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Nissan Versa Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I was quoted $13250.00 after rebate for a Nissan Versa Hatchback... They came back with financing and they want to finance it at $17265.00. Reason: COST OF DOING BUSINESS and EXTENDED WARRANTY... Now, I'm planning on saying NO Warranty and I will be getting my own at at least half the price... but where would that other 4GRAND come from. I've not signed anything other than a credit check... Looking for some advice.

    I have a TRADE IN as well and it seems like they are low balling that.

    I actually walked away... said I would think on it... still would like some advice.

  • Was their quote OTD (out the door) pricing? Always ask for OTD, and to make it even clearer, tell them that includes taxes, title, registration and any other fees that they dream up.

    Cost of doing business... lol. Good one.

    Your quote might have been just the cash price. Then add tax and all the (real or unreal) fees and quickly you look at a totally different number.

    Ask for OTD and compare different dealers and options.
  • When I went to buy my wife's car this week I didn't find any recent deals in here, so I figured I'd post mine to potentially help someone out. Here's what I got

    Versa HB SL CVT
    Premium package
    Floor mats
    Aluminium kick plate
    (also came with wheel locks, nitrogen and window etching, whatever)

    $16,200 OTD here in VA with our 3% sales tax. Price includes $1250 rebate + $500 presidents day cash back

    Seemed like a fair deal, my wife really likes the car. For anyone in the Virginia Beach area, Hall & Charles Barker Nissan will both sell at this price. Good luck
  • monte13monte13 Posts: 1
    Im a single mom trying to help my daughter get a car. The nissan versa 1.6 is what im looking at. I keep reading about knocking noise from the car from other reviewers. But no one mentions the outcome or cause. I was offered 13400 with tax and title out the door. But I dont want to get the car if it has a problem and the dealerships arent helping with the cause.
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    Not sure what knocking noise those folks might be referring to. I have 73,000+ miles on my 2007 Versa and yes, it does kind of make a little more what sounds like "valve noise" than my past Sentras and Altimas have, but it hasn't been any kind of problem.

    $13,400 including tax and title doesn't sound too bad, although I haven't bought since I got mine in 2007 for $13,675 PLUS tax & title ;)


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  • piper830piper830 Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    I am deciding whether to buy an espresso black/tan Versa hatch with auto transmission and power pack (plus whatever other option they make you get with that - splash guards, I think). MSRP was $16,195, I got the guy to $14,970 OTD, looking at the sheet he gave me it is about $14,200 for the car alone. I think I am happy with that - is it a decent deal? One dealer got nasty with me once we got anywhere near $15K. I am in central VA, if it helps any.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Not sure if this helps or not but I've seen them here for $13,520 (MSRP 16,385) for just the vehicle.
  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 1,350
    I bought the exact same car (hatch, AT, power pack) over new years for $13472+TTL, in the Bay area. Also got special finance rate. Whether your deal is a good one is hard to say. Pricing can be highly dependent on region, amount of competing dealers, incentives to dealers, etc.
  • kenleslie76kenleslie76 Posts: 22
    edited June 2010
    Hello, I got a quote from a dealer in SoCal for $16,700 OTD including the $1,500 rebate. The MSRP of the car was $17,675. Please let me know is this a steal or not.... or I can do better than that. Please advise
  • thgearythgeary Posts: 2
    Versa 1.6 sedan, 5sp manual trans
    only options: AC + ABS

    quoted price: $11,460 (inc dest)
    I added a 7 year 70k warranty: $1400 (which I slightly regret, i may add, since the car seems very good quality over all)
    With ca tax, doc fee, gap insurance, dmv, title etc: $15000
    Down: 1500
    APR: 6.99% - 60 month loan.
    Total amount, inc cost of financing: 17580.

    The car is awesome overall - very, very smart indeed, nippy/fast around town, but engine is geared low (hence the nippiness) so it revs high on freeway - 4k rpm for 80mph - sounds like you're in a washing machine, and with no stereo included, that gets boring.

    backseat leg room is inexplicably huge - really - even for two 6'6" men sitting tandem its huge. The inside materials are surprisingly good - cheap cars usually smell like dollar stores, but this one is great. i have no rattles or anything yet.

    I don't have the remote locks, and i already dread having to unlock the passenger side rear door - you have to open the driver door (only that one has keyhole) and reach on through. if you have kids, pay extra for the locks. i have a sienna for the wide and kids :)

    only downer is that it looks extremely ugly/weird from the very front (even for a European who's owned Citroens in the past), but from any other angle is very nice, IMO. A league above the accent, rio, aveo, etc. But then personally i find the Fit utterly repulsive, so ignore my subjective view on the aesthetics - you're not buying a 11k car to impress the ladies, after all.

    I had two problems: first, the passenger side brake rotor dust shield was touching the rotor, so there was a constant scraping noise. I pulled the wheel off, found the issue and bent it a half inch back by hand, now its fine. Dunno how that ever got through quality control, though. And second the check engine light came on for the first 300 miles. It has gone off now, but if it comes on again I'm going straight to dealer. Its only the evaporative emissions control system - the gas fumes in the gas tank are possibly venting to atmosphere (more likely the sensor is broken) - so its not fatal anyway. (but still not acceptable in a new car, IMO)

    But really, the value for money is out of this world. As long as you can live without the power accessories, this is definitely the car to buy.
  • Bought a 11 sedan 1.6 automatic last weekend. 12,070+tax/dmv in california.
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  • Nalley Nissan Decatur, GA
    1.8S Hatchback, Auto
    Power Plus Pkg, Splash Guards, Aluminum Kickplates
    Sticker - 16,645
    OTD - 13,432.21 all inclusive @ 7%
    No other Nissan dealer in Atlanta came close.
    Hopefully nothing goes wrong with it, I think they're struggling to compete with all the new cars coming out like the focus, fit, etc.

  • natureboy3natureboy3 Posts: 5
    edited March 2011
    Bought in Minneapolis
    New 2011 Versa 1.8S HB
    4sp auto
    splash guards
    5 piece floor/trunk set
    power plus pkg
    VDC pkg

    I was in and out of dealer in an hour and a half - no trade, cash.

    $14248 OTD
  • jmarieljmariel Posts: 5
    gmjdosb & natureboy3,

    I am in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area.
    I am in the market for this same setup, same sticker price of 16,645.

    How did you get it down so low?

    So far, I have

    16,645 MSRP
    15,933 Internet Price
    -1,000 Trade
    14,933 + T,T,F (8%), which would put me at around 16,208
  • jmarieljmariel Posts: 5
    One more question:

    My dealer is offering 0% for 60 months or $1,500 cashback. I will most likely go with the low apr.

    Does this OTD price include a cashback offer like the above?
  • natureboy3natureboy3 Posts: 5
    edited March 2011
    "How did you get it down so low?"

    I bought this car from a dealer more than 100 miles away so I dealt only with their internet sales dept by email.

    They gave me a firm itemized quote and even the VIN number of the car so I could look it up in their inventory through the internet. By the time I got up there the car was all prepped with a full tank of gas. All that was left was a short test drive and paper work.

    I think the real question is not how did I get the price down but how did the dealer get the price down.

    Here's the numbers taken off of my purchase agreement - the only legal binding agreement between the dealer and the buyer in my state:

    MSRP ("STICKER PRICE") 16885
    REBATE -1500
    SALES TAX 861.12
    DOCUMENT FEE 75.00

    If you can make sense of the these numbers you are a better man than me.

    This OTD price was $1440 less than the best I could negotiate with my local Nissan dealer so it does pay to look around.

    A few thoughts:
    This was the largest Nissan dealer in my state. They had about 18 Versas on the lot and for them it was a clean cash-no trade deal and maybe they had a cash flow problem.

    Also better buy quick they are closing down the plants in Japan and that can't mean anything other than higher prices.

    Good Luck
  • Bought it last Sunday in Sunnyvale CA, it has what they call the plus package, a nice car with all power windows, keyless entry, MP3 player and all.

    Paid 13700 OTD. down payment 3700 and got remaining financed @ 3.75%

    in CA the ttl is about 1300-1400 dollar for this price so dealer actually got close to 12400 dollars, I am sure it is a very good deal but still please do let me know if someone else was able to get a similar deal in bay area?
  • jmarieljmariel Posts: 5
    Thanks so much! This forum really helped me to get an amazing deal for a 2011 hatchback with power package!

    I dealt with a few Nissan dealers in the PA/NJ area, and tried to get the best deal. I ended up with:

    $16,645 MSRP
    $13,299 OOD (including 8%). No money down and 0.9%

    Free lifetime Pa State Inspection
    Free 1 Year of Maintance
  • Man you can not get a 2011 1.8s Versa hatchback for the price you have quoted, probably you got what the dealers use as a loaner car or a repo one, get it checked before you drive it too much...or this 13,299 is before the TTL?
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