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Dodge Durango Real World MPG



  • steve755steve755 Posts: 4
    You're doing fine, but your wife may have a lead foot, palpitate the throttle, or not know how to use the cruise control. Before I fixed the suspension with non-stock shocks the truck would bounce up/down in the front especially so much that I found it causing throttle pumping no matter how steady I tried to hold the gas pedal. Using cruise when possible avoids that happening.

    I would not recommend disconnecting the O2 sensors or letting them get bad. My mpg got better w/ new ones installed, and the default program in the engine control computer with bad or disconnected O2 sensors increases gas flow to avoid overheating due to a lean mixture, and this excess fuel will foul the cat converters more quickly=>$$$, reduce horsepower, and overheat the engine, etc.

    FYI - looks like Dodge finally got this motor right in '09 with new heads. Over 300hp, fatter and better torque curve, and better mpg. Why 9 years to do this? :mad:
  • akcamaiakcamai Posts: 9
    I towed a 2500 lb popup camper for years with my 2006 DD. Got 15-16 mpg with it. Just upgraded to a 28foot travel trailer (supposed to be 8600lbs) and got 11mpg on the highway but the car towed like a champ even though I know we're pretty topped out at the weight limit. No huge mountains between here and the beach... only a few minor uphills. Was pleased at how well it worked out. I didn't push the speed, held it at 55 mpg and even in cruise control (with the tow haul button on) we did just fine. 5.7 L hemi and tow package. :shades:
  • I have a 2005 Durango SLT with Hemi. I put an K&N Cold are filter system on. I got 22 MPG highway from CO to ID and back at 75 MPH over the 2000 Miles. I see up to 24 MPG depending on speed and driving conditions.

    I have just started pulling a 6500 lb trailer 28' Jayco and I'm getting so far about 10.5 MPG. About to take a 3000 mile trip and we'll see what we get. Last year I pulled a 25' Ultralight and got a combined 12 MPG between No. CO and Jackson Hole, WY.

    No complaints on MPG. By the way I get 16-17 MPG in town. It seems to love the highway.
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