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  • jdwksujdwksu Posts: 27
    Okay I know it is keyless entry. is there also keyless start? As in a push button start.

    I don't see why they would make it keyless entry, and make you put your key in or the fob someplace in order to start it.

    Can anyone tell me what the deal is with this...
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Yes, CX-7 with the Tech Package has keyless start.

    You just keep the key in your pocket. Instead of push button, Mazda elected to cover the entire ignition switch with a knob, which you twist, just as if you inserted your key to start the car.

    The advantage is that if the keyless system malfunctions or becomes inoperative, you can remove the knob cover, and insert your key as you would, normally. That auxilliary spare key is an integral part of the advanced keyless fob.

  • 022540022540 Posts: 31
    We purchased the GT with everything including the Navigation
    system. Love everything about it! We have the front wheel drive and have no problems with torque steer. If you work the gas pedal properly, dont punch it............ The turbo works great between 2500-3500rpm's. Passing on two lane hwy is awesome.
    The CX-7 is a blast to drive. We have about 2400 miles since Oct. 5, 2006. Took a 1596 mile trip and averaged 25mpg over all. This was done mostly in the the Ozarks of AR.
    I have been getting about 17-19mpg in town. Very congested traffic in a town of about 200,000 . The safety features alone are worth the price. We love the Rear View Camera for safety.
    We also have a 2006 RTL/SR Honda Ridgeline Truck with AWD.
    That is why we got the CX-7 with front wheel drive.
    The Navigation system is very nice but lacks data for Rural areas. We couldnot program in one of our daughter's home which is Hot Springs, AR.
    The CX-7 is an ideal choice for someone with a young family or Retired like us that needs the extra space to haul things.
  • Can anyone tell me if the controls on the steering wheel (cruise and audio) are illuminated in the GT models? Thanks
  • Yes, the switches are lit but I don't think ALL the verbiage is. Seems like maybe only the "ON/OFF" for cruise is spelled out and glows, the other switches get glowing lines.

    FWIW... It took me a while to get which audio button was which without looking (kept forgetting), but after 6000 miles, I've got all the steering wheel controls down pat.
  • I LOVE my CX-7!!!! I love it...I love it...(Do you think I love it...?) I do. I am so happy with it. I have not had any issues. :D
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Good for you! It's wonderful to see such enthusiasm. :)

    tidester, host
  • I've had my new CX7 for about 3 weeks and absolutely love it. It's the Icy Blue Grand Touring. I finally got it on an open highway on an hours trip and was traveling at about 70-80 mph on a flat road, no cruise, no hills, evenly depressing gas pedal. All was going well when all of a sudden I felt the car downshift. I looked at the gear indicator and saw it had shifted from 6 to 5. After a minute or two it shifted back to 6. This happened about 5 or 6 times during my hour drive. I have no idea why it would do this. I didn't have the cruise on and was driving on a flat road. I've driven sticks all my life so I know something about shifting. I took it to the dealer and they did a diagnostic and found nothing wrong. They also did an all points check including tires and brakes. Everything looked good. Has anyone else experienced this? I haven't noticed any problems with lower gears/speeds. The car seems to shift quite smoothly. I'm really worried that this could be a real problem. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  • My guess is that either the road isn't as flat as you thought, or your pressure on the gas pedal wasn't as even as you intended. A nice headwind could add into the equation, too.

    My experience has been that the CX-7's tranny is real sensitive to 6-5 downshifts. I think it's because the car is geared so high, and it is trying to stay in the powerband - and even the slightest hill or pedal provocation might make it think it needs a downshift.

    This isn't really the solution, but you could always slide it over into manumatic mode and then it wouldn't downshift.

    The other idea would be to make the same trip with cruise control on. If it still downshifts, it's probably the road and/or wind that's suggesting the gear change.

  • cxrabbitcxrabbit Posts: 134
    I can't confirm for sure, but in my travels around the web I'm pretty sure I read that there's a software update that fixes some of the tranny issues. I can tell you that I bought my CX-7 the end of November and specifically asked that the car have the latest PCM/ECM Flash and new gas cap for delivery. I haven't had the downshift problem some have reported.
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    I've had mine since early June, 11K miles now. The tranny does that periodically and it's normal.

  • wjbushsrwjbushsr Posts: 135
    Your tranny is still in the "learning" mode... It will take a couple of thousand miles before it adjusts to your style of driving, but it will and the downshifting will disperse.

    If it however does it for extended periods of time, then you might want to notify your dealer just in case. :shades:
  • Thank Vince, I've been reading the message board and am finding that my problem or should I say situation, is not unique. But I am still going to document the instances and tell the service dept. whenever I bring it in for service. Just in case anything happens, I want to be prepared.

  • rex10rex10 Posts: 24
    I've noticed that using the cruise control on the freeway the car always stays in 6th, even up some pretty significant hills, whereas it will downshift to 5th at any incline otherwise.
  • pctechpctech Posts: 43
    The car should NOT stay in sixth, even with cruise on. It should shift as required to maintain the set speed, same as you would do if not using cruise. Cruise is supposed to maintain as constant a speed as possible, not to maintain a particular gear.
  • I wonder if the "problem" is that the car is turning such low revs it is in decisive as to what gear it should be in. If I am traveling between 65-70 mph and I encounter a slight incline it seems as if it thinks it should not downshift but does anyway. Latley I have been driving in manual mode and if I get to the same spot where it wavers in shifting I downshift and keep the engine in the ideal rev range. This seems to work, but of course takes away the automatic idea of the car. Also, I have noticed that my mileage has increased when driving in manual by keeping the revs in the 2000-2500 range on all upshifts.
  • Ok, so the CEL went on at day FIVE and on day SIX there was this terrible shimmying on the steering wheel when I had to brake quickly a few times. Took the car in on day SEVEN (194 miles)and they fixed the CEL (gas cap) and replaced the brake rotors. Now, is this typical of such a new car? Do I have any recourse on this?
    Mazda Corporate not available until at least Tuesday. This is not the dealer's or service people's fault, but MAZDA. Please advise, thank you,
  • On my Audi A6 which I drove for 100,000 miles before selling and purchasing the Cx-7, the front rotors were replaced 5 times because of brake shimmy at highway speeds. Finally put on aftermarket drilled Zimmerman racing rotors and that stoppped the brake shimmy.

    Have found the brakes excellent on the Cx-7, one of the reasons for buying.... something odd must have happened during the manufacturing process on yours.
  • I just bought the CX7 and my breaks shimmy too. Only have 200 miles on it. Happens not only at hard breaking , high speeds but at ANY speed. I will take it in to the dealer Tuesday I was just wondering what your results were?
  • cxrabbitcxrabbit Posts: 134
    You should NOT being doing any real hard braking in a car with 200 miles on it (unless it's an emergency obviously). That's the one area you really do need to baby it in the first 1,000 miles.
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