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Ford F-Series Fuel Pump/Fuel System



  • mickeymouse2mickeymouse2 Posts: 161
    Ford did two different designs on that. One they used a rail mounted fuel pump driverside slightly forward towards the engine that pulls fuel trough the selector valve also on the rail drivers side about where the bed starts. Look for damaged wires at the selector valve from that exhuast sheild that fell off. It may have cut one of them.

    If you have the design of two fuel pumps, it is probably the pump.

    Your inertia switch kills power to your fuel pump[s] reguadless what design. If one is working, it is not that.

    Be focusing on the selector valve. Good luck
  • ajax01ajax01 Posts: 2
    The exhaust shield is on the passenger side right beside the tranny. It didn't fall off, only lost a bolt & rattled, so no cut wires from that.
    When you say 'rail mounted' are you referring to the frame? I just put all new brake lines on and don't remember anything with wires (selector switch or pump) on the frame, but I'll look again. There is a fuel filter in the gas line that lays inside the frame about even with the drivers floor board.
    I don't know where the fuel pump(s) is, but I assumed one in each tank.
    Thanks for your comments.
  • tgj1tgj1 Posts: 2
    I am having a problem that while driving my truck the check engine light comes and the engine dies. When I go start it back the fuel pump just runs and does not shut off, could someone help me with this and please tell me what the flat pancake contraption is up next to the fuel injection manifold.
  • mike9408mike9408 Posts: 74
    Can you retrieve the trouble code from your computer? If so, this will narrow down the problem. Are you sure you are not out of fuel? Not sure what the pancake contraption is in less it is the fuel back pressure regulator. The regulator restricts the amount of fuel returning to the gas tank, forcing more fuel to the injectors, thus making more fuel inter the cylinder to make it go faster. I suggest going to your local automotive parts store and pick up a Chilton (or equivalent) manual #266664 which covers 1987-1996 Ford Pickups. This manual will help you alot and only costs around $20.00. What engine do you have? Is there a vacuum line going to the pancake thing and is it hooked up and in good condition? Check all of your vacuum lines and wire connections before doing any repair work.
  • tgj1tgj1 Posts: 2
    my truck does have 300 6cyl motor with duel tanks and the metal contraption does not have a vacuum line to it and it looks like that i would have to replace the gas line with it.
    Thanks Troy
  • 1985 F-150 4WD 5.0 FI with dual tanks- 2 low pressure and one high pressure fuel pumps with no power going to them. Does anyone know where the relay and/ or fuse link is?
  • mike9408mike9408 Posts: 74
    Check the collision switch inside the cab on the firewall above your left foot. Reset button on top of it. Or relay may be on left finder well under hood.
  • The relay is usually green in color on the drivers side engine compartment. The inertia switch or what the other person described as a collision switch can be located in 3 different areas; left kick pannel, right kick pannel, and on firewall inside cab on either passenger or drivers side. If there is no power going to the inertia switch with key on. it will be your ignition switch or fuel relay. Common issue is the fuel relay because it is mounted upside down and will collect moisture.
  • bagzbagz Posts: 1
    have you figured out this problem yet??? my truck is doing the identical thing?/????
  • 1990 F150 4.9 EFI. Fuel pump runs for as long as a minute. It will then start, and with the exception of an occasional high speed miss, it runs ok. Same process to start it again. Found a loose, capped hose that was clipped to the frame in front of tank. Dont know where it goes. Could it be check valve or something else?
  • sorry but can't help you on that
  • Did you find out what was wrong?
  • Did you find out what was wrong?
  • No I replaced the rear tank but had no luck, will try again when time is available. I wish someone could tell me how to do away with the front or rear tank but have not found that person, and yes the pump in the rear runs.
  • I don't know about the pancake part but I have 2 1992 f150 fords 6 cyl 4.9 and on both trucks my fuel pumps would not stop running and it would not start. Had gas had spare but the pumps would not stop running when the key was on! I took it to a 35 year ford man he didn't even look at it all he said was it is your IIC box, both times I had him put a new one on and the way I went Part is about $100.00 same with other truck IIC box!!
  • Hello, I have a 1990 F 150 . I replaced the fuel pump and now the fuel pump won't shut off resulting in the truck won't start unless I spray gas in carb. first. I have check fuel filter and gas is coming thru to engine.I also used the check valve in rail to check for fuel,I have replaced the fuel relay, fuel regulator, also. Could any one help with this problem.? I really appreciate all help. :confuse:
  • I have a 2004 F-350 6.0 the sensor shows water in the fuel, today I drained the water seperator and there was only a couple drops, last week I changed the fuel filters and added a salution to obsorb the water, also it seems that when I loosen the fuel cap then put it back on the lite goes out for a while,could it be the sensor.
    thanks for any suggestions
  • I have a 1992 F-150 straight six. The problem is that when i turn the key to on the fuel pumps run continuously and wont shut off and check engine light is on but the truck will start but runs very very rough. This is and intermitent problem. I can turn the key back off and try it again and then they will work fine and the truck will run fine. Even while driving and seems to be running fine the check engine light will come on and it will run rough again. This just seems to happen whenever and wherever. I have changed the fuel filter, changed relays, cleaned both tanks. Fuel pressure was correct. Any ideas?? Do you think this is a computer problem.
  • when fuel selector is on front tank, engine idles rough and sill stall. If selector is on rear tank, truck idles smooth and runs well. But front tank will start overflowing throwing gas out. and the rear tank loses gas. Can anyone help me?? any ideas of what it could be??

    **Dayna** :)
  • You could try reversing the fuel return lines (front and rear).Now As far as running rough on front tank, check for an air leak (cracks etc) on front tank suction hose. (Most of this will be at the fuel switching valve, I believe located inside the left frame rail.)
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