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Toyota 4Runner Transmission Problems



  • taigebtaigeb Posts: 1
    I have a 1995 Toyota 4runner. When I first purchased my fav car 3 years ago, i noticed that it hesitated when it went in reverse "sometimes". So I had a mechanic chg the filter and fluid, then repeated the process 2 more times. Every Friday for 3 weeks, thats what was up. And poof, no more probs, until about a year ago. I have not gone thru the 3 time process due to I spent a fist full on new plugs,wires,rotor,dist cap,fuel filter,air filter,oifilter,oilchg,pads,rotors,spindle,big old lock nuts,, yes I drove my wheels off just like my dad said i would. So i thought i will chg the tranny filter and fluid, and if it still rolled, i would proceed. This little 4runner of mine is not done at only 135000, and it shouldn't be. Now, i can handle the manually shifting the auto tranny, and the flashing overdrive i just tone out, but the stalling and couching and it acts like it has copd i cant take. O, yes, last summer about a week after it started sillipng and not going into revb my jbolt dropped out and my neg battery ground shorted out and it started smoking from under the hood, i killed the motor, repaired the ground to fire wall that had fried and drove it about 50 miles to my dads repair guy. well by the time i got there, my car waa no long slipping, he drove it and said, there is not a thing wrong with the tranny, and i reacted so quik to the elec ground sizzle that i just got super lucky. Guess that the computer reset when the batt was disconnected. Well, that silver lining only lasted about 50 more miles and eng lite, replaced oxygen intake upstream, everyone has told me that if I just replace this one more 150buck part it "should fix it" I am 150bucked out, only working pt, its a sad long pitiful story that i dont have time for, anyway. Tell me what you think? Iam just going to throw out what i originally thought it might be. and it has been so many probs ago i am not sure why i thought it was theElec fuel pump that got jacked up from the volts that traveled thru it.???? Or could it be a a overdrive sensor that just simply needs to be reset, or a selonoid in the tranny. Or what about a vac leak???? I am sure that this exact scenerio has happened to somebody out there, lol. But any troubleshooting tips would be greatly appreciated. I will be having to do the work myself, which i like, but Iam not a spring chick or chicken anymore,and i no longer have access to a chiltons. I gotta get back on all four wheels. My first grandbaby is due anyday, and i am embarrarsed by my situation. Please before i sink back into a pity party.Iam not blonde, iam Silver thank you!!!
  • thor33thor33 Posts: 2
    Many, many thanks for your post. I bought a 2k8 4runner in August 2010 with only a little over 14K miles. After about a month of driving I started noticing the bump when I came to a stop and the bump when I release the brake to take off. I is really annoying and was starting to bother me that something was about to go bad on me so I took it to the dealer. Of course I was told that there was nothing wrong but the codes read as if I had been towing something which I haven't. I told the service manager I have not towed anything and he said, that's okay because the computer was reset and everything should worked fine. I also asked him if the computer reset would fix the fact that the engine is revving at high speeds and will not down shift when I take my foot off the gas pedal, he told me the computer reset will fix the problem. Needless to say it didn't and I really didn't know what to do until I read your post. I'm going back with better ammunition.
  • thor33thor33 Posts: 2
    My newly bought 08 4Runner is giving me second thoughts due to the issue with the bump I get when I come to a stop or take off, the weird vibration in the brake pedal and the fact that I must ride the brake when I want to slow down due the vehicle not down shifting or decreasing in speed when I am not touching the gas pedal while driving through parking lot or school zones. I think I have found some answers while reading other posts but does anyone know if there has been a definite fix to any of the problems I am having? The vehicle is still under warranty (not for long) and I have taken it to the dealer to be serviced,only to be told that the computer needed to be relearned ( that didn't work), it only has about 16k miles on it after I bought it at the end of August 09 and I really don't want to sell it.
  • I have a 1994 4-runner se5-v6, 4wheel drive.
    The problem I have is the transmission when cold will not shift to high gear until the engine comes up to operating temp. Usually about 2 miles driving. After its warm everything works great with no shifting problems at all. THe truck has 203 thousand miles on it and the transmission was serviced about 5000 miles ago. The fluid looks and smells good.
    Anybody have any ideas on this problem??
  • edpoledpol Posts: 11
    Since my last post, I have filed another complaint to the national traffic safety assn and have written another e-mail to Toyota. Toyota responded that they regret any inconvenience I might have experienced but they have looked into my problem (reving rpms up to 3000 but not going anywhere then lurching forward suddenly) and are "declining my request on behalf of Toyota as your vehicle is operating normally and according to design" and "because the regional representative has been trained by Toyota, the decision rendered by this individual represents Toyota's position" and "that your 4Runner's transmission concern is a normal characteristic of the vehicle." This is so much *#)(*)_! not to mention an insult to me as a customer. Contacted my Toyota dealership service manager and told her I have decided to sell the 4Runner (paid for in cash) and am looking at several other options none of which is a Toyota. Appreciate everyones stories and hope all find some help to remedy the problems, but given Toyota's attitude, don't hold your breath!!
  • I don't know how Toyota can tell you it's a 'normal characteristic' of the vehicle when they have issued a service bulletin fix for the 2010 model here in Canada. I can understand your frustration. Toyota Canada told me they're working on a fix for my 2009 model but couldn't tell me if or when they would have one. I can now rev my truck to 6000rpm just like it was in neutral and she goes nowhere!
  • 2000 4Runner SR5, 139x miles. When its cold it will not shift into drive, just revs up high without changing gears. Has happened about three times in the past month. Seems ok as long as I let it warm up first. Tranny guy told me that it was most likely the seals that need to be replaced for $1500. A friend of mine ran some product called lucid or something through his and it cured the "slippage" for a year. Another mechanic suggested trans.service, but warned that there is a 50/50 chance that the new fluid could finish off the tranny if there are any problems. Contemplating trading it in...but just paid it off! What to do??
  • My 2000 4runner had the same problem. Turned out to be my brakes. My mechanic changed the brake pads and the problem has been gone ever since.
  • fox_bfox_b Posts: 8
    Change your battery with a new one. I had the same problem on my 2000 4Runner at 140k miles even after I added some tranny conditioner and made sure the fluid was topped off. On this same forum, someone suggested to change the battery even though this is just prolonging the problem, and once I changed the battery the problem went away. The true problem is corrosion on the contacts going to the solenoids inside the tranny. Check further back in history on this forum to see if you can find what someone had said about this.

    Good Luck.
  • Thanks Fox_b! I thought I read something like that. As a matter of fact my battery totally died within the same month that the problem happened (which was only three times) and it hasn't happened again since then. Have you had anymore trouble? and how many miles ago did you experience the same problem? Thinking of getting the tranny serviced but scared to. Any thoughts?
  • Help! My Beloved 4Runner has brown/burnt tranny fluid! I know this is nothing good. About 4 months ago I got a new radiator and got a full transmission flush, so the oil was new. Just yesterday I was driving about to hit 30 MPH when it stopped accelerating, it sounded like it was in neutral. So I put it in neutral, and just as i was about to come to a stop, it Banged, and went back into gear. This is when i checked the fluid. This incident is the only problem ive had with the transmission. Someone told me eventually my tranny would fail. I never believe what people suggest about whats actually happening, so i need advice! whats wrong with it and what should i do?! :confuse:
  • fox_bfox_b Posts: 8
    I am glad to be of some help to you sierrawhiskey. I have had no problems since I changed my battery. Initially I was having problems in the morning when it was cold and now that I have changed my battery and winter has set in I have not had any problems. This was happening around 40K miles which was about 5k miles ago.

    I would only recommend the regular servicing so if you have not flushed the tranny completely are recommended then I would do that. I took off the plan and flushed out the screen (since it does not have a filter) and put the plan back on with Toyota's sealant. I also completely flushed out all of the fluid which includes the torque converter. I think it was something like 2 and 1/2 gallons of fluid. Since I run AMSOIL it gets exepensive.

    Good Luck.
  • Every time you get in your car, you back out of the garage or parking space, put your foot on the brake, shift into "Drive", take your foot off the brake, and place it on the accelerator, and drive away.

    That works most of the time . . . but in recent 4runners . . . it can be extremely dangerous!

    Once in about 15 times, you'll put it "Drive", press the accelerator, the engine races, but you're not going anywhere!

    So you look down at the shifter to make sure it's in "Drive" . . . when all of a sudden . . . the 4runner leaps forward, peels rubber, and hopefully ddoesn't kill anything in the process.

    Three dealers have tried to solve it. Southeastern Toyota denies it is a problem.

    Eventhough, I know it will happen occasionally, it still catches me by suprise.

    My activities force me to use valet parking often. When the attendent kills someone over this, will Toyota defend me in court?

    John Zimmerlee
    Marietta GA
  • Hey John,
    I've had the same thing happen to me but I find it's only when the wheels are turned hard backing out. You put it in drive, press the accelerator and she doesn't respond until you start to straighten the wheel, then, it jumps forward and you have to hang on tightly and quickly release the gas pedal. I'm still dealing with my acceleration problem where I slow to enter a parking lot and when I apply the gas the engine will rev up to 3000rpm and go nowhere. I've contacted toyota canada. They have a fix for the 2010 but not my 2009. I have a formal complaint launched with transport canada but haven't heard a reply. I call it a safety hazzard and in my opinion all those trucks should be recalled before it causes an accident.

    Keep me updated.

  • it is the OD shift sensor. im having the same problem with my 94 4runner. I ended up going to toyota to find the problum. they told me when the trans is cold the sensor dosnt read.once it gets worm it kicks in and works.And there is 2 sensors on it drive and OD you may have to change bouth to solve your problem.
  • fox_bfox_b Posts: 8
    What ever happened with message #244 from the legal assistant in some lawfirm? His message was:

    "edpol: I am sorry, this seems to be the only way to reach you. I have been trying to accumulate, from as many sources as possible, any information about problems with the Toyota 4Runner transmission, and with Toyota. The reason for my request has to do with the present lack of information available to me. You see, I work for a Law firm in Central California and am representing an individual who'..."

    Did this forum's manager take it off? Why?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,003
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  • dooley13dooley13 Posts: 7
    Toyota Canada confirmed that the 4-runners inability to safely merge into traffic is a normal characteristic of the vehicle and they suggest I let the vehicle come to a complete STOP when trying to merge in traffic or turning into a parking lot, to let the transmission shift properly. Can you believe they told me to stop when merging on the highway!!!! Come on! They say it has to do with the V V T T (variable timing something). I'm up against a brick wall with them now.
    Transport Canada doesn't consider the ability to merge into traffic safely a safety concern either! What! A vehicle not being able to accelerate for accident avoidance or merge isn't considered a safety problem? THEN WHAT IS?
    I told both of them if I get involved in an accident because of this 'problem' I will be getting a lawyer and both Transport Canada and Toyota Canada will be part of the investigation. My next step is now CAMVAP. The papers are on the way! Hopefully, Toyota will be forced to buy the truck back from me and I can get rid of this 4-runner headache and get a decent SUV.

  • baldimanbaldiman Posts: 3
    I am having the same problem, what ended up happening? Anyone have any ideas? I just bought this truck and I am having this problem. It is throwing a Nutural Saftey Switch code. I changed it out and it is still doing the same thing.
  • baldimanbaldiman Posts: 3
    My 2000 4Runner has a tendency to sometimes not go into second gear every once in awhile. Now every so often it will slip out of drive, it just revs as if nothing is there but you downshift a gear and manually go back up and it seems ok.I can drive it for a week and it will not act up at all and then it starts again. The truck has 100,000 miles on it and is an automatic transmission.
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