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Nissan Versa Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I would say that is TOO MUCH. Call around to other Nissan dealers. I was just quoted $755 for the 60 mo/$75K Nissan Gold Preferred with $50.00 deductible from VOB Nissan in Rockville, MD. I am in Florida and I bought my Quest on 8-16-08. Shop around, also try Keene Nissan in New Hampshire, they have decent warranty prices for Nissan warranties.
  • 755? Wow! I just received a quote from and it's 1460 for 60mo/75k miles Gold Preferred.

    Can I purchase the extended warranty from another dealership in another state? I'm in NYC.
  • Yes, just like buying a car in any state, you can purchase an extended warranty from any Nissan dealer in any state. I am in Florida, but I purchased from the MD dealer. Just google VOB Nissan and ask for Mr. Shelby. Also check with Keene Nissan in New Hampshire and ask for Tara. She also has good rates. They sell the warranties at COST, not the 100% marked up prices we are hearing when we are signing on the dotted lines with F & I.

    The warranty is the same one as just at COST.
  • Thanks so much! I'm definitely going to look into it. Will let you know the outcome!
  • Hi - Sounds like a great deal. I've been hunting for exactly the same vehicle, the lowest I've been offered is $16,600 plus tax & fees at Campbell Nelson in Edmonds. Would you mind telling me which sales person you went through? I'd like to pull the trigger on a new versa before the weekend. Thanks
  • We bought the car from David Holland at Eastside Nissan.

    But, to get the best price you need to come in and sign a line saying you will buy a certain car for a certain price. Pick your target price and work your way from there. They need to see the commitment to buy, or they won't bargain with you.

    The best email quotes I got were around your price, if not higher.
  • j_vj_v Posts: 3
    marco - got it from nissan of garden city. i bet could get an even lower price if you negotiate well. good luck.
  • Hi jv, does that include tax, doc fee, etc. or any incentives?
    if not, what would be the grand total that you paid
    this really is a very good deal
    I was at a dealer and they charge around 16k for HB with ABS and Power Pkg,
    and they said that'll be the best deal I can get for the 2009
  • We were able to get a 2009 Versa SL with CVT,ABS, Splashguards and Mats for $16.039 including Destination and Doc Fee and $500 rebate. This is the total bottom line price before license plates and tax, Also for no extra charge the dealer threw in wheel locks, emergency kit and first aid kit.
  • j_vj_v Posts: 3
    to clarify - grand total was a bit more than $15K OTD due to tax and the other usual fees. but, again, i feel you could get it for lower if you were to negotiate more than i did, i.e. i figure you could get them down to 12K/12.5K before taxes and fees. good luck.

    its been three weeks now with my versa and no complaints.
  • Whew - I'm getting tired looking for the right Versa. It doesn't seem to exist. I want a SL hatchback with beige interior with ABS. I realize that only white, black or blue come with the beige option. My dream car is white with beige. The dealers around me (Vermont) can't find one and there is nothing on the internet within 250 miles from here. I have quotes on the table for 2 that don't have ABS (one in Springfield, MA, one in Newburgh, NY), but now I'm wondering what to do. I'm tempted to end my agony and just get one without ABS. I have to say, in my 40 years of driving I have never had occasion to need ABS! (or seat belts or air bags....) Question: does the "brake assist" (or whatever it is called) that comes with the ABS package make driving more enjoyable? I'm sensitive to a nice braking car (I'm driving a Camry hybrid right now - cruisemobile)
  • Brake assist is only going to come into play, if you have a panic stop situation and the ABS is activated... It basically senses a panic stop, and applies full brake pressure more quickly than you might yourself.. It won't affect normal braking.

    You may have never needed ABS, but you probably haven't used your airbags, either... When needed, those are both important safety features..

    Good luck in your search!


    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Where did you buy the car from?
  • not a bad deal yea you could maby got a bit mor off but not a bad price. That is a grate dealer how did they treat you. we got an altima at that dealer ship few years ago grate car to keep us updated thanks for reading Marco.
  • I have an offer for 09 versa sedan with power package 14,227 before tax.
    My question is should i get hatchback style and CVT.
    I heard I can get a better milage for CVT transmission.
    Is it worth for extra money?
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    According to the brochure, only the SL model comes with the CVT and not the regular S model. Is this absolutely true? I've seen others posting that they got the S model with the CVT.
    T I A folks.
    The Sandman :)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,618
    Unless things have changed recently, the S gets a 6-speed stick standard and 4-speed automatic (regular AT) optional.
  • no they have not changed still that way backy thanks for reading marco.
  • Hello,
    I got a quote for $13,490 (not included tax+doc fee) for 2009 Nissan versa 1.8 S 4dr/ manual, 6-spd with override/Hatchback/ABS package/mats.

    tax: $1264
    Doc/title: $318
    down payment: $2000

    Is this a good deal??

    Thank you for your help..
  • that sounds like a grate price to me since you are getting quite a bit with this car what state are you byeing from keep us updated thanks for reading Marco.
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