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Nissan Versa Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lorrralorrra Posts: 3
    Although the postings here reflect the gamut of buying experiences, my story is, unfortunately, on the "not so nice" end.

    I spent a fair amount of time researching the Versa, and test-drove it against a Civic, a Yaris and a Matrix. Obviously, I chose the Versa, and ended up buying from Victory Nissan of Macomb.

    My story: I chose Victory Nissan of Macomb based on the potential availability of a car that met my specifications (it was sold before I got to the dealership). Victory Nissan of Macomb sought to have a similar car shipped from a partner -- which I accepted. However, with no car onsite, there was no window sticker for me to view, and -- very oddly! -- the salesperson wasn't able to tell me the price of the car. YET, she presented me with a detailed financing plan. Huh?!?!?

    She did, however, indicate that the car was "at MSRP."

    Anyway, when I asked her about the $400-off coupon I had given her earlier, she said, "Oh! I'm sorry about this, but our margins are so low, we aren't able to honor this coupon." Mind you, nowhere on the coupon did it mention any restrictions.

    Foolishly, I allowed the process to continue and commenced to the closer's office, where I demanded to know exactly the MSRP of the car. I had specified ABS and power package, and knew I would also be charged $150 for a carpet kit that was tacked on. Based on my homework, I knew that the MSRP would be $14,155. To my surprise, I was being charged about $600 over MSRP! When I asked the closer for an explanation, he said that the cars sell like hotcakes and dealerships sometimes sell them over MSRP - which I had encountered at a different dealership. I indicated that the salesperson had assured it would be at MSRP.

    He then left the room to consult with the dark side, and returned with the explanation that the extra charge was for paint and carpet protection that had already been done.

    I should have bolted right then - $600 for Scotchguard and a wax job?!?!

    But, he made a very convincing argument. Sigh.

    Anyway, they make a very concerted effort to keep their customers/potential customers in the dark. I will not do business with them again, nor recommend them to anybody. In fact, I asked them to not brand my car with their logo - unless they would like to pay me for advertising their services.

    One other point: the salesperson told me that the dealership "requires" buyers to submit three "Referances" (misspelled by dealership - very professional!). I asked her why. I had already been approved for the loan. Was it a character reference? I didn't understand! She said, "We're salespeople. If you don't want to sign it, just write 'Refused' and initial it."

    (The light goes on: Oh! They want me to refer my friends to them! Absolutely not. Not until I have a satisfactory experience with this dealership.)

    And I still have delivery day to look forward to. Ugh! Heartburn already.

    Happy motoring.
  • benduprebendupre Posts: 121
    I'd either find another dealership, or go buy a Mtrix. It's insane to buy a car for over MSRP, and rediculous to pay 600 for fabric and paint protection which , if they don't have the car in inventory, they obviously have NOT put on the car already. If you can back out of the deal still then RUN as fast as you can. You are being screwed.

  • bigbutrbigbutr Posts: 111
    Went to see if our local dealership had any on the lot, and lo and behold, they have one. While looking at the sticker(s), was shocked to see the price had jumped from 16,400 to nearly 19,600 with add-ons. Couldn't get a definitive answer as to what the $695 environmental package was nor why there was a 1995 early intro assessment except that it was a brand new car and commands a premium. Told him I like the Versa and all, but I could nicely equip a Mazda 3 for that much. Was then told that early intro assessment' was negotiable if I was serious' about purchasing. But wanting a credit app just to test drive was the final straw. Guess I'll be going somewhere else to check one out.
  • benduprebendupre Posts: 121
    Okay NISSAN dealers: Get over yourselves!

    1995 early intro assesment? Call them SUCKER DOLLARS.

  • sngwrtrsngwrtr Posts: 14
    A $695 environmental package? what does that do - make the entire car biodegradable? Massachsetts, California and a few other states has emissions law that exceed the federal laws and no has tried to pass that one off on us yet. Even a certified Vermont tree-hugger wouldn't pay $695 for such a rediculous thing.

    I wonder if the original 1964 and 1/2 Ford Mustangs has an early intro assesment?????? 8-))

    Hope you have some other dealers readily available to you.
  • My wife and I just purchased a Magnetic Gray Versa SL from Carolina Nissan in Burlington NC. Paid 100$ below MSRP and it even came with a full tank of gas (really full, I pumped it myself).

    We love the car and the staff at the dealership was great. I'd suggest the car and the dealership to anyone. A great experience!! :shades:
  • benduprebendupre Posts: 121
    Great Hevydevyhead,

    Make sure you come back and tell us how you like the car. And tell us how you get along with your gas mileage.

  • jlemonjlemon Posts: 1
    Does anyone have a picture of a Versa sunroof? My dealer said that models with sunroofs are not available until Jan/Feb, so I ordered a Versa without a sunroof, planning to put in an aftermarket roof. But now I'm wondering if the factory installed roof is an internal sliding model or a popup/slide type.

    Also, has anyone installed an aftermarket sunroof in the Versa, and how difficult is that to do?
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,524
    MSRP (manufacturer's) suggested retail price is that suggested price for the car, doesn't mean you have to pay for it. Here in PHX when the FIT's came to market showcare Honda was asking 3K in MAP or (Market Adjustment price) for them, yes 3K profit over and above the build in profit that MSRP gives them. I saw the FIT on friday, and on Sunday got a call telling me that the Fits are on sale up to 3K off.. I laughed, and THIS was from a 'sales mamager.' I guess what I'm getting at is, you pay what you feel is fair, granted dealers make money is lots of different ways, whether its in the Fianceing, or add ons they put on the car.

    My rule is, if you have a 'gut' feeling something isn't right, then something isn't right, LEAVE...

  • reuropareuropa Posts: 7
    Wanted to way in on my experience. Just bought the 2007 Versa SL, CVT transmission, with convenience package and I am thrilled to death with it. Over last several days, I test drove 11 cars from several different dealers and makers. (I actually really dug the Mazda3, but I didn't like the handling much on some turns and how it handled bumps, and the sales guy I dealt with was rather jerkish. So that was a real turnoff). Saw a review of the Versa on Edmunds and thought, hey, I like this. Kind of funky car. So I drove it yesterday, then wanted to mull it over a bit, do some price comparisons, etc. Went back today and bought it. I ended up with the black exterior, beige interior, spash guards, bluetooth, leather steering column with the mounted controls, remote keyles entry, alloy wheels - the full convenience package. Was quoted original price of $16,715 (minus tax, title, tags). I got the car for $16,415, plus $1,000 cash down and $1300 on a trade-in (pleasant surprise, since bluebook and others rated my car as worth maybe $950 on trade in; my trade-in was a 95 Neon Highline with 95k miles on it). So I paid $14,115 (before tax, title, tags). Wanted a sunroof, but didn't stress over it since I can get it much cheaper anyway later in aftermarket. (Same with stereo & speakers. I always prefer to go with my own stereo shops for audio systems.) I had a great sales guy and overall, it was a pleasant experience. No pressure (since I said up front that I'm pretty flexible and if they couldn't get me the car at a price I wanted, well, there were certainly hundreds of other car makers and dealerships I'd be happy to give my money to ). Mine also came with full tank of gas. So once I fill up again, will be interesting to see what the true mileage city/highway is. I also opted for a two-year lease, something I've never done. But hey, there's a first time for everything But overall, I'm pretty happy. I bought from a dealership in Maryland (Glen Burnie). Would happily recommend them to anyone in the area looking at the Versa.
  • nag2nag2 Posts: 3
    I bought versa SL with CVT Auto Transmission for 16,000 on the road (including tax, title and tags).
    Actually I got $500 rebate for graduate student. I think this is below invoice price.
    Actual sticker price on the car is 16,205. I sent online quotations for couple of dealers.
    I bought it form the least quoted dealer. This dealership is in Baltimore Maryland.
    Some dealers are selling this vehicle for less than $500 on MSRP, My suggestion is don’t buy this vehicle for MSRP.
    First tank of gas I got 364 miles (31.6/Galon).I am getting good mileage.
  • Just came home with a brand new Versa (onyx blue w/tan)from Vallejo Nissan in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    They had a special on 2 Versa's this weekend for $12,995 -- yes, that's with the floor mats AND the power package -- a great, great price and much better than the other quotes I received.

    So I called them and they had the color I wanted so I drove there on Monday to get it...but was turned away by the floor manager because the onyx blue one was not part of the ad. Mistakes can happen...but of course I was quite disappointed that I had been misinformed and wrote an email to the dealership explaining my experience. Didn't really expect a response -- but my wife got a call and I got an email back this afternoon from the owner / general manager (who was not in the store when I was there for my futile purchase attempt) telling us that they "...have built their dealership on customer satisfaction and this was a huge breakdown in their efforts..." and that he would honor the price! Drove back up there tonight and got to pick up the car with a full tank of gas and the first 2 services for free!

    I have to say that I have never been so impressed with a car dealership before even when I thought that I had gotten a good deal. Outstanding price, outstanding service and absolutely no pressure. Great job!


    Love my Versa, BTW! :)
  • sngwrtrsngwrtr Posts: 14
    You got a GREAT deal because you caught the dealer in one of those advertising scams they love to use. Unfortunately for them, it's hard to pull when they only have 2 Versa's on the lot. I think that very few people will be able to beat your price.

    One of the current advertising tricks in New England is to say that a dealer has say 20 2006 Honda Civics for $9,995. IF you read the fine print at the bottom of the ad it may say that some of the cars are not new, some were loaners or employee cars and therefore may have several thousand miles on them.

    Of course the most common trick is to offer a ridiculous price on a popular car, then below the ad, put just one STK#, meaning there is only one car at that price. No matter what time you get there, that car will have been sold.

    Congratulations - you got a great deal just because you took the time to send an email. Chaulk one up for the consumer.
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    Did that price include the $605 freight charge?
  • @ sngwrtr: No scam in this case. Fact is that they only had 2 when they ran the ad....the one that I bought came in after the fact! So I really don't feel like it was a "bait and switch"...they really don't need to honor a weekend ad on a Monday concerning a different car...and fact is that most dealerships would have never honored something like this...
    I am very pleased!

    @rcinmd: yes, including the destination charge!
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    not every mistake a dealer makes is a scam. the dealer stood by its ad and sold a car that wasnt part of the ad for the sale price. good for them! they could have just as easily said "no, that was not included in our sale, tough luck" and be done with it. hopefully bpechlaner, you'll refer your friends there as a dealership that stands by their word. the good guys deserve to get the business!

    congrats on your versa btw!
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    That truly is an "astonishing" price right now without rebates, since it is actually under invoice by about $300. I can get the car for less than your price, but that is only because I can buy under the VPP plan (employee pricing), and not for all that much less. So I would say you got a heck of a deal.
  • good to know....needless to say I'm very happy! Best experience ever buying a car!

  • sngwrtrsngwrtr Posts: 14
    Even though it apparently wasn't a scam, you have to feel pretty good about taking the time to write that email. After all they did turn you down initially. So that few minutes you took to send the email really paid off! At that price, plus the freebies, you paid $3,000 - $4,000 less than a lot of us. Again congrats!! I'm still a little shocked that they even had them advertised for $12,995. Here in New England, I haven't heard of anyone adding to the MSRP yet, but I do know that all of the dealers I checked out are selling at sticker.
  • Yes....I do feel good. I would have paid MSRP when it comes down to it. Got very lucky with this one. Did get the extended warranty though (7 years for 900 something) so I ended up there anyways. Kinda wish I had not gotten it (no, I wasn't pressured...just offered!) and bought some alloys with wider / better tires instead.
    Nevertheless...I wouldn't have thought that I'd be happy with commuter car ;-)
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