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Nissan Altima Engine Failures



  • You did not give the miles on your car, or state which engine you have. I would assume you have high milage and a 2.5L 4 cylinder engine. You could have a serious problem with the cat clogging up. Go to the back of the car with the engine running and feel if the exhaust gas is coming out of the tailpipes freely. Have someone rev the engine while you do this, and you should feel plenty of exhaust gas come out the tail pipe. If not the cat is plugged. Go read Messeges #75, #76 & #77 in this forum for the answer for how to fix it. If this applies to your situation, it is imperative that this situation be corrected immediately. If this situation is not corrected quickly, the cat with throw material back up into the engine and damage or destroy the engine. So check it right away! This same problem happened to my daughters altima, and I caught in time and saved the engine from heavy damage.
    Good luck,
    E.D. in Sunny Florida
  • smitrrsmitrr Posts: 1
    I'm curious if there were any signs leading to this problem. I have an 09 2.5 Altima
    with the same miles on it and the engine is alot louder in cold weather until it warms up. In response to #509.
  • ndiboyndiboy Posts: 36
    Thanks, when I start the engine it stalls for about 5seconds, then picks up and fires very well subsequently.After the initial starting in the morning, it takes about 2-3secs to pick up well. Sometimes it doesnt stall at all.There is no smell and once I engage the gear it runs smoothly with no hindrance.Its just the initial noise before it picks up that is the problem.
    The mechanic brought out the fuel pump which was filled with dirt and we cleaned it up.Now it still stalls but a bit better. He said I need to change the Nozzle can it be the problem? Is it adviceable to use fuel injector cleaner and pour it into the tank? The milage is 91,000miles and no problems so far.I bought it as second hand in nigeria 2years ago at 73,000 miles.
    Thanks, I am grateful, Chuma.
  • Are there better quality aftermarket manufacturers of headgaskets and piston rings versus Nissan? My auto mechanic is going to be doing repairs and is concerned about the quality of Nissan parts for the Altima (2002 2.5S).
  • "Are there better quality aftermarket manufacturers of headgaskets and piston rings versus Nissan? My auto mechanic is going to be doing repairs and is concerned about the quality of Nissan parts for the Altima (2002 2.5S)."

    Use one of the following:

    Head Gasket:
    FEL-PRO Part # 26261PT {PermaTorqueMLS™} Head Gasket only $26.79.
    DOHC engine;
    Head bolts not incl.; Head bolt replacement recommended - they run about another $90.


    Complete upper gasket set:
    ROCK PRODUCTS Part # HGS638 {Upper Gaskets Set}
    DOHC - $81.79, Plus you need to buy new head bolts.
  • Thank you for the reply.
    Does it make any difference what brand of piston rings are used?
  • Dont feel bad, my 2010 with 1200 miles on it needs major repairs because coolant leaked into the cylinders and crank case. I dont want the car anymore but at this point will be lucky to get a new engine. Contact a lemon law lawyer if they may help you.
  • My 2010 didnt want to start, and when it did start... alot of white smoke would be emmitted from exhaust. Have it checked out to ensure the coolant is leaking into your combustion chamber. This seems to be a common problem with these cars.
  • I have problem , with the gas pedal when I am driving with 60mph
    its shaken , I don't understand why . My Nissan Altima is 2005, 2.5 S
    and have 77 000 miles. Can someone help me, because dealership
    they don't understand , they make test drive and say it's perfect, but is not.
    Is it something on Transmission or suspension? :confuse:
  • what was the final result of the repair. i have the same problem, just not as bad, no coolant in the engine, just he coolant smell. rr70
  • volcrxvolcrx Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    I'm glad I found this forum, but its 9 years too late. Throw my '02 Altima in the mix. I bought it brand new and took good care of it; the first car I ever purchased new. It was a great car for a long time, but I checked my oil during one fill up at around 90,000 miles, and was surprised to find that it was 2 quarts low. I changed the oil thereafter, but since that time, its burned about 1 quart each week. I brought the car in for recall service because my engine was dying in traffic repeatedly around a month ago. Since that time, its been burning 3 quarts per week. Judging by all of these posts, its doomed from a catalytic converter or value screw problem that Nissan won't own up to. Congrats Nissan, you screwed one more person. I'll never purchase one of your piece of crap cars again :lemon:
  • pthahnpthahn Posts: 1
    Newbie here, so bear with me please! Yesterday while driving at around 45 mph. my 2005 Altima just died..literally just lost all power. Luckily I avoided a rear end collision and driving into a ditch while trying to get my car off of the road.
    After coming home, my husband was able to get to it and start it up just fine with no issue. Prior to this, the "check engine light" had never come on.
    He hooked up a code thing to it which he owns and no codes came up. We took to the internet to do some research and found that in Nov. 2007 over 653 thousand Altimas were recalled due to the crankshaft sensor overheating causing a brief interruption in the signal output. This could lead to the engine to quit running while being driven at low speeds.
    Needless to say, I took the car into our dealership this morning and got the call back that the ECM could not be reprogrammed (which was the remedy) because they were getting codes on the CAM sensor and crank sensor. They told me in order to correct the recall issue, I would need to pay $470 for the replacement of both these sensors.

    This is where I am looking for advice. I argued with them that the recall was precipitated by the crankshaft sensor overheating and causing the interruption. I personally do not feel we should have to pay for the replacement of this sensor because it was at the root of the problem. Now, the CAM sensor, I know nothing about (and my husband is at work), but the little I do know about cars tells me they all work together in the function of the engine continuing to run.

    At this point, I have contaced Nissan Corporation and filed a complaint. I am not trying to get free repairs, and am willing to pay for the CAM sensor since it was not mentioned in the recall, but the crank sensor I am arguing over. If they cannot get to the ECM reprogramming without getting past having to replace the crank sensor, should we rightfully have to pay for that since it overheated causing the breakdown??
  • I have a 2009 altima....needs new engine....the engine block cracked. shouldn't have happened on a year old car. they are trying to blame it on lack of oil changes....but that's not related to this issue. I will certainly be getting rid of the car after this is all said and done. All you have to do is contact nissan directly.....they have a number in the warrenty book to call. Definitely fight for it.
  • Probably not....I have a 2009 altima, and the engine block cracked. It's a rare thing to happen to begin with and shouldn't have happened on a year old car. I am fighting Nissan to cover the new engine now. You would think it would be covered by the warrenty, but they dont just go and replace and entire engine without a fight.
  • Has anyone else had this problem? Something needs to be done.....apparently Nissan makes crappy engines, and doesn't want to take care of the situation. And I am wondering why Altimas have such good ratings......I would never have bought this car if I had known there were so many issues with engines, and now I am stuck fighting with Nissan for a new engine.
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 749
    Every manufacturer has some lemons. I'm on my 4th Altima (2010 now) and 4th Infiniti (2009) and I don't have any issues w/ the engine. My brother has a 2005 Altima w/ about 40k miles with no problem also.
  • gollsgolls Posts: 21
    I have researched and this appears to be a common problem with 2002 Nissan Altima - the catalytic converter goes bad, the head gasket blows, the engine starts burning oil like mad and finally it needs engine replacement. My car has all of these problems. According to Kelly Blue Book, the private-party value of this car in good condition is $6k. The dealer is asking me for roughly $4k to replace the engine and the catalytic converter. My car has less than 80k miles and it is less than 8 years old, but the dealer is refusing to replace the cat and the engine under warranty because I drove the car with a known blown head gasket problem for a couple of months. So, I am not sure what to do now. Should I pour 4 grand into this :lemon: ? My worry is that there may be other problems that surface after I put so much money into it. Would I be better off donating the car/selling it off as is and buying another used one (maybe a Hyundai or a Kia which has a 10 year/100k miles warranty)? I recently bought a new Toyota Sienna and I only need a second car for commute to work (8 miles each way). Looking forward to some good advice. Thanks!
  • rondholrondhol Posts: 32
    hey, you have the right to get new engine and catalytic converter based on federal emission law. 8 years./80k miles. Some of us got that using that argument.
  • gollsgolls Posts: 21
    rondhol, I asked my dealer about the warranty under the federal emission law, and he told me that I cannot avail of that warranty because I drove the car for three months with a known head gasket problem. The dealer had told me about a blown head gasket in December '09, and I didn't get it fixed at that time. Even though it is not known whether the head gasket caused the engine problem, they are not ready to honor the warranty given this fact.
  • pibzzpibzz Posts: 6

    I have an 06 Altima 2.5 that I bought as a program car from Enterprise, with 15K on it. It now has 76K on it, and after reading all the posts about these things eating their own cats, I am concerned about mine.

    So far it's been flawless, and with freeway driving it can return 33MPG

    Its always garaged, and I live in CA so it never really sees any extreme cold temps, but it does get up to 100 in the summer here on the desert. I drive a ton of freeway miles.

    Anyway, I Googled 06 Altimas for sale, and couldn't find a single one with more than 90K on it, and I'm wondering if these things can even MAKE IT to 90K

    I would love to hear from any Altima 2.5'ers with GOOD stories, like how their Altima now has 250K on it with no problems. Does such a car exist ? Or are all Altimas doomed to eat their own cats?

    John from CA :surprise:
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