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Toyota Highlander Real World MPG



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Given that the Venza, Sienna, and 2010 RX350 now already have the new F/awd system it seems improbable to me that the 2011 HL will not have it. Also, many engines are now in the process of being converted, certified, with DFI, Direct Fuel Injection. Substantial improvement in FE and HP due to increase of CR to ~12:1.

    Might even see an I4 with F/awd with the advent of the DFI engine performance improvement. 210HP..??
  • tdivertdiver Posts: 13
    wwest which drive system is better the one on the Highlander now or the new one on the Venza, Sienna etc.? As for DFI yes I think that is the wavy of the future in engines but due to Toyota's problems of late I don't expect to see that for a couple of years (I may be wrong). Anyway I was thinking on the lines of if the 2011 well have memory seats, 6 speed auto, HID's etc...
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The current HL, as did the previous RX, uses three "simple" open differentials. All four wheels are driven as long as all four have roughly equal, high or low, roadbed traction. Should one wheel slip then TC, Traction Control, braking is used to "restrain" that wheel in order to simulate traction and thereby maintain engine torque at a high enough level for the non-slipping, tractive, wheels to get/keep you moving.

    When TC activates in this manner the engine also gets dethrottled instantly.

    The new system "PRO-ACTIVELY" couples a variable (condition dependent) level of engine torque to the rear any time you accelerate from a low speed, below ~25MPH, to a higher speed, or need extra torque to start moving, towing, hill, etc.

    Regretably if/when that doesn't work the system reverts to TC braking and full engine DETHROTTLING.

    But progress is progress.

    6 speed auto, yes, memory seats, HID, there's always Ebay.

    Toyota has a vested interest in not "stealing" Lexus Rx sales.
  • tdivertdiver Posts: 13
    Thanks wwest that was a very informative and easy to understand explanation. It does sound like a bit of a wash between the two systems.Though the new system make have a slight edge. I am use to a 2004 Subaru Forester XT which works very well but at 57 I really like the quiet and smooth ride of the Highlander Limited. Also we have driven Toyota's since 1981 and my wife would like to see me get back to a Toyota. We still have the 2001 Avalon XLS and she well not give that up for anything. If the 2011 has the 6 speed I think I may have to wait.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Were I to purchase one of the new F/awd systems it would immediately get a switch wherein the rear clutch could be manually engaged in times of need.
  • wwest,

    What is the story with the Highlander Hybrid rear wheel, does it send power there normally?

    The way I see it, wait until 2011 HL specs come out before doing anything.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited July 2010
    It is my understanding that the F/awd HH and RXh will NORMALLY power the rear wheels only during acceleration. Other than that I don't know.
  • helmut122helmut122 Posts: 6
    I was told by one salesman that there is a slight redesign for the 2011 highlander and another salesman told me that there will be no styling changes.
    I am in the market for a new vehicle but I don't want to spend 49k on a vehicle that may be redesigned and available within a month or so.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited July 2010
    For some, adoption of the F/awd system might be considered a "slight redesign".

    No visual difference, except underside.
  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 183
    Hi Guys-

    for a first (partial) look of the 2011 Highlander, the reveal may come @ the Moscow Auto Show on August 25th in three weeks. Reportedly the US version will be virtually the same. Refer to this link: nch-at-moscow-motor-sho/

  • See some interesting stuff in the PDF; split third row seat, and that blue color is back, or at least it is in Russia. Now what about the AWD system. Looks like a winner to me.
  • Wow thanks for the pdf link! If that split folding third row seat makes it to the USA, I might be replacing the minivan...
  • The local dealership is flooded with 2010 Highlanders like never before. Either the economy is that bad, or, I am thinking the factory is switching over to 2011, so they built a bunch so during the switch over so dealers have something to sell.
  • Most other 2011 models are announced or even hitting dealers, yet there isn't a peep of official information on the Highlander. Granted, it does seem overpriced so perhaps it is a supply issue. Or maybe they will skip 2011 and bring an early 2012? Anyone heard anything?
  • I was wondering the same thing. The only date I've seen was an unofficial September 24 release date:

    I was waiting for it to go on sale, but I'm going to need a new car by the end of October... They might miss my transaction.
  • I was told by 2 dealerships in FL that the new models are coming this week (Wed). My salesperson sent me the specs for the SE. Comparing it to the 2010 specs, it looks like they have added the iPod interface, the 50/50 split for the the 3rd row, it might have XM radio already with a 90 day trial, phone/music streaming via bluetooth, autodimming rearview mirror camera w/compass. Again this is for the SE model 6951
  • Nice, thanks- sounds promising for a split 3rd row in the hybrid. That would probably be enough for me to consider it despite the overpriced sticker. I hope they improve the fuel economy as mentioned earlier in the thread. If only they'd offer a 2WD hybrid and a 4-cylinder for those of us who don't need to tow or drag race, it would easily be 30mpg city.

    See if you can tap your guy for the base hybrid info;-)
  • Looks like the media embargo is lifted today as reviews are appearing now. The hybrid gets the 3.5L v6 with 28/28 mpg and a split folding third row seat standard in all trims. Nice.

    Looks like the base hybrid also gets bluetooth streaming and fog lamps.
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