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Nissan Versa Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • podunk503podunk503 Posts: 45
    2008 Versa 1.8 SL cvt
    kick plates
    conv pkg
    floor mats
    splash guards

    MSRP $17980

    Internet quote $16173 after rebates before title lic fees
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    $200 under invoice with 1.9% financing. How does this sound?

    2008 Nissan Versa S, Power Package, 4-speed automatic
  • tennprotennpro Posts: 2
    Just got a quote of $14,300 + TTL for a 2008 Versa S 6-speed manual Sedan with power package, cruise, floor mats and splash guards. Compared to other messages, this seems a bit high for a car with the basics and very few options (e.g., power package and cruise). Others seem to have purchased the SL with CVT + Power + ABS for this amount or a bit more. Interested in any feedback.
  • tennprotennpro Posts: 2
    $200 under invoice? Sounds like a good deal. What was the invoice price?
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I don't know, to be honest. This was after a test drive, the manager was asking what it'd take to seal a deal today (the usual salesman). He first offered invoice at 1.9%, and when we didn't bite, he quickly said $200 under.

    No plans to purchase until July though, and I'm in negotiations with another dealer. I've asked for $400 under with 1.9%, or comparable. It looks like (my parents) want an SL since they want the armrest, but I assume the deals will be the same. CVT and ABS being the only options.
  • felipe5felipe5 Posts: 1
    Purchased the car one month ago. I paid cash and it still took 5 hours to get through all the paperwork. Stevens Creek Nissan in San Jose, CA. $13,000 for the car + $1,326.76 in Tax/Lic. The car had the following options: 1) Splash guards - $110.00; 2) 5-piece floor/trunk mat set - $155.00; 3) Power Package - $700; 4) Cruise control - $200; and 5) Destination Charge - $625.00. Total $15,240. I guess one would say that they sold it to me for $2,240.00 under MSP. Don't know how much the cost was.

    They were offering a further $500 discount if you were a recent college graduate. I couldn't qualify as I've been out of college for 10 years. The car as advertized in the local newspaper was $12,499 (with college discount) with all the above accessories except the splash guards and mat set. They just threw them in for free as they were already on the car.

    Great little car for city and expressway usage. I'm 100% pleased with it.
  • g35johng35john Posts: 12
    Im not sure what part of the country your from but I was able to get my 08 SL hatch with all options for $15600. +TTL. I would say of your paying more than $16000 for ANY versa than your overpaying. Just my opinion.
  • Hey Did you ever get this car. Or are you still looking. Did you get a bettor deal from a nother Nissan dealer. What part of the country are you from. I am trying to work with fits Mall in Pa the have no hassle pricing the price on the car is what it is. I am also looking for the same car as you with the power package croze just auto not stick they told me $13000 so Just looking now what color I want not shore yet. I am in New York on Long island. O how does the stick car drive did you like it was it easy to shift. Thankyou so Mutch for reading my posting. Have a real grate day Sorry about my spelling Thankyou Marco.
  • huyhoang26huyhoang26 Posts: 4
    Hi guys,

    I just took home a 1.8 SL HB Auto CVT + 5 mat.
    Price: 12,400 (due to my mistake, I could not bring it to 12,200)
    Fee: 200
    Delivery: 625
    OTD price for me is 14225

    I guess it is a reasonalbe deal.

    I go to the local accessary and put the leather on it. cost is 1195 including labor.

    By the way, there are 2000 rebate you we can count on.
    500 graduate
    1000 normal rebate
    500 memorial day.

    I can also by a 08 S auto HB with power package, cruise control mat, splash for 12150 + Tax Tille + fee(above) + deilvery (625)

    I think the SL is a better deal so I pick it.

    Thank for a nice forum.

  • oceanicsixoceanicsix Posts: 2
    I can't figure out why certain Versa S Auto Hatchback's have an MSRP of $13450 and some have an MSRP of $13780 before options? I just saw one of each on a dealer lot. It would possibly explain the MSRP discrepancy used by Edmunds of $13610 which appears to be the average of those two prices? Anyone understand what the $13450 hasn't got that the $13780 has???
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    I don't know on this particular case, but sometimes they do a midyear bump of the msrp several % for the cars manufactured after Dec or Jan.

  • chuchu8chuchu8 Posts: 2
    Versa SL at $12400 +TTL is a very good deal, the memorial day special only brings the Versa S down to 11999 +TTL
    Could you list the dealer where you get the Versa SL from? Or City?
    Chuchu (Houston)
  • oceanicsixoceanicsix Posts: 2
    Columbus, OH

    Just bought a Versa:

    Versa S Hatchback
    Power Package
    Splash Guards

    Invoice: $14,765
    Paid: $14400
    Cash Rebate: - $500 (Memorial Day Weekend Sale)
    = $13900
    = - $1000 rebate or 1.9% financing
    = $12900
    = opted for 1.9% financing (better deal)
    = $13900
    = tax (6.75%)
    =$250 doc fee
    = $25.50 license fee
    = $15,100 OTD

    I think it's a great deal. $365 under dealer invoice. I was able to get the deal using Edmunds dealer quotes. I received "dealer invoice" price quotes from two separate dealers (don't buy over dealer invoice, seems to be the norm deal right now). I saved an additional $288 under dealer invoice when I had a third dealer say they will beat any deal and won't lose a car sale due to price.

    This was all internet negotiating. Nothing face to face. Quoted me in an email $12,900 for same equipped Versa with dealer invoice being $13,188. Turns out they didn't have the identical car on the lot (of course). I relented on the color to Silver instead of preferred Blue Onyx and gained ABS instead of aluminum kick guards. Car was $13265 dealer invoice minus rebates. Got it for the same $12,900 quote even though dealer invoice was a little higher due to the ABS. = $365 under invoice.

    $15,100 OTD
  • jasonnwinjasonnwin Posts: 1
    Hey Hoang, good job getting that price.

    Here's my price breakdown to help with the battle.
    Splash Guards:___________$110
    Convenience Package:_____$650
    Five Piece Floor/Trunk Mat:_$155
    Aluminum Kick Plate:______$130
    Rear Roof Spoiler:_________$250
    Price directly from my "Virginia Buyers Order-MAFD" form:
    Price with delivery:______$16884.23
    Processing Fee:__________$499.00
    3% VA Title Tax:__________$521.50
    Dealer's Tax:______________$33.77
    Filing Fee:________________$10.00
    Licence&Title Fee:_________$51.50
    Total Delivered Price:____$18000.00
    MFG Rebate:___________$1500.00
    OTD Price:_______$16500.00

    Here's what happened. I came into the dealership and said,"I want a Versa HB SL for $16500 OTD." I got what I wanted so I can't really complain. This is during the Memorial Holiday Sale. So far, I love the car. It's onyx blue with beige interior. It had about 16 miles on the odometer. Feels very upscale for an "econo-class" car. I chose the Versa after test driving three different versions (M,A,Sports Auto with paddle shifter) of the Honda Fit. I found the Fit nimble, but has too much of an "econo-car" feel to it. Plus the CVT and the Inteligent Key a couple of the many awesome "upscale" things that I appreciate every time I drive my Versa.
  • not a bad price for what you are getting real nice car what state did you bye the car in if you dont Mind me asking good luck with it Marco.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Hey guys. I'm back again; my folks are moving closer to getting ready to buy a Versa SL, loaded up. I'm interested in knowing a fair price. I know there is 1.9% and $1,000, although not combined.

    They got an offer of Invoice minus $200, and 1.9%. Is this a fair deal?

    Also, any idea on how much less invoice is versus the sticker? I can't find invoice prices on (it says N/A).
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Nice car actually, great front seats. Thought they had the Civic EX? Want my girls to check out the Versa in a few months for their 1st cars. I was impressed at how comfortable the seats were and the large greenhouse. Makes the Yaris look downright fugly! Just can't used to that silly center speedo.

    The Sandman :)
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Have you looked on KBB? I showed an invoice price of $18,373.00 on a fully loaded Versa (MSRP $19,290.00)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    They've got the Civic, but need a second car for mom to run around the island while my dad is at work. Otherwise, she's stuck at the condo on the beach all day. Tough life, eh?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    Sorry if this is off-topic (OK, it is), but with all the cars your folks have looked at for "running around the island", have they considered a new or used Prius? It would get great FE for around-town (island) trips, has lots of room for four adults, plus the hatch to carry lots of gear. They are a little hard to get right now, but your foks don't seem to be in any hurry.
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