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Hyundai Santa Fe Fuel and Fuel System Questions



  • Park it in a garage with newspapers on the floor. See if you have a leak. Have you brought it into your dealership?
  • miamicamiamica Posts: 1
    filled up with gas, made 1 stop. gas gauge reads empty, gas light on as if it is empty.
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Posts: 167
    Sounds like a sticking gas float in the gas tank. If the tank is full and the guage reads empty then it must be the guage float/sensor in the tank that is remaining in postion and not moving when the tank is filled. The dealer will probably have to remove the tank with the fuel pump inside and fix it or replace it. Or, it may unstick itself going over a big bump.
  • sempersemper Posts: 5
    I had my car at the dealer yesterday for a state inspection and asked about the hard starting. They recommended changing the purge valve, quoted me $125. I didnt have it done yet as I wanted to research...and by reading these notes it seems the correct solution. I have topped off before so probably that's what caused it. I also mentioned the car bucks or "skips" when I start always does it four times (4 skips) if the transmission slips...and he said there's a bulletin out to replace transfer case module....haven't researched that and it's the first time I've heard of such a bulletin...they quoted me $350 for that. I thought bulletins usually meant there's a flaw with a part and it's replaced for free. I need to find that bulletin.
  • I started having the same problem only after fuel fill ups. My santa fe (02) hesitates
    when restarting. My mechanic turned up clueless after witnessing it for himself. I did notice that after pulling over and trying to duplicate the problem by removing the gas cap and shutting the car off, you are able to here the gas gurgling which I never noticed before in this car or my other car. An other suggestions other than a gas cap which I will try this weekend?
  • lleon2lleon2 Posts: 2
    I was just curious if you were able to fix the problem. The same thing is happening to me. Can you let me know? thanks
  • sempersemper Posts: 5
    I had the purge valve changed and it fixed the problem nicely. The purge valve will go bad eventually from repeated topping off.

  • 04 Santa Fe, 102K miles - had been sluggish on hard accelleration for the last 2 months. Then stalled on road, check engine light came on. Restarted after a few minutes, but was sluggish. Low on power, but did not miss. Got home, disconnected battery, replaced fuel filter (was dirty!), reset inertial fuel shut-off switch. Cycled fuel pump a few times to purge air. Started, check engine light was off. Ran fine for 10 seconds, then stalled again and check engine light came back on. Wouldn't restart. If I disconnect fuel return line at the tank sender and then cycle the key, the fuel pump will pump fuel out of the return line, so fuel pump seems to be OK.

    Fuel pressure regulator?
    Other ideas?

    Thanks in advance,
  • lleon2lleon2 Posts: 2
    My Santa Fe wouldn't want to start up after putting gas in the car. When it would start it would die out. Engine light remained on. Replaced the purge control valve and it fixed the problem. The part was about $50 from the dealership.

    Maybe that will help.
  • bow45bow45 Posts: 21
    I own a 2003 Santa Fe LX 3.5 V6 AWD. I did have similar issue in October 2009 when my Santa Fe had 123,000miles on it.

    The reason of the issue was the Accelerator Position Sensor malfunction (code P2125).

    I paid $121.70 for the accelerator sensor and $156.66 for the labor. Total was (w/ tax) $297.87. I had it replaced at D'Arcy in Joliet, IL.

    I hope it helps.
  • Car would hesitate at highway speeds and then just stall out. Had it towed to a Hyundai dealership. Not mine since I was 100 miles away. They ran diagnostics and found nothing so they decided I had water in the gas tank. It was late on a Saturday, and they said they would go to Auto Zone on Monday and buy some dry gas. Were going to run a different diagnostic that I would have to pay for because of the water. Put dry gas in and it didn't help. Called my dealership and they wanted to know if they did a fuel sample. They said no, they were going to take fuel pump off. Said they were doing things backwards. Just called me and said they are replacing fuel pump, no water...fuel pump was defective. My dealership called them, and I think they put them on the right track. Just needed to vent !!!!!
  • My '03 Santa Fe GLS (V6) has 170,000+ miles. Recently I have hard time to start it up. It will take 10+ seconds to start the engine up. Once it start and everything is running fine. No engine light up ever. One garage said it may be the fuel pump problem, but they cannot grantee on that. Could some one give my some advice. Thank you so much.
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    it is accurate that fuel pump is suspect - that is one of the only things that can begin to fail and not throw a svc eng light on.... you can try tune up and emission system cleaning to look for improvement but that may be a waste of money and time - if those things were problems - svc eng light would be likely to be present...
  • Thank you very much.
  • my 04 had the same problem it was the perge valve on the fuel system a part of the smog system
  • We have an 08 and every time we fill it full with gas it will start and die. It will do this a couple of times and then run just fine. any ideas what this could be I thought possible fuel filter.
  • my check engine light comes on when my gas gets to the 1/2 way mark. I retighten the cap and a couple of car starts later it will go off. Advance Auto says it's my O2 sensor, but I think it's just my gas cap. If it is my hard is that to change?
  • chryn4chryn4 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 sante fe and it seem to using less than ten miles per gallon and sometimes i smell gas. when driving to about 25 miles per hour the car jet and the engine light is on. Can someone help me with solution?
  • i have a 2001 hyundia santa fa, imy engine light is o so i took it to a shop to find out y. they ssaid my o2 sencer needs to be canged and i have a vacuum leak.. they wanted over 2000 to fix it so i am going to try to do it myself.. now how can i find out where the leak is comeing from and how do i know what sencr need to be change... any help would help me out thanks....
  • when i am driving around 25 miles hr i smell gas.. it does not look like i have a leak what would cause this to happenn.
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