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Honda Fit v. Nissan Versa



  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    If you want more opinions on the Versa vs Fit, scroll through some of the blogs on the two cars. It's apparent that one is liked a lot more than the other.
  • macsanmacsan Posts: 27
    Well I went to test drive the Versa and the Fit and I have concluded that the Fit is the better choice for me for the following reasons:
    I preferred the smooth running engine of the Vtec engine to the Versa's 4 banger . While accelerating in the Versa's 1.8sl CVT, i noticed an annoying howl from about 3800rpms up that I didn't like. 2.The steering felt detached from the road as compared to the Fit's excellent and precise feel. The Versa was a little more "comfy" on the road
    but not enough to sway my decision.( I wanted to test a six speed but they had none on the lot.) 3. The interior cargo configurations on the Fit wins hands down.
    4. The engine on the Fit had plenty of power as long as you weren't afraid to be liberal with the free revving Vtec. (I drove a MT) If you did not know the size of the engine on the Fit and was asked to guess , how many people would say a 1.5 liter?
    At highway speeds above 65 the engine was surprisingly smooth even above 3500 rpms. I was concerned about people saying it was too "buzzy". 4. I plan on getting the Fit Sport MT and it comes with a good deal of features that you would have to shell out $ with other cars as option packages. Yes, the Versa has an armrest and foot rest-still not swayed. I heard you can get an armrest on E Bay. Overall I think the Fit is more "sporty" and fun to drive vs. the Versa which is more for sedate cruising and errand running. 5. Its an Honda, I 've owned five of them and all were reliable. I hope this helps....
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    Currently in the market for a daily commuter, mostly highway (70-75 mph) that not only gets good highway mileage but will pull utility duty on the weekends. I have heard that the Versa may be a more comfortable ride on the highway than the Fit but that the Fit gets better mileage. I would appreciate any Fit or Versa owners with an opinion on this matter!
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    After reading all of the posts on the Versa and Fit forums, I'm glad I bought my Fit nearly 2 years ago. Better MPG, better interior versatility, better quality, etc.
  • Just anecdotal, I do not think the Versa is holding up very well on the exterior. I know this sounds dumb but when I see them on the road here in Atlanta, they do not look good...I don't know what is causing my opinion.

    I feel confident with my honda purchase in terms of reliablity and i love the storage space. I liked a few of the bells and whistles on the higher end versa but in the end I went for reliability of the actual nameplate....

    it is such a personal decision!
  • I just traded in my 2008 Versa SL HB for a 2008 Honda Sport MT 3 days ago. My short experience with the Versa convinced me that I should have went with my original choice of a Fit. I only owned the Versa for 4 months - but it spent almost as much time in the dealer's service dept. as it did in my own driveway. I lost confidence quick in it's reliability factor and felt it was very cheaply made compared to the Fit.

    Yes, the comfort factor is what steered me to the Versa as well as built in bluetooth technology, etc. Lot's of extra "luxury" items (which don't do a lot of good if the car isn't running!),

    When I am in the Fit - I feel like I am riding in quality and a well built car. It handles better, rides almost as good as the Versa, and I really like the Honda reputation of reliability.

    Well, that's my 2 cents...I love my Fit!!!! :D
  • Wow somdamon,

    I appreciate you making this posting. I am sorry that you had so much trouble with the Versa but it is good to get some feedback. I cannot believe you ended up getting rid of the Versa in such a short time, you probably lost money on this, especially getting the fully equipped Versa....It's hard making choices like this b/c you can never have everything you want. I hear Fit will have some updated features like some of those cool steering wheel controls (maybe bluetooth?) in the 09 model....

    Our Fits will last a long time and by then there will be a great hybrid or something for us!

    thanks for writing! :lemon:
  • I looked at the Versa first and was very impressed. I bought the Fit for 2 basic reasons. Its back seats fold completely down (if you are going to make a hatchback make it right) and the engine is a little smaller. Obviously it doesn't have as much power (but enough), but the reason I wanted this class of car was mileage. The Versa is a nice car and a little classier than the Fit but there are a bunch of considerations which are different fot different customers.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Did the Versa get any updates for 2009? Besides the new base 1.6 model, I mean.
  • I test drove a Versa a couple years ago--2007--because I thought it might be "similar" to the Fit I couldn't find to test drive. The six speed I tested was quite nice but, like others have said, I was put off by the rear seat fold down configuration. (I wanted to easily put my bike in the back with the front wheel on and that didn't look possible.) I bought a 2009 fit in September and love it.

    Also, with the recent benefit of the Consumer Report evaluation of "worse than average" in reliability I am really glad I went with the Fit.
  • franko1franko1 Posts: 15
    I bought the first Versa our dealer got in aug 2006 and drove it until may 09 and traded it in for a Honda insight hybrid. This dealer just got 3 in that morning when I arrived and two were sold so I bought the only one available, silver metallic, and good so far.
    The versa was OK. Had new fuel pump installed, three regulators. Clunk in front end when turning to the right. Dealer couldn't find problem. Lived with it. Had three new ECM's installed. Reason,dealer installed wrong P/N .Gas mileage avg. about 25 in town, and 30 hwy. OK I guess.
    Pay full MSRP on Honda, or walk. First trip W/O air on , and after 100 miles , the instant MPG indicator showed 59. Return trip with A/C on , dropped to 54.This could become a great car. This is my 78th car purchase since 1944. This is a complicated mudda. The service manual has 485 pages. It took 12 hours to try to understand the complexity of the electronics. I'm still having difficulty in setting the 35 puter screens. Oh yeah, my insurance ,Allstate, is cheaper than on Versa, same coverage, because of its massive safety features, and now 5 star crash tests.
  • DondohDondoh Posts: 9
    My wife wants a manual base fit. She will take any of three colors so we are a bit flexible.

    There are a lot of smart folks here so I figured I would throw this out to the community....
    Here is my question:
    How much should I pay out-the-door (not including taxes and title but including everything else) if I am looking to get this car at a great price?
  • re: "I don't realy see why, if looking for cargo carrying capacity, you'd be shopping the subcompact segment anyway."

    Price and fuel economy. If you can find something with the cargo capacity you need, and it costs less and gets better fuel economy than "bigger" cars, it's a sensible choice.

    The Honda Fit is a great choice for musicians. We always have plenty of gear to haul around and are always broke. ;-)

    Really, I was very happy to find an inexpensive car that got a real 35 mpg, that could actually hold all my gear.
  • my son is chasing the musician's "dream" on the Right Coast right now. So I know about the "always being broke" thing. He and his bandmates really have the drive to succeed that helps all musicians in that regard. Tough field to crack. But those that do can really hit paydirt and do what they love for a living.

    I heard a quote on TV from a musician that playing your own music on stage for people is better than sex. He was altogether serious, he was in a rock band that looked like a bad Motley Crue or Poison knockoff. But they were playing for a live audience and there were a lot of people in that audience! ;)

    Good fortune to you in your musical endeavours, if indeed the big time is what you all want to hit in your quest.

    I remember looking at a Honda Fit when they were brand new coming out, this dealer was in Pocatello, ID. I recall kind of a pleasing body shape, different from any Honda I'd seen before. Small car, yes.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • aueaue Posts: 16
    Fit kicks Versa and Yaris [non-permissible content removed]
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Well, there's an argument you can't dispute. Well, you can, but why would ya bother?
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    . . . well said, grad. At the risk of violating rule #1 of the internet (don't feed the trolls):

    I bought a Fit because it suits my needs and priorities better--basically, because it has a sportier feel. The somewhat better reliability (per CR) is also a plus. I like the extra versatility of the rear seats in "tall mode" too, but that by itself wouldn't have sold me on the car.

    I have a relatively short commute, and fun-to-drive beats lull-me-to-sleep. If I were still making the 38 mile one-way drive every day (as I did ten years ago), then the Versa would be a much better choice. The Versa feels more like a "big car"--wider cabin, softer ride, bigger seats--and some folks find that more appealing. It also seems to me that the Versa's interior materials are a bit higher-grade, though neither one will win any awards for interior quality.

    In other words, both are good choices--but for different buyers. There are some other good choices in the same price range too. Very few cars "suck" now--manufacturers have mostly been forced to improve or been driven out of the very competitive US market.
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