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Nissan Versa Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dr_d2005dr_d2005 Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a Versa SL Hatchback w/ CVT, Convenience Package, Sports Package, Aluminum Kick Plate, Floor & Trunk Mats, and Window Tint from North Texas Nissan (just North of Dallas, TX) for $15,700 + TTL.

    I wish I could say that I am great at negotiating and that is the reason I purchased the car for less than invoice, but I was just fortunate to find a dealer that was highly motivated to get cars off of their lot this month. Initially I was highly suspicious that the quote I received from the internet department was just bait to get me in the door, but since it was by far and away better than any other quote I received, I decided to give them a try and I couldn't be happier. They were great to deal with and extremely honest and upfront about everything.

    In addition to the great deal, I was also fortunate to get $500 cash back for being a recent graduate (2 years ago) and benefited from the current available financing of 0.7%. All totaled after I received $1700 for my trade in (97 Nissan Maxima SE w/ 189,000 miles) I purchased the car for $13,500 with an interest rate of 0.7%. Needless to say I am extatic and could not be happier.

    As for the car, it is flat out awesome. Going from the Maxima to the Versa we barely noticed a difference in the size of the interior (our passengers in the back seat definately did not notice), but when I pulled into our apartments parking space and got out of the car I was blown away by how much smaller the Versa was. It is truly an amazing car and the ride is excellent. For all of those people who prefer the fit, you can have it. When the day comes that I need to drive through a slalom, perhaps I will wish that I had the fit, but for now I will truly enjoy my daily commute in the Versa.
  • azaiazai Posts: 4
    I just bought a versa in Fife, WA- SL version, 6speed, ABS, no convenience or special packages, with the sunroof being placed in the car next week. I paid 16,677 before taxes, with 4.9% 60 month financing. Was a really positive buying experience, did I get a decent deal? I feel like I had done my research, but I can't help but wonder.
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,524
    WOW what an awsome price you paid for the car... Congrats..
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,524
    just a FYI, I would stay away from aftermarket sunroofs, they well leak on you after a while, the Versa can be had with a sunroof that is covered by the factory warrenty.
  • rkaylarkayla Posts: 1
    Just bought my new Versa today and I'm pretty happy with the deal. MSRP was $14,865 for the Versa S with power package, splash guards. Dealer had it already red tagged for $14,406 because it was one of the older Versas they had on the lot. They sold it to me for $14,300. Intially they were only going to give me $2000 for my '01 Altima (I bought from them). When they heard another Nissan dealership in the area was willing to give me $4000 for it they were willing to come up to $3500 in order to keep my business. I'm very happy they did because I would prefer to deal with them. They other dealership was less than impressive. I was immediately doubtful when I knew more about the car than the sales person working with me. After reading some other posts, I'm confident I got a good deal. I really love the car too. :)
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 884
    I've been looking at the Nissan Versa hatchback SL but I haven't seen prices like posters are reporting. I'm seeing prices more like 17,000 and they seem to sell quickly. How are others getting these great deals?
  • bikedorianbikedorian Posts: 48
    Demand has everything to do with it. Very few Versa's in our neck of the woods so the dealer was well...dealing. Have you asked for online quotes?
  • maayabazarmaayabazar Posts: 4
    Please post the OTD price .. including all fees and taxes .. I am also from Bristol ...
  • azaiazai Posts: 4
    I had a few local dealerships "bid" for me to purchase a this versa (SL, ABS, 6-speed, sunroof without the other bells and whistles like convenience package- i wrote about it above). Before I went back to the dealership I liked, I printed out the best quote I had received, and they agreed to beat it (only by $50, but i was still happy). It ended up saving me probably $500-600, and maybe more if I had kept the online bidding going. Instead I only got one bid from each place and didn't take it further than that.

    I figured out how to do this by reading, and they have some links on "Competing Bids".

    I used, i only got one phone call from each dealership and was not harassed, and one or two emails from each dealership who quoted me. That was over a week ago. I did email each of them back to let them know i had bought a car, and that was that- no hassle. They are reviewed online so I think it is in their interest to behave well. I suggest checking this out before buying.
  • mfermfer Posts: 1
    We just purchased a Versa S Sedan with all the options except the ABS. Our price OTD was $14,998.

    We went to a few Nissan places (we're in NJ), but the salesman in town here made the difference. While a few places made us feel like we were wasting their time, the salesman here was mellow and never pressured us. We shopped around to get competing prices, and that eventually helped us receive a lower price.

    I haven't bought too many cars in my life, but in the past I would just go to a dealer empty-handed. Edmunds and several other car websites really opened my eyes into researching cars and waiting for the best deal. These websites are a godsend and really empower the consumer.
  • roland4roland4 Posts: 1
    Finally after 3 weeks of searching for this car, i got it. Is a sapphire blue 1.8 S with:
    Splash guards
    Floor mat set
    Power package
    Aluminum kick plates
    ABS package.
    Dealer had it for $16,154 in montgomery, AL. Now, my local dealer wanted to charge me OTD $15,886 for a base model (Auto trans, floor mats and kick plates)but after talking and talking with montgomery, i got it for $15,196.62(OTD price) with all the extra i just mentioned, they even delivered to my front door (105 miles away)
    So far, i really cannot comment about performance on this car cause like i said, i just got it last saturday so i'm just commenting on buying experience for now. I do highly recommend Jack Ingram dealer in montgomery, they were really helpful and professionals all the way. I do not recommend Lloyd Nissan in Panama City, salesman was kind of rude and smart***. Anyway, thats my buyer experience and i did it all trough internet till last 3-4 days then i started dealing trough the phone with montgomery and Panama city (Big mistake on that last one)
  • sk545sk545 Posts: 2
    Ok, I am not really sure what a dealer is supposed to charge for a documentation fee, but here is the "deal" i am getting:

    New 2007 Nissan Versa 1.8S Sedan Automatic + Power Package (power windows, locks, ABS).

    Price: 14,500
    Rebate: -500
    Subtotal: 14,000

    Now, we have the rest of the fees:

    Tax: $700 (seems ok)
    Documentation Fee: $444 <<----What the hell??
    License and Fees(fees again?): $94

    I know that doc fees vary from state to state (maybe dealer to dealer too??), some even have laws. I live in MA, so what should i be realisticly be paying for doc fee? Is $444 too much, if so, how far can i haggle to lower it?

  • nimmimnimmim Posts: 1
    We just got an SL w/ convenience package and floormats and Maintainace Pack(4years/60000) and Lifetime Tires for $17,700 OTD price.

    15700 -- Price the dealer gave us
    -500 -- Graduate discount

    15200 + TTL + Maintainance pack = 17700
  • molly01molly01 Posts: 2
    I spent two weeks working online with Nissan dealers from Sarasota to Orlando to get the best pricing. I had an '03 Murano SL I wanted to trade and I thought that the local dealer where I bought it would give me the best deal, but wanted to check them all. It took some wrangling and we walked out and talked to a couple of other dealers, but our preferred dealer called us back yesterday and we were able to agree on a price and a trade. We purchased an SL hatchback with the convenience package, floor mats, kickplates and splash guards for $15822 plus about $200 in TTL so my OTD price was just a bit over $16000. I got $16000 for my Murano (I still had two years to pay on it). I would have sold it myself for around $18000 or maybe a bit more, but the tax savings, wanting to get the .7% financing, and not have the hassle of selling it myself won out. I think I got a pretty good deal and I look forward to getting my new little red car in the next couple of days!
  • rennie4rennie4 Posts: 52
    Doc fees seem way to high. I asked my dealer how much they charge for doc fees and it was only $45.
  • versa s hatchback, automatic, power door/window, keyless entry, floor mats, truck mat, splash guards, first free service.
    my tax rate is 7.75%
    the docs and fees are ~$210
    $500 rebate,
    Total OTD will be $15K even.
    option to finance over 3 years at 0.7%, which we would take (<200 charges over 3 years)

    haven't actually bough yet, but that's the quote I have.
    how many of you had an internet quote, and then it wasnt honored when you got there?
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Some states regulate the maximum allowed doc fees by law. If they are allowed to charge whatever they want, then they should be required to post their fees in plain site on the windows.
    Maybe that would cause them to self regulate their prices out of embarrassment or to compete with other dealers.
    "Yes, Mr. dealer you can ask for $1299.99 for doc fees and dealer prep, but you will have to post it on the window sticker."
  • rennie4rennie4 Posts: 52
    15K with TTL is excellent. even without it is still a great deal. With those options, the car is about 17,000. That's greater than 2,000 off!
  • really? this is for the S, not SL.
    there are several dealers saying they can do this price, and one offered to knock off $80 to $14912, OTD. When I go to the site and look at the inventory of these dealers, I notice some of them only have a car with both power and ABS packages in white. i wonder how up to date the nissan site is. i would hate to make a wasted trip or feel I was being baited. anyone out there with bad internet buying/quote experience? I want to test drive and buy, maybe with financing. I was told it could take 2.5 hours total, which seems really long. If I preapprove the financing maybe it could go a lot smoother. there must be a versa sale over here if this price is relaly so great. I am in CA.
  • Just purchased my new versa S hatchback , automatic transmission, ABS package, power package, floor and trunk mats, splash guards. my tax rate is 7.75%. OTD price was $14.9K. Financed for 36 months at 0.7%, which comes out to ~$160 over the 3 years. So total was about $15.06K.

    No hassle experience. wonderful service, friendly and honest. didn't try to push anything on me. Had credit checked prior to going over there, to make sure I would get the 0.7% rate, and to save time when I got there. happy woth the versa so far.
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