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Mazda CX-7 Transmission Questions



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Drive forward to park the car in the evening then shift into reverse upon starting out the next morning and you will often hear sort of a "klunk" sound as the brake pads "unseat" from their overnight stuck "forward" position(***) against the rotor and then move "backwards" a very small amount in the calipers, and "strike" the caliper stops.

    *** Especially after a rain or wet day.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Due to newer design aspects it might be EXTREMELY important to not overfill, nor underfill, the ATF sump. Many cars now have SEALED transaxle sumps for this reason. Apparently as little as 1/8 of a quart can be the difference between over and/or under.

    To much ATF and it will be stirred, frothed, by the rotating gearset, resulting in an air/oil mixture. To little and early morning, COLD, shifting will be impaired.
  • :confuse: Can anyone tell me why all of the sudden, my CX-7 won't go into park? All other gears are working, car is drivable, but won't go into park.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    There is a solenoid actuated lock that prevents the gear shift from being moved FROM the park position usless you have your foot firmly on the brake. My guess would be that the lock has failed in a position that prevents you moving the shifter INTO park.

    Look for the lock over-ride (in the owners manual) and actuate it and see if you cane move the shifter to park.
  • Yeah, I noticed that too, always happen in the morning and just one time, the rest of the day it does´not make that sound, so I just ignored it.
    Mine it is a year old now and has 5k.
  • Hi WWest,

    Thanks for your feedback! I was unable to figure it out myself, so took it in to the dealership. I did share with them your email and suggestion. They said they never heard of such a thing happening and was especially surprised at learning that I was able to not only drive the car, but remove the key in neutral - apparently you aren't supposed to be able to do this. Go figure. We'll see what they come up with tomorrow! Anyway... thanks again for your input! - best, jillian
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    If you were able to remove the key in neutral then the electrical interlock system "thought' the system was in park and that's why you could not shift into (nor out of) park.
  • bobcx7bobcx7 Posts: 1
    Yes, this is exactly what I get on my 2008 CX-7. In the morning when I first back up, as soon as I hit the brakes I hear a loud klunk sound (or maybe more of a "snap" sound) and I can feel the shock through the brake pedal. Then I drive forward and the first time I hit the brakes I hear the same thing.

    Then I continue driving forward and everything is fine when I hit the brakes, until the next time I put it in reverse -- then I can reproduce the cycle again. But after about an hour of this it goes away, and I can't reproduce the cycle anymore, until I let it sit overnight. Same thing again the next morning, particularly if it's cold out. On warmer days it doesn't happen as much.

    I've taken it to the Mazda dealer 3 times and they claim there's no known problem and they don't really know what it is. The first time they couldn't reproduce it after putting it on the hoist, the 2nd time they inspected the brakes and didn't really do anything, and the 3rd time they put some sort of sealer on the brakes pads and tried to charge me for it -- yeah, right. That seems to have helped for the past 2 days, but now I'm worried that they're just masking a problem that could have a long-term impact.

    Is there some part that Mazda should be replacing?
  • bcp1bcp1 Posts: 21
    I would also be curious about the problem. I have 12,300 miles on my CX-7GTFWD
    they had changed the module last year, but I notice it doesnot always go into 6th gear without letting off on the accellerator. I get the downshift sometimes on hills, but it is pretty flat where we live.
    My gas milage has dropped significantly since they last worked on the car which I think was Dec. 08. I made 22.5mpg on a hwy trip this past weekend, but my intown
    driving with heavy traffic has dropped to 15.1mpg which is the lowest I have ever gotten in town. I notice it spends a lot of time in 4th & 5th gear.
  • corytcoryt Posts: 3
    I am looking to see if anyone has experienced this. I started my car and realized I left my purse inside the laundry room which is connected to the garage, my son stayed in the car while I grabbed my purse and put his hand on the gear shift and it went into reverse - i tried to jump in and push it back up, but to no avail and it ran over me and down the driveway hitting a mailbox to stop it- i have severe injuries from it and Mazda claims they have never heard of this happening and have offered nothing- it was only three months old off of the showroom floor. The whole family is terrified of the car at this point and I need help finding if anybody else has had this happen to them!!!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    That is horrifying. I hope you are able to recover from your injuries.

    I wonder whether Mazda's position is/will be that your son set the car in motion by fiddling with the gear shift.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • bcp1bcp1 Posts: 21
    You need to get this checked immediately by a Mazda dealer. You are suppose to have your foot on the break in order to shift from park to reverse. Are you sure the vehicle was not in drive already. It is pretty difficult to shift from Park into reverse.

    Sure hope you were not seriously hurt. Also remember that you have a manual function on your CX-7. You move it into the manual mode and it is extremely easy to shift from one gear to the next.

    I would have a Mazda Dealer make sure that you donot have some faulty transmission, that is very dangereous.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Has anyone checked to be sure the park/brake locking solenoid assembly is fully operational...? And how well "hidden" is the manual release/bypass if the brake application doesn't allow a shift out of park..?
  • corytcoryt Posts: 3
    thank you to everyone who has put in helpful questions for me as this is a serious matter. I appreciate your help. In answer to tidester, they are not giving anything and maybe that is their position except that he was in the PASSENGER seat belting in-no where near the driver's seat......keep the possible answers coming as I need help getting Mazda to fix this problem!!! I ride three children around in the car on a daily basis and they are all terrified of the car since this happened.
  • corytcoryt Posts: 3
    how do i read message 97????
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    how do i read message 97?

    You don't. At least not until the author rewrites the message so that it conforms to the Terms of Use. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I just bought a 2010 CX-7 Touring. Having just moved down from a 2008 CX-9, I expected some adjustment period, but I am really struggling with the signifcant loudness of this engine. At first I just attributed it to getting used to a turbo charged engine, but as mentioned in these posts from a few years ago, when I turn it on, the engine screams and revs up to 2500 and sits there, until I tap the accelerator. If I shift into drive while it is in this mode, it shoots off like a rocket, which is disturbing in parking lot situations. I'm no car expert, so I called the dealership to ask if this was normal behavior and they said it sounds like the idle is stuck?

    Am I going to walk into the service department and they'll look at me like I'm an idiot? Is this just normal behavior for a turbo engine?

    Thanks for your educational responses.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Since your engine is so severely derated/detuned in order to accommode turbo BOOST, and of fairly low displacement volume anyway it probably takes somewhat "extreme" measures such as this to bring the catalytic converter up to operational temperatures, ~800F, in the time designated/allocated by the EPA.

    Throw in a COLD climate and thereby the need to heat the passenger cabin at the same time and....

    "....Until I tap the accelerator...."

    How soon after starting the engine will/does this work...???

    Perhaps "you" are the "switch" used to tell the system that the passenger cabin is now warm enough..?
  • I'm fortunately not in a 'cold' climate. My garage temp is around 60 right now and outside is low 50s.

    Does it make sense that I have to tell the car it's warm enough by tapping the accelerator?

    Is the fact that it revs up so high at start an issue or is it just the nature of this vehicle's engine?

    Thanks for the clarification.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..not in a 'cold' climate.."

    Yes, I know, it's about the same over here in Woodiville.

    "..Does it make sense.."

    Well, yes. Think about it, what's the harm in the engine "idling" at 2500 RPM until the catalyst is heated to operational temperature..?? Unless the driver decides it's time to "go" and taps the accelerator in order to more gently enter "drive".

    My '01 F/awd RX300 disables OD until the transaxle ATF temperature has risen to some predetermined level. Currently I drive about a mile before I feel the shift up into overdrive. In the summer it appears to take about half of that distance. My RX has the V6 so the catalyst would be expected to get to operational temperature a lot quicker that your detuned/derated I4. I would imagine that your CX-7 also has OD locked out until....

    " issue or..."

    Only the dealer, say Kirkland's Madza dealer. Dick Meyer, owner, might be able to answer that.
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