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Matrix Electrical/Lighting Problems & Solutions



  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,687
    It means there is a problem, probably electronic, in the airbag system. It is likely that right now the airbags would not deploy even if you were in a bad accident. It would be a good idea to have your mechanic check it out.

    You can check with the dealer to be sure, but I think the airbags are covered under a longer warranty than the bumper to bumper, so it is likely any needed repairs would be free.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • etchedetched Posts: 6
    Any clue to how to get doors to stay locked when shifting into park? I have a 2009 T Matrix X FWD w/auto, power doors, keyless entry. I read the manual as did my spouse, but it still won't switch to keeping the doors locked when in park. I shift into drive, they lock, into park they all unlock, very bad. I also can't believe (as stated on page 421) that I have to go back to the dealer to have this customization done.
  • It sounds like that was designed into it, with the expectation that when the car is in Park the passengers will want to exit the vehicle. Once you are outside you can use the remote to lock the doors again. If you want to lock the doors while still inside the car, remove the key after shifting into park and use the remote lock. Yes?
  • etchedetched Posts: 6
    thanks for the reply, but I already thought of that. There's a thing going around where young men circle a lot to see if someone's about to park and they jump out and grab a back door handle to see if it's not locked when you are parking. They jump in behind the driver's seat and I won't go on from there. This is a dangerous set up. Even hitting the master door switch may not be fast enough.
  • That scenario crossed my mind but I hoped it was not what you were worried about. Now I totally agree with you that the feature must be defeated. I hope the dealer can do that for you. It's clearly a security issue.
  • Personally, I find the unlocking of all doors absolutely brilliant. The efficiency and convenience was well thought out. The owners manual is very explicit about "customization" of the door locks in automatics as versed in the sub chapter "Customization" residing in the "Vehicle Specifications" chapter near the rear of the manual. Again, efficient and convenient. The default of opening the doors while putting the transmission into "PARK", can be customized to OFF. Setting and canceling these functions resides in the sub-chapter of "opening, closing and locking all the doors" in Chapter 1 of "before driving".

    1. Close all doors with engine switched to "ON".
    2. Shift lever to Park or Neutral, then hold the driver's door lock switch (on the arm of the driver door) in the door's lock position for 5 seconds.
    3. When the setting or canceling operation is complete, all doors are locked and then unlocked.

    Otherwise, your Toyota dealer can complete this function.

    Ah, I would suggest that not parking in such a parking lot where "young men" circle the lot is the best prevention. The more direct route of assaulting the driver extricating themself from the vehicle, is more effective then vaulting over rear seats through unlocked back doors. Should they enter the back seat, pull out the keys and leave, thus immobiling the vehicle. Then press the panic button on the key remote to signal for assistance.Then run for safety. May the safest and secure driving follow you.
  • etchedetched Posts: 6

    I tried those steps already and still it doesn't change. So, I tried contacting Toyota's chat line, that was a bust. Called the dealer and he said they could do it in seconds, we shall see.
  • I recently had body work on the rear door and quarter panel my 2004 Matrix that caused the shop to disconnect the battery. When I picked the car up, I noticed that a portion of the radio face plate's LED screen is unreadable. A small bulb behind the screen must've blown out. Of course the body shop insists that nothing they did would've caused this to happen, but it seems unlikely that it would have happened coincidentally.

    Anyone with any thoughts on this?
  • kjtkjt Posts: 8
    I've tried the Pontiac forum and thought maybe someone with a Matrix could help on this problem. I have a new 09 Vibe, luv it, but you can not turn off the headlights at night with the ignition turned on, not even to the park lights. The headlights work properly without turning on the ignition, like any other car you can turn them to park and then to full headlights, but as soon as you start the car all that goes away. Very frustrating when you are sitting somewhere needing to dim your lights to park for any reason, the only way you can do this is to shut the car off. No luck whatsoever with GM's customer service on this issue and the local dealer told me that it was built into the computer that way. He told me that the Vibe was Pontiac's low end car and what did I expect to get from a low end vehicle anyway. Well I didn't think it was asking that much to be able to have some control over your headlights at least. The one thing I did learn from all this is that the local Pontiac dealer in North Platte, NE will never get any of my business again. Any ideas from anyone?
  • Here's instructions on how to add a separate switch to control the headlights:
  • kjtkjt Posts: 8
    Thanks for the info and taking the time to reply. I'll try to figure all this out on the 09 Vibe and see if it doesn't work for me. Thanks again.
  • kjtkjt Posts: 8
    The 2009 DRL control module is located in a different place from the previous years. It's behind the glove box, much easier to get to and work on. Just remove the glove box completely to make it easy. There are 3 white plugins behind the glove box, the bigger and farther to the right is the DRL plugin. The #12 pin that you're looking for is located directly under 2 bigger wires, one is brown and the other white and the 09 models changed the wire color, you are looking for a small blue wire. You can either cut the blue wire or have a service tech remove it from the plug, takes a tool to do it, but at least you can put it back in if you trade the vehicle etc. Either way make sure to tape the ends of the wire. This eliminates the daytime running lights completely and auto headlights at night, but you have total control over your headlights. If you're intent on having daytime running lights (which they are nice to have) you can simply cut the blue wire and wire it into an extra switch on the dash somewhere. Then you can turn the switch off at night and have control of your headlights like any normal vehicle. Either way works, I just use my headlights in the daytime anyway, so don't have any use for daytime running lights and don't have to worry about an extra switch and other wiring to mess up. Once I figured out where to look and what to do, it took the Toyota service tech about 10 minutes to complete the job and get me on the road.
    Just remember, the 09's is the #12 blue wire, not red. Thanks goes to this website for your help and especially to 2 great Toyota service techs at the local dealership here who took the time to research and solve my issue on a Pontiac Vibe.
    Note: 2009 Matrix, Vibe and Corolla are all located in the same location, behind the glove box
  • sage3sage3 Posts: 47
    My wife's 2006 XR (with 71K miles on it ) has the original battery which displays a green indicator for good battery yet the car will not start and once jumped runs for about 10 seconds then dies. The belt has about 3/4 on an inch of play at it's longest reachable testing point is that too much play? Any feedback is welcome...
  • Once running a loose belt or weak battery will not make the engine die. Does the check engine light come on?
  • sage3sage3 Posts: 47
    Yes, the light was coming on at low RPM's.
    I thought it was the alternator so I exchanged it for a new one. Now the car will run without dying but i hear a whine that fluctuates with the RPM'S. The vehicle will not start without a jump so I was planning on getting a new battery tomorrow.
  • sage3sage3 Posts: 47
    The battery light comes on; not the check engine light. The car manual states that if this light comes on when the engine is running the charging system has a problem?
    Once I put in the new alternator the light comes on erratically but the car does not die. Is the battery low on charge or dying?
  • sage3sage3 Posts: 47
    Replaced the alternator and battery, all is working fine for 2 weeks now. The noise from the new alternator was from a disconnected ground wire. :)
  • I have an 09 and the tire warning light comes on some times. The tires are fine with proper inflation. The dealer said this can happen in cold weather. If this true I am gald I live in Florida. We do not have many cold days. Does anyone else experience this?
  • You have a faulty master switch on the drivers door.Could be caused by excess moisture...

    az locksmith
  • jquajqua Posts: 4
    Sounds more like a problem with the dealer.

    Have driven a few cars with tire pressure systems..... If temp falls from 60 F down to -10 F I'd have to check them otherwise nada. The temp range in FL at this time of year shouldn't be an issue.

    Makes notes on conditions when the warnings are coming on. If it continues sounds like a system fault.
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