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Cadillac STS: Good Quality?



  • mediapushermediapusher Posts: 305
    First, to answer your question. The STS isn't as good as the competion. If you don't believe me, drive a Lexus or a BMW, then go test drive an STS.

    Actually, I don't think GM really cares if people buy cars that have their nameplates on them because they are a global entity car manufacturing and distribution conglomerate with cosmetic engineering and cosmetic galore.
    Case in point. Did you know that the Chevrolet Prizm is actually a Toyota Corolla in GM skin. The Chevrolet Aveo is built in South Korea.

    More profound is the fact that Daimler Chrysler's headquarters are in GERMANY.
    reference text:::::

    All I'm saying is to give me a reason to buy the STS, other than because it's 'just as good' as the competition and because I'll be helping the economy. Isn't that how every car owner should feel, especially at this level?
  • mediapushermediapusher Posts: 305
    Yes, I have a suggestion, take them to court with the lemon law, and please stop buying GM origin cars. They're not worth anyone's money.

    I have a Toyotta Corolla. The cheapest car Toyota makes. The fist time I had any major problems with it, was at 150,000 miles, so there is no way anyone can convince me I should waste my money on a General Motors origin car. Not in this life and not in the next.
  • mediapushermediapusher Posts: 305
    Why would you "downgrade" to a Cadillac SLS if you've owned a trouble free Toyota product. I don't get it. Why not upgrade to a used Lexus luxury model?

    The reason why the price of the Cadillac you were looking at is so cheap is because it wasn't worth it's overinflated price to begin with and didn't hold its value anywhere near as well as a Lexus or Toyota.


    Hey everybody! I'm considering selling my '00 Toyota Camry LE and and looking at getting a '00 Cadillac Seville SLS with 58k... I was wondering how the quality of these are during the '98-'04 models? My Toyota has been trouble free for the past year and I'm ready to upgrade to something a little faster and alot more comfortable. I have found a SLS for around $9,950 (shocked at the low prices of these cars) Do you think that is a good deal? Thanks for the help.
  • tricky73tricky73 Posts: 132
    Be careful! I own an '07 Lexus 460L w/Touring Package and am having quality problems. Also, the park-o-matic option is a fraud; Lexus HQ will not support it; says its the dealer's responsibility to train the owners. However, no DVD or video is offered similar to their excellent guidance furnished for the navigation system. I have owned 4 Lexus in the past 3 years and this is the first one I have had to return for repair; others were flawless. A switch failed and it took 3 days to diagnose/replace it; they seem poorly trained to handle this barrel of snakes management has given them.
  • BeamerManBeamerMan Posts: 64
    Well, as a BMW owner of the last 20 years I went out and drove a STS, 2007 and took delivery on March 3, 2007. See my review in the review group. I just got back from a 500 mile trip last night, the car handles better than my 5 series and is so comfotaable a ride that it is hard to stay awake. I leased the car for 3 years and since I owned a BMW they gave me an additional 3,000.00 off. In total I got 8,000.00 off and leased the car at 420/month with no money down. The warrenty even covers tires! I must disagree as to the comparison of cars as Cadillac has done a fine job here. Their stabilitrak is great as well as onstar. The base lease price on mine was 37,000.00 after discounts etc, try to get a 5 series to that? It might fall apart but what I see so far is a nice ride. Wayne.
  • BeamerManBeamerMan Posts: 64
    Hi "mediapusher" I was just like you until I opened my mind and tried the Cadillac. This car has changed so much. The factory manager where the car was built called me 3 days after purchase to see how I liked the car and if anything was wrong. I am convinced GM is making a comeback. Please give them a chance. Drive the car! I know we all have become jaded over the years but look at GM's whole lineup. They are making the adjustments Ford has not. Wayne.
  • I think you have a good point. If GM people call you after making a Cadillac purchase, then that really is a good sign of GM changing.

    A purchase this high demands special treatment. GM shows us that they are aware of the competition and are doing what they can to ensure the customer that they made the right choice with a GM product.

    I sat in an STS and have to tell you, its a fine car. I have recently been in a BMW 5 series and have to tell you that from the outside it looks like a Pontiac or Nissan. Once you get in then you see its an expensive car.

    The STS looks good either way. I think the V8 is no longer good enough to compete in the segment but I don't think GM will belike ford and ignore this problem.

    If the '09 or '10 STS is any good as the '08 CTS, then Cadillac will really begin to re-establish itself.
  • BeamerManBeamerMan Posts: 64
    Well yesterday I got a email survey of 100 question from GM about the quality and any troubles with the car. I am more and more impressed every day. I think GM gets it. Poor Ford, 3 channel antilocks? My God how behind the times is that. I do not think Ford is going to make it.
  • bigo1201bigo1201 Posts: 2
    i'm thinking of buying a 2003 STS help me make this a wise decision. how does the car handle? in snow? mpg in town and on the highway? should i buy a certified car or go with a used one without it. any horror stories or good ones for that matter. i'm trying to decide between the 2001 740il BMW vs the STS comments, thoughts? anyone had some of the older STS models and then bought a 2003? what are the goodies i want on this car to be looking for? thanks for all your help
  • If you tolerated a Camry, you will love an STS!! My 2005 sts has been trouble free and a pleasure to drive in town as well as on the highway. The v6 is more than adequate. The original equipment Michalin tires had a dreadful lack of traction on wet or snowy pavement making winter travel downright dangerous. I took the plunge and had Goodyear Eagle F1 mounted. What an astonishing difference!! Unfortunately I haven't found a buyer for the michalins which have only 13400 miles of use!!
    Nevertheless the tire change was well worth the price!!
  • musicejrmusicejr Posts: 11
    I found a used 2006 STS White Diamond.
    It has 24k miles on it. They want 25k for it.
    Carfax report shows that it was a lease with the same owner for 3yrs.
    It's certifed pre-owned with a 6yr/100,000 mile warranty (from the cars 2006 date)

    Anything about the 2006 models that i should know that's a negative?
  • dlovittdlovitt Posts: 2
    I took delivery of my new (2008) STS Friday April 11, 2008. At 200 miles chimes went off and Stability Control and Antilock Brake lights came on and car went into limp mode. We got it into Batchelor Cadillac in San Antonio Saturday (4/12/08) :lemon: :lemon: afternoon. On Tuesday they called to say they had fixed it.
    Worked Ok for the next 198 miles. Today the same problems ocurred. In addition, the transmission would not shift out of second gear and the engine died three times in about six blocks. So I am currently sitting and waiting for my new car with less than 400 miles on it to be towed back to the dealer.
    I guess I'd better bone up on the Texas Lemon Law!
  • larryg6larryg6 Posts: 2
    I took delivery of a 2008 STS-4 in late December; since then it has had a tire pressure monitor failure, two burned out front lights, a faulty cam monitor, the right cam failed and had to be replaced and they had to replace the fuel tank solenoid. My car has been in the dealer's service bay for a total of 16-days since I leased it. This is my 1ST ever Cadillac and my 1St GM product in 12-years and I am not happy. Dealer is great, STS is a lemon.
  • dlovittdlovitt Posts: 2
    After tearing the interior out of the car, the service dept. found a loose ground wire. No problem since then except for rattles; probably due to having to remove the interior.
  • m4d_cowm4d_cow Posts: 1,491
    How much routine maintenance usually cost? Is STS really a lemon? This is my 1st time considering a Cadillac. I've heard horror stories about cadillac that just turned me off. But I got my eyes on an '06 STS v6 that's offered for $25k certified (edmunds and kbb give about the same quote). I thought its a cadillac, but the price is seriously tempting. Is it worth it?
  • locdoclocdoc Posts: 2
    Yes, the STS is a lemon, and GM is just not set up to sell luxury cars. Their dealerships remind me of fast food restaurants in terms of decor. Cadillacs are expensive, way too expensive considering the competition. I can tell you that I just traded my 13 month old 2007 STS V-8 with RWD for a 2008 BMW 335i sedan, and the difference in drivability, quality, features, etc is staggering. There is a reason that BMW has a high resale value and the only realistic way to buy a Cadillac is to buy one 1-2 years old. I also have a 2008 GMC Sierra 1500, and it is great! GM makes the world's best pick-ups, but their cars just don't measure up in the over $35000 range.
  • honest6honest6 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 sts. The car has been problems since I purchased it. My car starts when it wants to and it stalls when turning corners. Once it just shut down with out me even turning off the ignition or putting it in park. But ever time I take it to the dealer ship, they can't find anything wrong. I have had the car for over two years and it only has twelve thousand miles, becuase it's not safe to drive. Have you ever had these problems?? :lemon: :lemon: :sick:
  • locdoclocdoc Posts: 2
    No, the drivetrain performed very well. But I had 6 different problems, not counting the recall, that required servicing. I have never had this experience with BMW or Toyota. And when you take resale in to account, buying new American cars unfortunately does not make much sense.
  • larryg6larryg6 Posts: 2
    I have a 2oo8 STS that is a three lemon car: cam shaft failure on right bank at 13,000 miles, cam shaft sensor failure at same mileage, driver's seat lumbar failure, key FOB failure, antenna key FOb sensor failure, left front whell bearing failure at 28,000 miles. And on and on. I will never again buy or lease a GM product! :lemon: :sick: :sick: :lemon:
  • kqqlvkqqlv Posts: 1
    As long as we have people who rely on outdated talking points and myths that are demonstratably false we will continue to have discussions like this where North American car quality is belittled as if it were still 1985. Anyone who REALLY is into performance cars that are in the class of M's, R's, AMG's and V's and has followed any number of quality and reliability metrics that are published would know that Cadillac is equal to or superior to Audi, BMW, and until recently was miles ahead of Mercedes (as was everyone), when it comes to reliability and quality. BMW and Merc rely heavily on buyer loyalty and the got-a-have-it prestige factor. Just check out the JD Powers run down on quality over the last few years. In 2008 BMW was well below the industry average as was Mercedes for MANY years prior. Mercedes for years suffered from VERY poor quality. They have clawed their way back recently. So why are we talking as if that is not the case? Being a mechanical engineer myself I can tell you that the reason Cadillac doesn't put $20K worth of leather in the interior of the V is because they don't want to. They want to undercut the price of those M's, R's and AMG's by $20K-$30K. The reason they only sell 5K V's a year is because that is all they want to build. In 2008 only 2.5K M5's were sold. Why?....that's all they built !! V's don't even get a chance to get to the sales floor before they are gobbled up. I own a 2005 V and when compared to the M5 it can more than hold its own in any performance catagory on any day and do it it for $35,000 less. The guy in the 2005 M5 I passed at Nelson Ledges Race Track in Ohio last summer spent $85K because he wanted lots of leather on the inside, the BMW tag on the outside and probably thought the quality was superior to my V....but he was wrong.....and JD powers said so. Please spare us all your stories about friends who owned a Caddy and had transmission trouble. Because I'm bored with repeating the story of my office buddy's 2006 M3 that has cost him thousand's of dollars in mechanic bills since his warranty ran out. Hint to future car buyers: It is NO LONGER considered fashionable, vogue or a sign of snobby Eurocentric sophistication to belittle North American car quality. As we used to say down in Texas....That dog don't hunt!
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