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Ford Escort Engine Problems



  • The other day the guage started showing half way to hot (12pm position, but no problems) Today and the last 5 days it goes to the 2pm position, yet no problems.Engine feel cool. :confuse: Fan comes on at the 11pm position and stays on until i shut off motor.Guage goes all way down after 10 minutes.What's wrong?
  • Yes the belts wear and break after 100,000 miles and cost that much!The broken belt may have damaged your tune up.
  • Battery, alternator and timing on tune up ok?
  • my 93 escort 1.9L runs fine up to 50 mph but then as you start to go past that it starts to buck and you have to let off the gas and step on it hard to get it to downshift to get past 50-55 mph then it runs fine again any thoughts?
  • My daughter's car died yesterday for the second time in two months both after driving 60-80 miles on the highway in the rain. Starts missing and dies after 1/4 mile. First time started up and ran perfect the next day (dry weather).
    After first time added dielectric grease to coil pack, ECU? connector and plug wires (new plugs and wires already). Ran great for short distances and two rainy days around town. On way back to school in the rain died. Going tomorrow to try and diagnose seems electrical? maybe fuel??
    Don't have a service manual. Any ideas
  • Mine did that to it has 221,799 miles on it. It started doing that then a nocking noise,then it started losing oil pressure and it blew.What the problem is the rod and the bareings are so worn out that they don't hold together. So now im replacing the motor with one that has 50,000 miles on it hope that helps out some!
  • mcwllwmcwllw Posts: 2
    I had the tensioner break on the serpentine belt and the timing belt broke at the same time :sick: (is that possible? :confuse: ). I had it towed to the Ford dealership, all they came up with was the tensioner and serpentine, at an astronomical price to replace. So I took it to another mechanic (ASE certified) and he told me the dealership mis-diagnosed the car. He said the timing belt was broken and there is a 50/50 chance it damaged the valve(s). My understanding is the engine is non-interference and would not have damaged the valve(s). Anyone know for sure if the engine is non-interference?
  • I am working on a 2000 escort with a 2.0 L engine. It was brought to me with a knock in the engine that appears when the A/C compressor kicks in and also under a quick decceleration. I have replaced the A/C compressor and the catalyst, thinking the knock was coming from one of those components, but it still knocks. I also have checked the engine bearings for wear and the pistons for cracks or breaks, but all are fine. I inspected the rocker arms and valve lifters for wear and found nothing to be wrong with them. The noise seems to be coming from between #2 and # 3 cylinders. Any input on what could be wrong would be greatly appreciated.
  • I wanted to let anyone know who has this problem that the problem was the fuel filter. Not alot of fun to change but doable compared to soem of the other thoughts I had.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    It may be due to moisture getting on the mass airflow sensor. The sensor tends to get more sensitive to moisture if it is somewhat dirty. The problem manifests itself (early on, anyway) more readily on the highway due to higher speeds and more road spray. The good news is that if this is the problem, a quick cleaning with a fuel system cleaner should resolve the issue entirely. Or, you can replace it, but that is far more expensive.

    The sensor is located inside the air intake pipe, just inside of the air filter (between the air filter housing and the intake manifold).
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Hah! I should have read the rest of the messages before I responded!

    Odd that the fuel filter would act up only in the rain...
  • I have a 97 Escort wagon with 49k miles. I've had it since 25k miles, about 3 years.
    Check engine light has come on and off at least twice, but it's been a long time - at least a year. I remember twice thinking that the car felt excessively hot when returning home from short (30 minute drives) and made a mental note to ask someone about it which I never did (coolant was OK).

    Car has never got great mileage, 20-22 mpg, mostly local.

    Here are the issues - flaky temperature gauge will register correct temperature at cruise or at stop, but when I let my foot off the gas or the car shifts or occasionally when neither of those conditions exist, the gauge drops to zero - sometimes it recovers immediately, sometimes in a few seconds.

    Car surges at about 1 second cycles when at a stop when car is warm - IF the A/C is ON the idle is fine - if A/C is then shut OFF the car resumes surging when the cooling fan stops.

    There is some sluggishness getting up to highway speed - not terrible, but noticeable.

    There is a sound in/near the engine compartment while accelerating that sounds like the exhaust system, but there are no leaks.

    Plugs and wires are new, serpentine belt new, fuel filter new, air filter nearly new, IAC cleaned, throttle body cleaned, new muffler and pipes. No apparent vacuum leaks.

    Does anyone have clues about any of my issues? My next thoughts are EGR, O2 sensor, throttle position sensor, replace IAC, but in what order or is any one more likely than another. I don't see how any of those will cure the temp gauge although they could help the other issues.

    Thanks for any help you can give.
  • It could be the timeing has jumped and you need to replace the timeing belt. if you have never done this before it takes about 4 hours or so lots of little parts to take off to get to the timeing belt.
  • I have the same year escort and the same problem did you find any help on what it could be.
  • token2token2 Posts: 5
    1st things 1st is it auto or manual trans? if auto trans parked check noise in nuetral and put in deive, engine should have bout same idle, big change and noise its bad mounts. 2nd check is exhaust put ur hand over tail pipe if you here air excaping it exaust
  • I am getting service engine light on code P0171 system running too lean, In May of this year they replaced the converter when same light went on. Do converters go that fast again or can it be related to the converter and give same trouble code?
  • My 2001 escort has always idled rough when sitting at light or stop sign when in gear. Does not do it when in park. It smoothes out when you accelerate and have been told by mechanics that this is common in the ford escort? any one have similar experience and am I being told the right information? thanks Header1974
  • i have a 97 escort with the 2.0. the car drives fine when moving, but when i stop it will die wether it is in nuetral, park, or in gear. it doesn't die instantly, it will idle rough for a few seconds, then die. i have a check engine light on but when i went to have it scanned, we found that the plug for the scanner was bad. is there a way to access a check engine light blink code? or a way to bypass the plug? or does anybody know what could be causing my condition? (it has a brand new fuel filter, that's the first thing i did) i asked about the blink code at the local ford dealership and, all i got was blank looks, then an offer to change my scanner plug for a mere 5 or 6 hundred bucks!!! thanks a lot ford!
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Try cleaning the Mass Airflow Sensor, which is located along the intake line between the air cleaner and the throttle. It may be that the sensor is giving poor feedback. I experienced the exact condition you describe with a '96 Subaru Outback. It would also illuminate the CEL when this happened, but a scan of the system would not yield any codes (and the plug was working!). A knowledgeable mechanic suggested the MAS, so I gave it a shot (I replaced mine w/ a used unit) and never had another problem with stalling.

    As for the plug not working.... what is the problem? Physical damage? Otherwise, there may be a bad fuse that controls it. This happened to me on a Dodge Caravan - the link port was protected by a 10A fuse that had blown; replacing the fuse solved that hiccup. ;)
  • well, i was going to clean out the mass airflow sensor, when i noticed the vacuum hose to the fuel pressure regulator was in really bad shape...cracked up real bad, so i cut a piece of line and replaced it, and just on a whim i started the car, drove it for a few minutes, and what do you know? it ran great!! i guess it's fixed for the moment, but while it's fresh in my head i'm gonna clean off the sensor anyways. also i checked the fuse for scanner plug, fuse was good and i inspected the plug itself, and it appeared fine. i'm going to track this problem down though in case of future problems. thanks for your help i really appreciate it when people reply to the post quickly!
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