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Ford F-Series Fuel Pump/Fuel System



  • poli3poli3 Posts: 3
    I have a '92 460 in a motorhome and is doing the same thing - pump won't stop running and won't start. Hasn't run much in the last 5 years. Could you tell me exactly what the "IIC Box" is and where it's located? Thanks in advance.
  • I do not know where the IIC Box is. But if I were you I would check the fuel return control valve as well. It may be returning all the fuel to the tank even though I beleive it is supposed to fail closed which would send all the fuel to the injectors I think. Not very sure about any of this as this is a lot different engine than the 300 6.
    I would like to know what you find so please return to the site and let me know.
  • poli3poli3 Posts: 3
    Any help with how to get to the front spark plugs (and next one on passenger side)? '92 Ford 460 on a motorhome with E350 chasis. Thanks in advance.
  • poli3poli3 Posts: 3
    Checked with a mechanic and he didn't know what it was either. Traced the problem down to bad plugs -- creating my last post and how to get the last two plugs out!
  • Ofcourse I do not know the year etc but mine is a 1991 F-150 and the fuel line is in the drivers side frame rail. Black plastic lines.
  • my 94 f-250 turbo diesel will only draw out 1/2 tank in front and rear tanks gauge will read 1/2 tank and that is correct checked with siphone hose built truck will run out if i dont stop and get diesel and front tank will hold 15.00 and thats full ?
  • 95 Ford F150. I changed fuel pumps, filter, ignition moduler, checked regulator, holds pressure, good vacuum from motor. It still stalls when going down the road when warm and getting worse. Still checking on things, Please Help!
  • Please inform: what engine? I had this kind of problem on my 91 F-150, found it to be a combination of collision switch and bad connection at the fuel tank. Mike
  • I had a 97, that would stall like that, and it would start right back up, I finally found that it was the Cam shaft sensor
  • it's a 5.8 with automatic
  • 95 f150 with a 5.8 engine. changed fuel regulator, tanks, fuel pumps, found broken vacuum lines on emission fixed that. Ran good for 2 days a couple of hundred of miles. quite last night would not start, til cold next morning. Thinking it is in the ignition? or would faulty fuel injectors do it?
  • got codes for pip sensor just changed no codes before . i changed battery . i will let you know what happens
  • so far so good thanks for the help.hope my info helps someone too.
  • My 1990 (inline 6) F150,s fuel pump(s) won't shut off, Either tank even with ignition switch off. When I switch tanks the other pump runs. Truck runs OK. Could it be the fuel pump regulator. I first got it to stop when I shut the hood. Then it ran all night and ran batt. down. Sometimes after reconnecting the batt. it isn't running. I hope it is not the ignition switch.
  • mike9408mike9408 Posts: 74
    Hey George,
    Locate the Fuel Pump relay. It should be on the drivers side finder under the hood. Remove the Relay from the clip and unplug it. If the fuel pump stops running while the relay is out, it is the relay. Hopefully this is as far as you will have to go. If it does stop the pump, just replace the old relay with a new one. Please let us know what happens.
  • tim155tim155 Posts: 1
    I have a 1991 Ford F-150 pickup with dual fuel tanks. Truck has a v-8 engine. The problem is while truck is running, with rear tank selected the front tank over flows really bad. I can remove the fill cap on the front tank and start the truck (switch in rear tank position) and the gas runs out onto the ground. The front tank will not work at all. When I select front tank, the gage goes to empty and the pump does not come on nor will the truck start. When I change the dash switch to rear tank, the gage rear the correct amount and the pump pumps and truck starts and runs down the road pretty good until about 60 mph them it loses power and starts to like miss a little like not enough gas coming in to engine. How can running off my rear tank pump gas into my front tank and over flow it but yet front tank does not work at all? I have read all the forum here and read about a change over valve on frame but I can not find on my truck. The rear tank 3 fuel lines appear to go to top of my front tank and 3 fuel lines (hose) come out of front tanl and 2 go up behind engine and 1 crosses over to passenger side and into right side of engine area. Is there a change over valve in my tank or else where? I am at a loss here. Thank you in advance for advice.
  • did you figure out the problem
  • Yes the problem with my 1990 F150 was the fuel pump sensor. thanks.
  • shaddyyshaddyy Posts: 1
    Hey guys i just recently bought my first car.. or truck rather heh.. but when i bought the truck the old owner told me that the truck had been sitting for 15 months straight and had old gas in it, and said it would drive for about 10 miles and i would have to let it sit for 30 minutes to let the old gas clear out, he also gave me a new fuel filter because he said he thought it was the fuel filter with bad gas in it which would cause the truck to stall out and not get any gas. Well to make a long story short, i drove the truck home it kept stalling out about every mile.. had to wait.. while i drove the truck it felt like the engine wasn't getting any gas at all, it would sputter, and i would press the peddle down, and it wouldnt even take off or anything.. the engine turns off and i had to pull off the road and wait a little bit, now when i was on my way home i happened to stop at a shell gas station with a local mechanic there, he put in the new fuel filter for me and it ran fine for about a half a mile and continued to do the samething, now my question this a fuel injector problem? old gas need to get some seafoam? or vacuum line failure.. im not really great with cars im just now getting into it.. i appreciate any replies or any help very gratefully.
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