of problems are there now or created now.. My wife almost wrecked today when the dash lights alarmed and we called a tow truck to have the truck brought into the shop to do whatever..So here I am without my $40,000 investment and GM get's the interest? We really need more resolution and feel like this should be GM's number one priority, but it's not.. Am I in the wrong? I've owned a new chevy for 21 days, and actually been able to drive my vehicle a total of 6 days. Something is wrong with this picture, even K-MART has a 30 day return policy..
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    I'd start y checking out your state's requirements for lemon law. Something tells me that you may qualify or are close to it.

    The BBB is also a viable alternative as they can cut through most of the corporate red tape. That person Juan that contacted you will offer you the moon before agreeing to a buyback. I've seen GM "trade" their Major Guard extended warranty bumper to bumper no deductible worth at least $2500 as an alternative to buyback so keep that option open.

    Lastly, do not get emotional in your conversations at the dealership or with any GM representative although it might feel better at the time it will not help your case. Always appear to be reasonable.

    Electrical gremlins are the absolute worse to diagnose as most symptoms are intermittent.
  • Man when my wife and i read your post the only thing we could say to ourselves was didn't we just went threw alot of crap with our Silverado that we just purchased in july. We also got involved with the BBB who by the way were very helpful in my case.. It wasn't till we did that, that anyone wanted or seemed to take us seriously about the problems.

    Our Silverado is not new it's an 06 and it had 56k on it. From day one thing's started happening, electrical, would not start, anti theft would activate all by itself. Anyway i don't know your state law's but your truck only has a few miles on it if anything i would try and get GM to give you another BRAND NEW TRUCK. That's what i would want and try to get.

    The problems are just starting i think unless they can come up with a concrete diagnostic conclusion i would get the BBB to pressure GM into another new truck if that's at all possible.

    Keep us posted and let us know how you make out with this, from one Silverado owner to another hope it work's out for you and your family. GOOD LUCK.
  • Hello, sorry to hear about your NEW 2010 Chevy Silverado truck problems, welcome to the family. I have a 2008 Sierra that has been nothing but a Jeckle & Hyde since 3,000 miles, unitended acceration, drivibility changes on a daily basis, shift points that change at will, vibrations, I could keep going... I have been to numerous dealerships, been told it is all normal, been told they fixed something only to be told later it was a lie, I've done the BBB auto program & while it may have been helpful for some it was the most corrupt process I personally have ever seen. The guy based his decision on a test drive, not the service visits, & he never drove the damn truck, yes a test drive from the back seat! DO NOT believe a single thing that GM & the corrupt dealerships tell you, they have this all down to a science. Obyone is correct when he advises you to keep emotion out of the dealing with the dealerships & GM customer service, if you want to call it that. Sorry but keeping your emotions out of the equation after getting screwed out of $40,000 is unrealistic. My sugestion is simple & comes from hindsight, get a LAWYER, he has no emotional connection & can keep things factual, it will save you years off of your life & will likely result in some type of action, you can not win without one against the corrupt GM machine.
    Also please make sure to complete a review on your new truck so others can be better educated, keep blogging & talking, only when us consumers wise up & stop buying products from companies that could care less after the sale will we have a chance to see change, although unlikely.
    Has anyone noticed that in the Ford & Dodge truck forums you will find nary a complaint about a newer model year truck? Yes I know there is a sales number difference but here in the GM truck forum many of us are talking about brand new trucks, dont believe me, look for yourselves. I love my Sierra when it is in the mood to operate properly but I can tell you all that once you have a problem you are screwed, GM does not care & will not fix anything, Get a lawyer!
  • I agree with others: lemon law, lawyer get a new truck! Consider this, I have 2003 GMC 2500 HD with 60,000 miles. I have not gotten through one oil change without 1-3 repairs from Day One! Electrical, repeat mechanical and just plain BS. After repeated surveys, GM NEVER called me about all the problems, they just wanted to know how good the dealer was. Now that I am considering a trade in after 7 years, they are suddenly interested to speaking with me, when they read my response to them asking WHY would I want another GM. They apparently have more employees in the sales department than they do in customer satisfaction. You unfortunately are reminding me that they ignore their customers after the sale and after 30 years, looks like I can't abuse myself into buying another GM problem. $40,000 and that is the treatment you get?
  • Even though i have already commented about your Silverado i have to say i wish i had discovered this site before i bought mine. It is almost overwhealming to see the countless number of different issues that so many have. Page after page of frustrated owners.

    Wanting a fairly new Silverado was something i wanted for a long time, I was pretty happy until i got it home in July, so far with my payment and repairs the truck is costing me about a 1000 a month, on average. plus my insurance and gas.

    It will be back in the shop again in Oct for another 500 dollar repair ( front wheel bearing. It has been just a money pit. I Hope you take the advise of others and get a lawyer , get the BBB involved and anyone else that might be able to help you.
  • dastoddmandastoddman Posts: 5
    edited September 2010
    just an update guys and gals... got my new silverado back from the flashing lights on the dash repair. the dealer told me they were unable to diagnose and unable to replicate and pretty much were snotty and gave me the feeling they felt I was a fibber.. the day I got it back was last friday, the 24th so it sat at the dealer another 5 days while they put 60 miles on it to tell me the truck was fine.. truck went in shop with 733, came out with 791 , now SATURDAY we decided to take a family drive to Redding, California to see some nice weather and enjoy our new vehicle on the 7th day we've ever been able to drive it out since the 28th of last month. This is a 150 mile drive.. we made it there and I noticed no real problems, so was really excited. We ate at IHOP and then loaded up our family to go have a great day, and guess what, the whole dash on the truck quit working, YES, quit working.. I turned the truck of and started it again.. no dash, no speedo, no signals, no tach, NOTHING.. drove it to the dealer, had the head service guy verify the problem and here we were on our vacation having to deal with this bs again.. now what.. am i really needing to be punished like this? please god tell me what I have done.. I am literally losing sleep over this and if my asthmatic son needs to be rushed to the hospital and our truck doesnt operate correctly i am wondering if i can sue someone, this is ridiculous..literally every time, i mean every time i talk to this Juan guy from GM business resource center he gives me some line of crap about needing a few more days to research something? research what? and then sometimes actually calls back.. I wonder if Juan has a boss.. will that help you guys think?
  • I feel for you man, I have a 05' with electrical problems tha GM can't find or repair. Sits for a period of time and battery is dead, 5 batteries and 14 trips to the dealer only to have the truck sitting in my drive with a dead battery as we speak.

    Anyway, It is my understanding that in general the Lemon Laws provide for the attorney to be paid by the dealer/Corporate office so there is no money out of your pocket and the Corporate will buy back the truck, interest and all other fees that were associated with the sale if the vehicle can't be repaired.
    It would be worth it to research your states lemon law to get the specifics.

    As was said somewhere on this forum, these trucks are a jewel to drive and operate as long as they do what they are supposed to do.
  • general motors called today and said they are replacing my vehicle... awesome.. what i don't understand is they say it has to be the exact same options or i have to pay extra? even if the msrp is the same.. does anyone know about this.. he said i could get a 2011, but it had to be option for option or some crap. anyone know about this?
  • donl1donl1 Posts: 112
    Sounds right to me. You can't expect to get extras without paying for them. Just what did you expect? :confuse:
  • Thats great, but like mention you can't expect any options in your next truck that you don't have already, but then again you should not have any less either. Let us know how the new truck goes,
  • This is not a super serious problem but it is another issue that is frustrating me with my silverado.

    The problem is my cig. lighter keep's blowing fuses. i had to replace it when i got the truck in july and then today it went out again.

    When i took the blown fuse out i noticed that it was not only blown but was also melted. not alot but enough to melt the plastic casing

    My ? is how can i determine or find the cause, there seems to be a short somewhere. or could the lighter housing be defective even though the lighter still works.

    I took the fuse out and haven't replaced it as i need to find the problem

    Any suggestions would be appreciated on what i can check for so my fuse doesn't get hot.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Just like any other big-ticket item, you're only entitled to the same model in a replacement deal. Say you buy a new refrigerator and it dies in 6 months. The manufacturer is only going to give you a new fridge of the same model, not the top-line stainless steel three-door with ice maker.

    GM has to deliver the same vehicle primarily for internal records, since this is not a regular retail sale.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • Wow, good for you! I almost can't believe it, GM is finally taking some accountability. It really is good to hear.
  • dash screen says"engine hot and a/c off" on my 2007 silverado and the temp gauge went down to bottom end
  • I have a 2004 gmc sierra 1500. My problem is that the left rear brake light and turn signal wire is not working anymore to my trailer.(The yellow wire) I can't trace it far enough back to see were it is comming from. I've changed the fuses and that dosen't seem to be the problem. Any suggestions. Thanks
  • rory4rory4 Posts: 1
    My GMC has dashboard circuits that turn on when the courtesy lights turn off after you close the door. This drains the battery over night. Any help would be appreciated.
  • opc167opc167 Posts: 14
    I ran my truck a little hard yesterday and when I cut it off, I had to get someone to jump it off. When I got home, I found the second battery very, very hot and had been fried I guess. I'm replacing it today. My question is, it's confusing to most why there is a 2nd battery in a gas version, but I can still crank the truck and I can not find any assessories that do not work with this battery out. Does it automatacally switch over to this aux. battery if your pushing the truck a little hard...or when does it come in use? I know this 2nd battery has to be replaced, but the front battery seems to be O.K.

  • I have 2007 silverado ltz,something drains my battery overnight and after a jump start it might not happen again for a year.
  • Hi everyone. I have a 2010 GMC Sierra and want to wire in some LED lights that I will attach to my backrack. I want this to be as clean as possible and want to utilize the switch for the cargo lamp so when I turn on the body light this LED light comes on as well. How do I go about doing this?
  • Rory,
    I have a 03' Silverado P/U that has been doing something very similar. Over the past week the truck has been dead in the morning twice. Each time I jumped - it and it ran fine for a few days. I charged the battery(one year old) and just replaced the alternator.

    I just got home from the store and turned the truck off then waited for the lights to go out. All went out EXCEPT for the instrument lights and some other small lights (door switch etc.). I could not figure out why my newish battery kept discharging overnight!

    Any luck figuring out why this is happening?

  • this same messege has been coming up on my dash lately..
    up untill yesterday it didnt come off..
    as soon as i got home everything died and the truck turned off..
    did you find the solution for your problem?
    or can anybody help me out on exactlly what it is?
    im a little limited on money so i dont want to go out and buy a new battery or alternator and then finding out later that thats not the problem..

    help, someone?
  • Hi Whizbang
    Just so you know that you are not alone. My 07 Silverado bought new in June 07 has done that 2 or 3 times since new. I have not taken it in for the problem because after a boost everthing is fine. I do carry a powerpak with me now for the next time it happens. My father had 04 Buick with next to no miles on it that did the same thing and dealer could not sort it out in 3 tries. By the time it was towed in everything checked out fine. Love my truck though.

    Newtonville Dan
  • Have a 2003 chevy silverado 1500 4x4 all new brake parts but the brakes will lock up on it after driving it for 10 or 20 min no one can figure out what the problem is it all started when i had a brake hose bust underneith and now the brakes lock up if anyone knows a fix i would really love it email to
  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    The problem is your brake hose. The fluid is not able to return to the master cylinder after it gets hot as the clamp holding the hose to th upper control arm has the fluid cut off. I own a shop and this is a defect in the hoses and a common problem. remove the hose and check and you will find it stopped up.
  • Hi, I have a 2001 Silverado and my problem is that any other day the battery will drain overnight and I've had noticed that 2 lights come on after the car is being parked for like a minute or so. The lights that come on are: the high beam headlight and the cruise control (my truck doesn't have a cruise control)
    Sometimes I will be able to get the truck running but it feels like the battery barely has charge to turn the starter and the rest of the days it wont start at all.
    I took it to a shop but they could (or didn't want to) find the problem. So I thought that I might get any help around the net and I stumbled here, Thanks
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