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  • zoom08zoom08 NYCPosts: 66
    Owners, be aware!
    the CX-7 is plagued with problems.
    I gave my car proper car, regular oil changes, and my car was immaculate in and out.
    Mazda knew the car had electrical and engine design problems. I have never owned a car that needed an engine rebuilt at 77K miles....Dealer blame it on lack of oil changes cause I did the oil changes myself. They couldnt trouble shoot the actual problem so dealer recomends engine rebuild about $4,000 dollars to do with no real warranty. They also told me that eventually the turbo would go out. I contacted Mazda but my car is not a car that falls under the recalls.
    As per Mazda only the 2007 have full recalls, the 2008 have no real problems. MAzda thinks is ok to have fuel injector, timing chain, VVT cam shaft, and all seals and gaskets replaced in engine at 77K miles from wear and tear. LI own Hondas that require that type off work at 150K miles not 77K miles. I wrote to the NHTSA and they could not help either.
    Sad day but I will never buy Mazda again.
    I am now driving a Honda Accord, at least I know its reliable!
  • zoom08zoom08 NYCPosts: 66
    In what area of the milky way did they conduct this research?
    Because I USED to own a 2008 CX7 that was plagued with problems and mazda did nothing to resolve any of my problems.
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