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Honda CR-V Stereo, iPod, CD, Bluetooth, Sat



  • kj2011kj2011 Posts: 5
    I will definitely keep everyone posted. My phone verizon lg envtouch is also considered compatibility but obviously doesn't work for me. It sure is a wonderful feature and I would love to be able to use it.
  • allee1allee1 Posts: 5
    I had my whole GPS and Bluetooth replaced under warranty and it is still the same. I can hear the caller, but they can not hear/understand what I am saying. The only reason that they replace the unit is because it started doing all kind of things. The backup mirror would continue to run after I put it in forward. The radio would lose the programing and the GPS would quit running in the middle of a trip. GPS is better, but it didn't help the bluetooth. I wish I had never purchased the CRV and I definitely am very frustrated that a paid an extra thousand for the GPS and Bluetooth.
  • Disappointed to hear about the Bluetooth problems in the CR-V. I'm in the market for a 2011 CRV and one of the key criteria for me is good bluetooth hands free performance. Are the issues spoken of above limited to a few instances, or is this a generally documented problem with the CRV? Would appreciate it if anyone out there has a perfectly/acceptably working Bluetooth in their CRV would confirm this please.
  • kj2011kj2011 Posts: 5
    I am not certain, but I believe the problems are intermittent. I love the navigation only complaint is that when you touch the pad there is a bit of a delay but the navigation system thus far has been working fine. I am really disappointed with the bluetooth and have a service appt for next weekend, and will update everyone after that. I am curious to know myself if anyone has positive experiences with the bluetooth and if so, what phones they have.
  • Thanks. Do report back after service.

    I'm planning on test driving one tomorrow and will make sure to place a couple of calls while on the highway test drive to friends/family who can give me a review of how I sound using the car system. Not sure if that one test can really replicate real life situations, but at least something I'll definitely test. The concern obviously is that even if it is OK in the test vehicle, from the problems reported above the car I actually get might still be afflicted with this issue. Its got me thinking!
  • allee1allee1 Posts: 5
    Be sure to talk on the road while on the road. The problem does not occur with my phone when driving slowly or stopped, but as soon as my speed goes up the caller cannot hear me. I have bought a Blueant portable system and it works great, but the person I am talking to still hears some car noise. The CRV has more noise inside the cabin than any other car that I have driven.
  • I am not only having problems with the bluetooth and road noise but the voice command does not recognize my command when I am trying to pair my phone. I say "pair phone" and it turns on the a/c or the radio. I am in my garage with no outside noises eithe so it should not be doing this. My son thinks it is pretty funning but I am soooooo frustrated with this. Will the dealership be able to fix the problem? How do I pair my blackberry otherwise? This is a replacement blackberry so I have to reset the pairing on them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  • kj2011kj2011 Posts: 5
    I have been emailing honda support at "". They have sent me several emails on this subject and on "how tos". You can also call them at 888-528-7876, Mon-Fri from 7:00am-8:00pm CT. Once I imported my phone book I was also able to assign shortcuts for auto dialing. Making calls through the imported phone list seems to get me the clarity I am looking for, but that doesn't alleviate the problem of receiving calls. What honda support is telling me is that it may be a problem with my phone compatibiity, even though my phone is listed as compatible on their list. I'm hoping when I take it for service on 2/5 that they will be able to help me further.
  • Same problem with my 2009 Odyssey EX-L R&N. We've tried 4 different phones so far. My wife keeps pointing out we bought the nav feature just to get the Bluetooth (for safety and convenience) and it's terrible. Our service deptartment in Leesburg/Dulles, VA acts like they've never heard of this issue - it's either rare or they are not being forthcoming. They balanced and rotated the tires to try to fix it - no affect. I was hopeful that pushing for replacement of the system would address it, but reading here, maybe not. Very, very disappointing. I routinely speak with people who use Toyota, Nissan, Audi, and Mercedes BT speakerphones, and I never have trouble understanding them. But the Honda is essentially *worthless* as a speakerphone at highway speeds. Granted, you don't buy a car for its speakerphone, but having paid a lot of money for that option, I expected much better from Honda.
  • liamb113liamb113 Posts: 1
    I also have a problem. I don't own an ex-l, I own a ex. On the radio, I noticed the sign of a blu-tooth. You know when you look to the side of a calculator and see all the zeros and little signs, well I did the same with the radio screen, and saw a blu-tooth sign. I have a Motorola Droid-X. Can someone please explain to me if I need to buy something for my CR-V or I just have to do something with the radio and the phone to sync it up all together. Any help or advice is appreciated.
  • kj2011kj2011 Posts: 5
    My vehicle has navigation (CRV exl) so I dont know anything about syncing with a vehicle that does not have navigation. If you go to this site:
    you can email them or call them and ask them about syncing your phone. They are very helpful. An update on my issues with the bluetooth: I now have an iphone 4g and have set up that phone. So far I am still getting the same complaints for whomever I call. I can hear them plain as day but they have trouble hearing me. I have yet to take the vehicle in for a service call but will do so eventually.
  • My 2011 CR-V has the Navigation system with BlueTooth and the HFL works just fine, as does the navigation system. Sometimes the voice recognition has a problem understanding me, but then again so does my wife. LOL. I guess it depends on the road noise.

    But overall it works just fine.
  • Buy a cheap power port adapter with USB connector on the back. Then use your iPod data cable to charge the iPod while the audio cable is plugged into the aux port. Or simply use your auto iPod charger.
  • I've a 2011 CRV-SE and want to know how to use my iPod. The dealer said I could use a cable like the earphone cable, with one end into the iPod and the other into the mp3 jack and the iPod would play over the stereo with the "aux" selected. I can't get any sound, though.
  • Battery on '02 Honda CRV died yesterday. Had it replaced and mechanic reset radio code, but the indash CD and tape deck do not work. What do I need to do to get the CD and tape sections of this working again?
  • rashed38rashed38 Posts: 1
    I have a 2011 Honda CR-V, SE, and ever since I purchased it (4 months ago), I am experiencing static noise and fade-away problems in some of the local FM stations. the stations are really not that far, and the signal should be pretty strong. interestingly, the noise or fade-away doesn't happen always. it happens some of the times. I have taken the car to the dealer multiple times, they haven't yet been able to identify or resolve the issue.
    is anyone else having this kind of problem?

  • carobabbocarobabbo Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    I have the same problem with a 2012 CRV EX-L. I hope it is only the antenna. Is there a way to upgrade the antenna to receive a stronger signal? Stations only 30 miles away can come in and out. Have never had this with my other cars. A bit of a novice on do -it-yourself.
  • I am having a problem with my 2012 CR-V bluetooth. I can hear people fine, but my voice is coming out on their end with a severe lisp!! I have even left myself a message on my own answering machine to hear what it sounds like, and it is not good! My sister says I sound like a bad imitation of Cher. Anyone else have this problem? I am hoping there is a way to correct it. Thanks for any advice. BTW, I am linking through a IPhone 4 (not 4 S)
  • No responses??? Am I the only one having this problem? Help please!
  • snukesnuke Posts: 81
    I purchased my 2012 CR-V in June. I am not experiencing the problem you are having. Although, I have not left myself a message to determine how it sounds. However, none of the people I have talked to while using the Bluetooth have indicated to me any changes in my voice and/or problems while talking to them. Is it possible it could be your phone?
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